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100 thoughts on “Mark Cuban: Capitalism is going to win, socialism just doesn’t work”

  1. Didn’t realize Cuban was such a authoritarian. All the ideas he mentioned are socialist. We have a socialist system already. He literally said “I don’t care how much you tax me, I’m not leaving the country” really? Oh, or the fact that “healthcare is a right”…. so basically we need to enslave doctors to work?

  2. Trump will likely become president because those hungry greedy electoral college voters, most are wealthy and adore trump for his tax cuts

  3. Mark is voting for Trump, he won't admit it. He does'nt want to eat his words in public. Remember when he said Trump will crash the economy

  4. The United States is already a socialist country, it's just not socialist in a way that benefits the American people, it's socialised capitalism that is designed to benefit the lobbyist corporate oligarchs that own our country. "Subsidies" is just a fancy word designed to obfuscate that it is socialism for corporations. The dems just want the socialism reappropriated from the corporations, bloated military spending, and black book programs that we currently spend 7+ trillion a year on… to things that actually benefit the American people. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  5. Oh, Capitalism is very much better.
    But it died a long time ago.
    It's all going to go down the drain, and there doesn't really seem to be anything there thats going to replace the current system yet.

  6. Mark Cuban is a business man, & he understands that having a business man in charge of the US is in his best interest. That's all

  7. I sure hope Cuban is correct on this because he sure was WRONG on his smug, bold prediction that the Stock Market would tank if Donald J. Trump was elected. He should be held accountable to that nonsense. He is not more of an expert than anyone. He just talks a lot and is a celebrity. And, I have always liked him, not that that matters.

  8. Fidel Castro in Cuba and Daniel Ortega In Nicaragua were also a couple of Poor Socialists Guerrillas before they came to power and Become Billionaires . '' The Worst Capitalist is a Socialist ''

  9. Capitalism may win out in the end, but these Far Left Neo-Communists are going to fight tooth and nail to try and implement their ideas. They WILL fail, but they'll have to be dragged out of their positions kicking and screaming like spoiled children…because THAT is what many of them actually are.

  10. Is it fare to say one aspect of capitalism in a democratic state is that degenerates are able to be less accountable as the cost of certain items is driven down and so they can continue being loose in their behavior as goods and services become less and less costly on a micro scale. Just a thought I wondered yesterday.

  11. How many is a lot of people?10,20 hundreds or thousands or?how many?be more specific,the actual numbers will suffice,just speculating for viewers is not true and honest reporting and the American people are not fools etc hihi.

  12. Is Cuban a Republican now???? What a joke…. now that they are planning on getting to his pocket he is all worry. I bet Trump looks pretty good to him now.

  13. I love that people are coming back to sanity. Looks like the end of wokeness is near. Even Cuban is back to logic and reason over feelings.

  14. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Necessities like police, fire, healthcare, military, housing, food, etc can be government run with profit based items run by corporations.

    If you make things like the police, prison system, military, healthcare, etc corporate and profit based you can run into trouble.

  15. Third world countries went capitalist and became rich. Thailand Malaysia China Korea and Taiwan Singapore dubai etc. America getting poor on socialism failed policies

  16. Socialism DOES work. Capitalism doesn’t work. Read the shock doctrine by Naomi Klein, A brief history of neoliberalism by David Harvey, seventeen contradictions and the end of capitalism by David Harvey, New confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins, Caliban and the Witch by Sylvia Federici, The endless crisis: how monopoly-Finance capital produces stagnation and upheaval from the USA to China by John Bellamy Foster, Capitalism: competition, conflict, crises by Anwar Shaikh.

  17. 👱👱👱👧👧👧🌹🌹🌹🌹😙😙😙👨🙌👴🙋👍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍👋👋👋👋👋

  18. Good to make money love capitalism but you are defeating the purpose when you do not eradicate socialist communism it takes the hard earned money away ask California Chicago and others

  19. Mark believes in corporatism not capitalism. This why he wants a ministry of truth. Google and mark think small businesses have nazi's hiding everywhere.

  20. So why not just remove the employer from the equation? Just have every single person pay a flat 4% tax, it can come out of their refund if they can't pay. That wouldn't hurt business and allow everyone to have skin in the game.

  21. Mark, you got to have compassion for average people. If socialism no good why are you voting for trashing Trump?? You are a smart man, get your head around this political arena else your kids will face the consequences big time.

  22. What many don’t understand is that there are foundations of capitalism who are not at all based on ressources , trade, value etc well the economy at large. If the Athenians didn’t come together democracy would have not exist and never the peoples would have chance to choose their leaders. I disagree with Mark Cuban because it’s understanding about what socialism is looks pretty biased and incomplete. The context of the United States is particular, it’s a highly stratified society with a lot of institutionalized racism, not really unified by history, culture and race. Imperialism did defined a lot the perceptions and the shape of the politics and the economy of the country. What happening in the United States can’t be exported everywhere in the world, it’s dangerous and sick !!!

  23. The only people that think they are good ideas are the free loaders, just like the politicians who have been getting money for doing nothing. That would be all the Democrats running for president!!! Mark is wrong, because conservative free thinkers are not hateful envious people, We don’t want his money, he earned it and it is his to use how he wants to use it. God Please bless the USA again..

  24. All of these news organizations in some way promote the ideals of the ruling class it's pretty much what America was founded upon, why would you get a billionaire on Fox to say how socialism isn't good when he benefited from the internet boom which was built by the government?

  25. I believe in Capitalism with out a doubt but 1950's and 1960's 1 in 3 people were in unions now 1 in 10 also the CEO's pay gap was 40× compared to the average worker now its over 300× do I believe taxing the wealthy is going to fix all things no but this is a very bad trend.

  26. This moron Cuban will still support an idiot leftist rather than praise Trump so that my Pres can run this country. Cuban is mad that Trump did what he wanted to do and be the first outsider to run the country

  27. That is amazing, coming from an anti Trump (anti capitalism) hack. You would think he would embrace his roots and support somebody who embodies his livelihood.

  28. I don't think Mark is looking at what his party has become. He said that freemakets will always win. When one of the democrats presidential candidates said that in California he got booed.

  29. To MC
    Socialism is evil!!! Just say it-

    Why do millionaires have such poor hair color??? It’s 🍊 man-
    ash based brown hair color does exist ask for it. The haircut is to low on the sides and has very poor form. Please hire a professional and look better Mr. millions. Get a facial too you need moisture in your skin.

    You seem lost to me a sad man looking for a platform to place yourself upon. Seek out a relationship with God he will fill you up like no other thing can. Give it a try you definitely have tried everything else.

  30. Mark Cuban is not as smart as he thinks. First, he needs to stop dressing like a slob. Respect your audience. 2nd he’s just plan jealous of the President. Cuban should be a stanch supporter of Trump. Trump is the #1 person that talks the best about capitalism.

  31. Yup pay the workers super cheap. A non living wage so they can ask the government for assistance and then blame illegals for not getting a raise. Pay the workers cheap to make the owner super rich. Got it.

  32. Why didn’t they discuss Universal Basic Income?
    We hand Andrew Yang break down the numbers, so we should look at that too at least.

  33. Doesn't matter if it works or not, the voter base will shift to the left and the nanny state will take over, short of a great moral revival we go the way of Europe

  34. Duh!… No s*** Cuban you just figure out capitalism's the way a communism needs to be executed once and for all it is a twisted way of thought the humans cannot obtain. Power corrupts…. Absolutely true ☠️

  35. No wealthy man favors the idea of socialism, it hurts the coin.. on paper socialism looks amazing however, greed always prevails.. and historically leads to communism..

  36. Capitalism will win eventually… the question is, will it win now, so we can all enjoy life and retire? Or will it win later, after decades of depression and bread lines and protests?

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