Hey, everybody and welcome to number five of our growth insight series where we’re going to share the latest tools and all the best articles Just for you of course. We keep all the best for last So this one’s a classic, but we want to share it again. Thanks to yob for sharing duck soup look
Sophia is a chrome extension that will automate your lead generation on Linkedin it basically grabs all the data on profiles that you’re interested in Location email company ETc and neatly organizes it in CSV files and ready for you to download Slightly blackhat depending on what you do with it But it can also be used for cold Outreach or just for competitive analysis a similar idea But for Facebook this time group C Dot Io allows you to do something similar, but with your favorite Facebook groups So you find a Facebook group where your target audience is hanging out you get this beautiful CSV file with a bunch of information on those members Oh, and as always you can find all of the links from the things I’m describing in the description below, okay next tool Let’s look at this little gem that Jim shared with us revealed bot automates your Facebook ads and adwords Basically you define the rules and your ads are started or paused your bids and budget is increased or decreased Automatically for you and the best part is revealed But also keeps you posted on any changes through select notifications with its little bot by the way instagram Oast famous Instagram automation tools got shut down by request of instagram itself, but no need to worry. There’s actually a replacement now It’s called Insta noble and it covers the same thing Integral ike’s auto commenting and a comment tracker and it even allows you to schedule posts Thanks to Ferdie for sharing this one now. Here’s sort of a cute little random tool that we found that We really fell in love with Data gif maker allows you to create Rapid small videos to compare data It’s great for internal communication, or just a use for shows for Media So the best part is it’s so fast to make these now where do we find out about all these tools apart from our network We also hang out on a lot of free open select Channels Jim Just shared this article that lists 1,000 public slack groups up to you to find the ones that are relevant for you and sign up now speaking of slack communities yelp shared a really cool playbook on how he’s strengthening our Community Chat Viz creates data visualizations on your slack team whose most active which post gets the most reactions which channels are most active it Doesn’t just make it visual it actually makes our community feel much more alive and real ok cool now Let’s do a little bit of reading let’s look at some charts this one’s pretty interesting because it gives us a breakdown of the Google Facebook battle so basically search versus discovery per industry so google still seems to dominate for things like jobs Business offers sports and Tech while Facebook which is more of a discovery platform is starting to dominate in event Lifestyle entertainment and education go and check it out, okay now Here’s another interesting chart guess how much time adults spend online per day on average give it a gift, okay? Here’s the answer we spend five point six hours per day on average And this is great for us because it means that we have a lot more Opportunities to reach people online with interesting information products or services oh and by the way Thanks for giving us five or six minutes of those five point six hours per day. We’re really grateful now Let’s look really briefly into some ecommerce benchmarks, which I found really interesting when looking at Ecommerce Benchmarks We usually only see ecommerce Conversion Benchmarks people actually buying a product this chart really got my attention as it looks at Benchmark Add-to-cart rates on ecommerce sites it looks At it on desktop and mobile in the uk the us and globally and it looks like the average Add-to-cart rate in general is about 10% I didn’t know that speaking of e-Commerce. Here’s a really cool little shopify competitive analysis trick Where you can find out what your top competitors on shopify what their best selling products are so basically what you do is you find? A competitor store on shopify you add this at the end of the url of their website and there you go You can see first of all all of the products that they sell, but what’s beautiful Is that they’re ordered by the top selling at the very top so you can actually find out what your competitors? Top-Selling products are still on the subject of e-Commerce This is also a really cool graph And it shows us the difference in conversion rates on search versus browsing when somebody’s actually on the website so this is basically saying is that your average conversion rate if somebody searches on your website is from 6 to 12 percent whereas if They’re only browsing the conversion rate is a lot lower, okay? Now. Let’s be a little bit less serious We had some fun at the office what we did is we created a brand identity in 60 seconds Just for jokes, but check it out. Okay stays on. I want you to build I’m opening a restaurant I want to build a brand identity in under a minute. Oh, that’s easy super need some inspired like Christmas all they impose take the plane an oatmeal perhaps. They’re going to throw it in and limb okay Now what are we doing 20 seconds? We’re building a brand identity in under a minute We’re going to ship it and we’re going to ask the client to pay ten thousand bucks for it Look for something nice joking Emma Christ, I just need another different color yeah Something that 45 Satan D that’s boom so luxury purple Okay, so we got everything here. Yeah logos business logo the monogram is beautiful typography That’s it just download it Okay, we can export that run identity ship it back to business. Let’s talk theory again now We already talked about the importance of retention in our last video according to this great article by RJ Metric fifty percent of your revenue could actually come from returning customers instead of new customers So we really suggest to identify and cherish your top customers. It’s easier to upsell than to sell to new customers Here’s a random cool. Tool. That was shared by State farm if you want to play around with Data visualization You can use list design okay now. Let’s talk a little bit more about retention We know that one of the greatest drivers of retention is actually push Notifications or email marketing Andy carvel is the former head of growth at Soundcloud from mobile? And he’s developed this rfF framework to help you with prioritization when building notifications so push notifications email Sms ETC this quadrant shows you which notifications to use and when really really like this approach Let’s finish off with the fact that the world is changing so rapidly Paulo found this little gem This is what our growth insight series would it look like 30 years ago, and it’s now sending me to phone apps the main presto computer Which I will now do There’s a very simple connection to make extremely simple needless to say we’re seeing exponential technological growth at the moment Oh in case you haven’t already heard yet We’re actually launching the world’s first AI from marketing and growth course where we’re taking people who don’t know how to code who don’t know Anything about artificial intelligence and will teach you everything within two days if you’re interested, we’re currently selecting students for our first course It’ll take place in amsterdam Here’s the link that’s it for the number-5 of our growth insights videos, please leave us some feedback and some comments so we can make these better inside the comments don’t forget to like and to subscribe to help support us this has been great and We’ll see in a couple of weeks bite

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