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40 thoughts on “Legal marijuana in California hurt by over-regulation, over-taxation?”

  1. As Ive said this before, why let gov have control of MJ? Legalization of MJ was never about MJ. It was about revenue and control over for taxes. MJ should of stayed in the black market. Only fools would rely on GOV what is legal and what is not. Especially in Blue States.

  2. Love this. The legalization has been a drum beat on the Left since the 1960’s. Now, they complain about taxes, and regulation. Did every one in the “weed” community become Republicans?

  3. Waaaaaay over taxed and regulated. It costs more now than when it was just medically legal. And triple the cost of being not legal. Its insane! What happened to no taxation without representation?

  4. California is hurt by totally corrupt government that is so entrenched that it will take a French style revolution to unseat. They have corrupted the elections so voting won’t do anything but keep the criminals in office.

  5. They were the ones that kept it illegal. Now after 50 years of destroying my life they want to make money from it. Only reason it is worth so much is they kept it illegal. They know it grows in the garden. They want to hog the money before everyone says, screw you I'll grow my own.
    It has to be a movement though. We all have to do it at once or they will pick us off one by one just like they have always done.
    Good Luck my comrades, now carry on !

  6. Umm yeah, they tax it at 50% FREAKING PERCENT. As soon as I saw that, I turned around and walked out! I was ready to spend $100 and they charged me $150 damn dollars after tax! That's a freaking JOKE!

  7. What a rip off. This ass pirate wants to monopolize the industry and keep prices high. I choose to grow myself its very cheap and very good

  8. The power to tax is the power to destroy. You think Cali is bad? Look at the Canucks! They say you have to get a stamp to put on your product. So you buy the stamps. The government gets the stamps to you just before weed goes legal. However, the stamps don't have glue and the company who puts the freakin' glue on the stamps has a six month back log. Bureaunazis are bad for business no matter where you are in the world.


  10. California the state of convicts and hypocrites. What did you really expect? This is what happens when you allow states to think they have federal rights.

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  12. An eighth in Nevada costs 35-60, 60 if Its a GREAT Strain… lol.. you got soo many Money Hungry California State Lawmakers and Officials, who all want a piece of the Marijuana Profit. Thts what drives up costs. Thats why California Lawmakers have ZERO Knowledge on how to Federally keep shit smart and CALIFORNIA HAD NO PLAN setup to handle Legal Cannabis. And you have Lawmkers as The Mob collecting their cut. CALIFORNIA, as a State, have no idea about Legalizing Cannabis and its gunna Ruin it for the rest of the Country.

  13. its all about the money always has been always will be unless all regulations are removed. no politician cares about health benefits of cannabis it's all about the money, they would tax all vegetables if they could.

  14. Stupid Criminal Police, the laws have always been the Same!!! Get a Clue Stupid Criminal Police, the RICH love Drugs, so Marijuana is now LEGAL… Hard Core Drugs will some day be Legal, when the RICH get tired of their sources being ARRESTED, too… This is about the Rich's appetite for Drugs of all types and has never been about the poor… The War on Drugs Continues… If you want to Stop Drugs, The Rich have to be ARRESTED period, and the Police Will Never ARREST the RICH…

  15. As a Colorado resident, I'm so glad that they legalized recreational marijuana. The revenue it has made in helping funding school programs (anti bullying classes in a small city in southern colorado). Now we just need to tax churches and legalize prostitution, and we'll rid ourselves of our national debt. Most churches (evangelical hypocritical money makers for one example ) need to pay their share if they want equal political and social benefits ( fire and police department protection for example ). The mega churches make millions yet pay NOTHING for everything we have to fund.

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  17. 45 or 50 has always been then price. No one is going to pay more than the normal. Ask a real drug dealer before you set prices

  18. What you mean? It’s all the rich growers and lab testers that helped make this “Weed Utopia” they knew they’d be the ones to benefit from helping make the laws the way they are.

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