[MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Good morning, welcome back to
Good Morning Marketers. Today we are talking about how
to make the most of your marketing dollars during
a recession. We’re joined by Greg, an account
manager, and Bruce, who is the manager of our
development team. Good morning, guys, thanks
for joining us today. Good morning. Morning, thanks for having us. So, Bruce, why should companies
embrace digital marketing strategies
right now? Well, now is a great time to
get into digital marketing. There’s a lot of great
options for companies out there right now. There’s third-party blogs. There’s third-party tools out
there that they can explore. There’s a lot of companies
that offer low-expense opportunities to update your
content, content management systems. And the vast majority
of their customers are going to be looking online more and
more and more for these updates and for this
information, and it’s a great opportunity right now. Greg, you manage multiple
accounts for a wide variety of industries. Why is it important for
marketers to stay active during tough economic times? In a downturn, it’s important
for any business to communicate any success or
stability that you’re experiencing. If you’re signing new clients,
if you’re experimenting with some new strategies, or if
you’re rolling out new products, highlight
those strengths, generate some media coverage. If a client sees you as steady
in these unpredictable times, they’re going to keep coming
back to you every time. Also important is to know that
there are available dollars out there in the market. Consumers are still spending,
they are still buying, but they’ve just changed their
habits a little bit. So, looking around, maybe
changing your ways a little bit, and finding out where
those spending habits are taking the consumers will really
help out your company in a downturn. We’ll be back with
more marketing tips in a few minutes. And a one, and a two, and
a one, two, three. [PLAYING “JINGLE BELLS”] If you think this sounds
good, wait till you see our holiday card. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Welcome back to Good
Morning Marketers. We’re still here with Bruce and
Greg, talking about the value of marketing during
a recession. Bruce, can you give us some
tools that companies can use? Companies can use it in a number
of ways and methods, differentiating between each
tool that they use. Blogs, they can use to express
certain points of view, certain recommendations for
the customers, and start a dialogue with their customers. They could also use the RSS to
keep customers updated on maybe product information,
maybe new releases of products, maybe new discounts,
coupons, mold it with their online presence with certain
collateral going to or pointing to specific URL
destinations that have more information regarding that
initiative or campaign. It’s a great resource for
customer support as well, to where some customers might not
be as vocal offline, but very vocal and emphasize their either
displeasure or pleasure with your service. Greg, do you have any other
suggestions on what marketers can do in these times? It’s a good time to evaluate
your marketing priorities, your marketing strategy. And where you want to start
first is, look at your foundation, look at the pieces
that you built your message on, your brand messaging,
your identity. And go back through all the
marketing initiatives that you’ve taken, and if any of
those are kind of straying away from that identity and the
messaging that you want to be putting out there, you need
to rethink some of those strategies. Another good opportunity that
you can take during this time would be to reengage with
clients, just get to know them a little more. Take some time getting to know
what they’re going through. Share some of that burden so
they can view you as a true partner when you come out
of this downturn. Thanks, guys, that
was really great. You gave us some
great insight. Thanks for joining us today. We hope our guests were able to
provide some helpful tips for marketing in a recession. To get started, visit
www.thundertech.com. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Good morning, guys, thanks
for joining us today. Good morning. Morning, thanks for having us. That’s pretty good. Morning. Hi. Thanks for having us. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]– So, Bruce– I don’t remember the question. Bruce, why should you manage– Thanks, Bruce. You’re welcome. What? The [BLEEP]. Or look to your site
for Tweeter– or, Tweeter. All right.

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