Hi, I am Hock Eng from Keysight Technologies. When designing IoT devices such as this battery powered wearable. It is always important to optimize the power (consumption) management inside the system In our Keysight U3800 series IoT applied courseware, a module called the IoT Sensor and Power Management teaches you (as a student) to learn how to characterize power consumption in the IoT devices. In this video, we are going to use two Keysight instruments: the TrueVolt DMM and the N7605C DC Power Analyzer to perform the power measurement This is the (DC) current consumption measurement of the LoRa RF module using the Keysight TrueVolt DMM The DC current measurement results can be displayed using two format. One is the default numerical display format And the other one is the Trend Chart display format. The Trend Chart format provides more information. As you can see, every current pulse corresponds to the LoRa RF pulse transmitted. With this format, it is easier to characterize the power management of the (LoRa)module Another way to measure the current consumption of the LoRa module, is to use the Keysight N7605C DC Power Analyzer In this instrument, both the (supplied) voltage and also the (consumed) current can be measured and displayed together. And with the capability of zero-burden voltage and seamless ranging, the DC Power Analyzer can provide a more accurate measurement and a better way to analyze the power consumption. Optimizing the power (consumption) management in the IoT devices is not an easy job. But the Keysight IoT Sensor and Power Management (courseware) module teaches you (students) the concept and know-how, how to characterize and optimize the power management in the IoT devices. And bundling with our Keysight instruments, your learning can be more exciting. Thank you for watching this video. For more details, please check out the link (provided) or visit our website.

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