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100 thoughts on “Limbaugh defends Trump’s Baltimore remarks, blasts Dems’ collusion obsession”

  1. Didn't the Russians manipulate the election through misinformation? Not actual physical ballot tampering??

  2. Notice all the people clapping when Bernie said half the community doesn't have jobs? Do you think they're clapping because it's a "hot topic?" No, they're clapping because it's their mission to ruin your life and the lives of everyone yet to come.

  3. @foxnews why r the comments disabled for the video titles “jusdge upholds decision to appoint special prosecutor in Smollett case”.. hmm I smell someone trying to mute the people’s voice 🤨

  4. I called cummings office and left a message for him that I was doing everything I could to encourage everyone possible to contact their Representatives to put his wife in prison for the $250K she embezzled for non-profit to her own pockets. open these corrupt democrats eyes that we the patriots can see through their corrupt lifestyles and can have them, or their families imprisoned just as they are criminally attempting to do our President and His family. I'm sick of hypocrites and their lies and crimes being unpunished.

  5. ainsley is straight bomb…..utmost respect for a woman in a extremely competitive market ,nyc , also the career she chose ,and then to be so adorable and to be so in tune with the fox narrative , not easy at all to relate to millions ….good job sweetie

  6. WHO cares what Collin Kopernick thinks? He's a "you know what" trouble maker, and literally EVERYTHING he says or even thinks about, is against America, and he should be kicked OUT of the National Football League!

  7. One of the largest financial contributors to the Democrat party is the Unions. When will the Union members realize that the Democrat party is importing cheaper labor that will replace them at a fraction of the cost? The Black population is waking up to realize that the Democrats hold no future for them. The Democrat party wants to keep them on the Democrat plantation. They are also being supplanted by the import of millions of people who will replace them, replace their jobs, and overwhelm the plantation that the Democrats have built for them.

  8. Why isn't Limbaugh giving his charity EVEN 50% OUT OF the OVER $27 + S&H Limbaugh and Company are receiving FROM US believing that the measly MILLIONS out of the "HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS" of T-SHIRTS SOLD. .. EVEN IF 200,000 ARE SOLD. .. DO THE MATH. .. THEN FOLLOW THE MONEY PEOPLE!!!! And complain about Limbaugh writing off virtually EVERYTHING SO HE could CHEAT THE CHARITY and US so RUSH CAN POCKET THE MAX!!!! Instead of complaining about knock-offs! PUZZLING AND EMBARRASSING! !!!

  9. The reason is look who is always standing behind Palosi and the dems. African American LEFT WING CONNS. WHY ISNT ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THE SCAMMERS CONS PULLING THE STRINGS.

  10. Yall, we know that fake investigations only serve to feed your cronies a paycheck. its how the democrat mafia gets paid.

  11. What about rural Kentucky rush is it under Democrat?
    Does conservatives have solutions for people of those area under republicans watch

  12. When will people in these states wake up and vote for real change! They are their worst enemies Bc they keep putting these leaches in charge and these fake politicians go out there shed tears 😭 show how much they care how much change they will make for their states and somehow folks still vote them! And yet these corrupt politicians have the nerves to put Trump down on ANYTHING he says and call him ALL the negative names that they can find… but I think more and more people are finally opening their eyes!

  13. The shoe on the right has the flag on crooked. China didn't have to be too careful. They used this as a propaganda advertising ad. They never intended to release the shoes.

  14. Unchecked, under the rug politics has worked for a long time. Let there be light to deliver these people. Tearing down abandoned buildings for new housing would be a place to start. I am sure the Ghetto People of Baltimore could start tearing down their own places one at a time. The reward when finished. New housing.

  15. FYI Limbaugh recently admitted , "Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore. All this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long as it's been around."
    The Republicans have been running on socialism for the rich for a long time.

  16. I guess Rush and Trump forgot to mention his son-in-law Kusher owns Thousands Apts in Baltimore. A class law suit has been filed against him for failing to upkeep property and overcharging residence.

  17. It really doesn't matter what you say; if the Demon Rats disagree, their stock reply is "You're a racist". They've played that card for so long it's worn out. Truth and Facts are what matter. Lies are the stock in trade of the Democratic party.

  18. rush limbaugh, making silk purses out of sows ears for 30 years now – but he also makes a shitload of money off americans' fear of everything


  20. Which network will be the first to sit down with me and watch me move the sky the clouds and what time because I haven’t got my justice yet and I’m still waiting what’s the price are we going to be another Rome ?

  21. Check my Instagram and you will see some of my posts everything must have pictures documentation we don’t make up stuff Certified unless you want me to go ask the FBI’s cross the street who videotapedMy every move royalty but not in America who were thought?

  22. I hated limbaugh in the 80's when i'd listen to him now and then on the car radio, now i think almost exactly like him omg

  23. The Russians don't have to do anything… The Democrats will do it all for nothing… Putin is laughing at all Your Stupid Chaos…

  24. I’m embarrassed that I ever liked kapernic sorry if I got the spelling wrong. In my defense it was before he showed how much he hates America.

  25. Yeah Trump, Fox news and Limbaugh , you tell em' '…… if you are not white …..we hate you !!!!!!!!! 😁😀😁

  26. There wasn't a single rat in Baltimore till Trump said there was. That's because the rats are in collusion with Russia!

  27. When it comes to be the most of policies (border, imigration, regulations, etc) I support conservatives. When it comes to health care system, I support Democrats. Since health care problem overrides all others problems, my family will vote for Democrats.

  28. California and New York are infested with Communist and Socialist Rats. Please call only professional Pest Control services.

  29. Rush is so used to being able to tangent long term, tv is difficult for him as each host is trying to get their bit in. I have to agree with what Trump said a year ago. Being able to fill up so much time with your own voice is incredibly challenging.

    I'm glad Rush is doing more tv. We need all the firepower we can get for 2020. Also Ainsley hot, she's in her 40s!?

  30. Basic
    Proposal For:
    City Restructure
    Operation Restore

    will be an effort for the people of the city and by the people to
    work together and take an active role to Make the Inner cities great
    again elected officials will not have any fiscal responsibilities   
                                                           There will be
    a committee of no less than two independent contractors at separate
    locations to oversee the vendors contracts cost three bids per
               Clean Remove Rebuild: Restore Employees 

    employees will be trained and certified in pest control and will
    start immediately                                                   
       Crews to start the cleaning which will involve community service
    workers comprised of drug offenders removing trash       A Restore
    crew to power wash and bleach residence for a salvage crew to go into
    residence and remove and save any fixtures doors lights bathtubs
    bricks etc that is deemed reusable crew will put fixtures in a vacant
    lot and sold along with fixtures from rehab homes at auction all
    monies to be used for safety equipment The Hard Hat Fund            
                              Restore employees will assist contractors
    as laborers and will be involved in all aspects of construction in
    house to reduce the use of outside contractors working with
    contractors A Restore employee may be inspired to pursue a
    Apprenticeship opportunity

    since speculators will see the benefits of this project we will
    provide a permit to dump and restore for one hundred dollars with a
    three day permit response time all monies to be used for The Tool
             Back to Work office employees for paperwork deed claims
    citations permits and dispatchers for equipment materials dumpsters
    etc procuring a value on materials a minimum of two employees not
    affiliated with the City will oversee cost and waste control the goal
    is to be fiscally prudent

    first six blocks will be a test to analyze cost and time this will be
    a estimate the goal is to keep costs per residence at forty thousand
    dollars cost breakdowns with Audits every month with a goal to make
    any part of the process more efficient and organized as this will be
    a template for future Restore projects

    that will be involved in the Back to work program called Restore will
    be the from public assistance you will be required to apply if you
    are terminated or quit you will lose your benefits for a period of
    one year                                single parents will take
    turns providing child care with a school curriculum                 
                                               absent owners will be sent
    a letter to comply letter if no response within thirty days the city
    will proceed with liens on there current residence and or properties
    and pay any back taxes or turn in deeds for property within ten days
                  the City will be be required to be diligent in the

    City has had years to enforce and track down delinquent owners with
    little to no results the City will have to comply meaning providing
    any paperwork should any employee refuse or not comply within the
    time frame given there employment will be terminated immediately
    should the city not comply in any way block or hinder federal and
    state funds will be up for review

    owners of delinquent properties that do not comply there names will
    be put on a list and will not be able to rent sell or own property or
    register any vehicle in that state

    Rent Review Board will oversee rentals send secret renters to review
    the property and make sure it is safe and everything is in working
    order if you receive a citation and do not comply you will not be
    allowed to register a car or any other property two citations for
    violations within thirty days of notice your property will be deemed
    condemned and seized and you will not be able to register any
    property in that state                                              
                                a fine will be put on any rent that is
    deemed excessive for the property value and area this will be a way
    to avoid rent rates to exceed the area A cap rate rent example if
    your property is worth thirty thousand dollars you rent is not to
    exceed three hundred dollars

    of 2-21-21 any person who is charged with a drug offense will be
    required to perform one hundred hours of community service for
    Operation Restore failure to comply a warrant is issued if the person
    charged is residing in your Household and Household is on public
    assistance you will lose your assistance for a period of one year   

    completion of each block families will be able to purchase and pay a
    monthly mortgage which will be no more than three hundred dollars a
    month and not to be sold for a period of five years your home will be
    inspected for rules of compliance once per year to keep and maintain
    your property                      no trash no abandoned vehicles a
    safe environment only the members of the original lease shall reside
                              your children will be given a standard test
    and will be required to be in a passing percentage for their age
    should your child fail to pass this test it is your responsibility to
    make sure that when the test is retaken you have met the requirements
    or you will risk losing your home  

    of these plans are in basic form and are meant to fix and avoid this
    from happening again fail safes for corruption will be in place of
    course we have to be diligent in all plans for them to succeed
    meaning working together to avoid bureaucracy expediting any plans
    take a whatever is needed approach Operation Restore can be the
    future to Making the Inner Cities Great Again
    Jeffrey C Maynard will be A independent contractor with the Title
    of:Project coordinator a minimum contract of two years with a
    performance review every six months

  31. Cummings Districts median house hold income is above the national average. So if Baltimore sucks so bad a guess so does the whole country. Not going to ignore that Baltimore is the homless people and drugs, But drugs and extreme poverty are American problems. All the propoganda on fox news can not take away from the fact that republicans have not lifted a finger to stop the either problem in the last 8 YEARS they have controlled congress

  32. 3 minutes on a 30 dollar T shirt plug in. Lol and made out good old american slave picked cottone!!! Insult to injury To poor Betsy Ross. Ps how is a 9 11 charity right wing? Why are republicans blocking a bill to help sick 9 11 first responders if its a right wing charity? Such BS!!!!

  33. Hey Rush! There is no way to record states on how many maericans were influenced by the fake information people like YOU are covering

  34. Is It NOT The President's Job To Take Care Of ALL 50 States? And All Cities In Those 50 States? So You AltWRONG CONservatives Can Get Mad At PreziDunceDrumpfKopf! He IS Y'all "Leader". Oh, And Hold Onto Your Stocks & Bonds. Getting Bumpy.

  35. Never has so many been influenced and truthfully informed by one person in the History Of America ! With Honor And Class And Grace , few if any can equal Rush Limbaugh ! May GOD Bless You Rush ! All Power And Praise And Glory And Blessings And Thanks Be To Almighty GOD ! In HIS SON JESUS Name I Thank Almighty GOD And Pray Amen !

  36. If Russia wanted Anyone to Become President Of The United States Of America , Russia And China wanted Hillary Clinton , Because Hillary Clinton , And Obama , And Mueller Were All involved in Selling 20 Percent Of America’s Uranium To Russia ! Russia And China Own The Democrat Party ! And Both Russia And China Hate President Elect Donald Trump ! Diane Feinstein And Her Husband Have Been In China’s pocket Since she Was Elected !

  37. Did she say Russian flag???? Or did she say American flag???? Oh wait it's Rush Limbaugh..yup she said Russian….

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