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57 thoughts on “Market is fearful of Trump administration’s hard line on tra”

  1. Investors, please dump Google, facebook, twitter and ALL MSM stock…then we will dox all the companies using these platforms to destroy America….Investors can break the control over America by these company's. Show them who is really in charge…Facebook and YouTube will let the worshipers of a CHILD RAPIST spew their vile putrid hate but Alex Jones is de platformed….Time to pay up you American AssH0les…..

  2. Don't think the Fed can save the markets by cutting interest rates. A premature policy reversal will expose the myths that ZIRP and QE worked and that those policies were temporary. Rather the reflating asset bubbles, the Fed's capitulation will instead prick the dollar bubble.


  4. "China is not inclined to blink", cheer up Neil, this is a game of Poker and neither side shows their cards as long as the pot is being raised. I think what we will see at the G20 meeting will be China offering partial capitulation in regard to opening their economy. An outline for further negotiations will be offered at the summit. The two parties will agree to a cease-fire on the twenty percent tariffs, and dialogue between the two parties. This will lead to the bulls taking control of the market triggering a year-end rally.

  5. Democrats take over lower house markets have been falling ever since and you try and find some ridiculous trade deal reason? Producing cheaply in China selling expensively in USA and shipping the difference to billionaires offshore bank accounts is what's been going on. Trump could put 40% tariffs on China and that would just mean billionaire's cut had been reduced to 50% instead of 90% (10% going to China)

    You might as well produce everything in USA and just cut out those billionaires the price for the consumer would still be the same.
    The difference is people earning wages in USA spend wages in USA

  6. I loathe Cavuto, and I wish he’d go work for the Communist News Network.
    FOX … enough of the baseless bullshit. Stop acting dishonest or I guarantee you’ll suffer the same fate as CNN.

  7. regulate wallstreet, break up these large corporations, arrest the treasonous scum in washington and arrest antifa members. Fix this chaos that the left chose as a strategy, to hide their crimes behind the scenes. They staged fake evidence in an attempt to remove Trump from office , and now Election Fraud, Wake up people.

  8. I told all you this was gonna happen! I'm a Republican for a reason, and Trump's trade policies are in direct conflict with my economic REPUBLICAN principles. And if these economic policies continue, it's only going to get worse! Much worse! Wake up Republicans! Stick to your principles!

  9. No matter how i liked your video on android youtube app it doesn't work. But it work on liberal video like cnn. Spread this news pls.

  10. Market is fearful liberal Dems will turn US into Venezuela. Liberal Dem voter fraud to overturn elections, lawlessness, left-wing violent temper tantrums is bad for the market.

  11. 1. What is good for "the markets" IS NOT GOOD FOR US LABOR.
    2. What we buy from China we can make in the US (see 1.).
    3. Lumber for construction is cheaper from Russia than Canada (see 1.).
    China Canada Mexico are not the trade universe!

  12. I know Pres Tump said he would make America great again but at this point i would settle with Make America America again 💩

  13. Did anyone think the Market was going to go up forever? We all knew it would correct once intrest rates rose. To try to read into this more than that is kind of foolish.

  14. Listen not standing up to the Chinese on trade is like letting your boss grab your wife's ass and saying "well he's the boss". Have some damn respect for yourself and stand up to the assholes. At least they will respect you

  15. You guys are fucking retarded. Please quit and go work at CNN. Where at least the rest of your news network would sound as FUCKING Stupid as you guys do.

  16. So… Are you guys misleading your viewers on purpose. Or are your heads really shoved that FUCKING far up your own assholes?

  17. Jesus I hope you don't follow your own advice. You people have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Or you do and you are heinous liars.

  18. Eff Eff Eff the stock markets. The damned things are 5x their real value anyway. And double screw China! The guy talking the globalist BS on here is a Wall Street crock of CRAP. They always say the same damned thing like a broken record. None of these bums cares about America–not this prick, not Wall Street, not China. It's Trump who's looking out for America. Trump know what he's doing. He's trying to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. I believe he will. MAGA!

  19. The markets up to near all time highs , this causes large swings in the market. As for the giggling bitches crying about traffics , they care nothing about America .

  20. Meanwhile, in China… The final tally for Alibaba's 11.11 Global Shopping Festival (Singles Day) is… more than US$30 billion (http://time.com/5451564/china-singles-day-shopping-2018/). That’s 12.5% of the 2017 US-China trade deficit in a day, and much larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.. Winning yet? Or is Trump accelerating making China great again—MACA? Good for Ivanka, I guess, with all those brands secured. Not so much the farmers etc…

  21. fake news. The midterm election put fear of the Dems winning the House and thus stalling the Trump agenda progress. Cause and effect.

  22. Listen up Fox the market isn't afraid of Trump its the Democrats taken over the house and other corruption going on with them wake up quit blaming Trump !!!!!

  23. How is all the winning? You won nothing from Nafta it was up for renegotiation after 25 years and not because of trump . Wins0 loss $12b , Tourism loss $4.3 and counting. After this past weekend in Paris trump's only friend is Putin so good luck with getting anyone to want a trade agreement with the US.

  24. The market has been teetering for the last couple of months . This velocity is coming as the impact of the tax cuts , increasing the interest rates and gas prices will come to affect . The government has to borrow money last January to pay its bills further increasing the deficit .. smh

  25. China should come to a trade deal soon with Trump, or they're going to possibly have companies going bankrupt eventually and It's going to be a bloodbath

  26. These people kill me. OF COURSE the parasites are freaking. We didn’t rise on unfair trade. We FELL on unfair trade. If people think we were always importing all our stuff then they don’t read the facts. The fear of the world is we stop funding them and the democrats being so absolutely stupid. They got rich on MY MONEY. So why am I not rich?

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