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100 thoughts on “Macro Unit 1 Summary- Basic Concept and Demand/Supply”

  1. So going over the practice questions for comparative advantage in the packet on pg 7: I noticed I got different opportunity costs for the input question for Canada compared to the answer sheet. Has anyone else come across this or am I just missing something? I get that Canada's opportuniy cost for making sausages is 1hr sausages = 1/3 hr computers. ( not 1 hr sausages = 3 hrs comuters)

  2. Luigi is best at making pizza (Italian guy cartoon include)? And would you have a black man rapper? And a white lady at the soccer game? And an Asian dude doing math? Stereotypes are the bricks in the wall of racism. Try to think about that stuff if you care about equality. Words and images matter.

  3. I’m trying to self study(since my school doesn’t offer AP economics) for both the. AP micro and macro economics test. Should I study for both of them simultaneously, or do one my first semester and then the other my second semester?

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This video is GREAT. The only thing I was hungry and ended up eating pizza. Seriously.

    Great video, here a new happy subscriber

  5. Thank you for making these videos. It really helped me watch these before I went into a test. Reading my macroeconomics book is tedious and boring.
    You get straight to the point and go over thing quickly and easily. Thank you for taking time out of your life and posting these on YouTube.

  6. did I miss something? I went to do the output/input activity and I didn't see where the numbers are to draw the graph? Maybe they are there and I didn't see them. Thank you

  7. Quick question. do you now how he is getting the Numbers For absolut opportunity cost ? like (1P cost 1/3R) in the pineapple and radios example ?

  8. Thank you so much! I was struggling with understanding Macroeconomics in college and this video helps break it down in ways I can understand it!!!!

  9. Mr. Clifford in the input question of absolute and comparative advantage the number of sausages and computer for Canada are interchanged. Thks for the videos. You are awesome. Keep making more of econ videos.

  10. I'm not grasping the Quick and dirty how do you decide which is which 800 and 500 but I need more to decide which is which, please help

  11. Awesome info. I wish i seen these videos BEFORE i failed my test. You actually keep my interest when these other learning tools from school isn't working for me. Your videos should help me when i retake it. Thanks!

  12. Mr Clifford the annotations are not working . Im not able to click and im having to search and thats kinda distracting . please help ?

  13. i loved the quick and dirty Mr Clifford . im a homeschooler and the review packet is a life saver and your videos are great ! thank you sir !!!

  14. I wish you were my teacher and not this guy with a thick accent who doesn't speak proper English, and gives literally no review for the tests :/

  15. Thanks for the videos. These will help me pass my class. College institutions are stuck in a tug of war. Profiting for the education they provide, because let’s face it they are a business for profit mostly. Ensuring they provide the most beneficial resources for education is of utmost importance. YouTube is free but most students frequently use YouTube to actually grasp the concepts fully. If our institutions partnered with YouTube and provided streaming education it would benefit the students but not so much the institutions for profit. What’s really going on?

  16. Dude you explain macro so much better than my professor. My professor just told the class “you don’t need to know graphs for this class because they just show movement” thank you in advance for the A in this class because without you all of us would No doubt fail

  17. Your lesson was very easy to learn but tell me why the one thing I couldn’t learn to do fast enough was that finger switch motion from one thumb to the opposite pinky?! 😂😂

  18. Quick and dirty is easy of input and output both but i want to know that opportunity cost thing in the input question…..

  19. How do you click on the thumbnails inside the video? Like when he recommends watching a certain video? Or should I search for the videos?

  20. Used your videos and bought your study guide to study for a CLEP test, and it prepared me so well AND I PASSED!! THANK YOU!

  21. Your videos are so useful for us and for our exams teacher ,we love you ege university business class from turkey …😎😎😎😎😘😘🤗

  22. I didn't go to a single lecture this semester and with just these videos and a textbook i got an A, thanks Mr. Clifford


    My god,I didn't learn a thing in my econ. class so THANK YOU!

  24. Literally bought your packet Friday as I was leaving work, printed the study guide, started at 10 am Saturday, watching the videos and answering the study questions on paper and in the videos, passed the final (WGU online) by 9:30 pm! Thank you!

  25. Are you thinking of making new videos that correspond to the new changes for ap econ for the upcoming 2019-2020 year?

  26. thank you sir you enlighten me about economic I'm going bananas already but now I will work hard ,to understand about eco this video is useful cheers

  27. I know im late, Is the curve shifting because in all , resources are being entirely diverted outside the supply and or demand for the particular good or service? – I E the milk causing baldness there for less resources are being used to produce milk.

  28. If I ever and I mean EVER see you, Mr.Clifford in person, remind me to buy you a beer. This video is structurally amazing, not to mention the way you teach. 👍🏽👌🏽

  29. You are amazing. For people who are bad with economics, you are a lifesaver. 27.18 funny moment. Thank you for that.

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