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100 thoughts on “Kudlow on US economic confidence, Tlaib’s $20 minimum wage proposal”

  1. Hey Larry, if the economy is so great why are they going to cut interest rates? Anyone how believes this clown is a idiot

  2. I propose $50 per hour. Look at me ,I love you. Elect me I'm for you, free everything. You can see there is no limit to their shame. It's now past the point of a joke and has fallen off a cliff into the absurdity abyss. They have effectively taken themselves out. Real world issues need real solutions, not the ramblings of a crackhead.

  3. How about 2500$ a month for everyone over 18 just dropout be lazy collect your money let's not climb the ladder and earn our wages like we used to. This is getting ridiculous I own a small business I pay my guys 20$ a hour 2 guys if the McDonald's guy makes 20 my guys gonna want 25 which if I pay will hurt us little businesses. I been thriving these last couple of summers thanks to President Trump now these squad girls trying hurt us and our economy by these stupid proposals. President Trump you will see an increase in voters from us Hispanics who own small buisnesses you actually care about us. VIVA TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  4. Suggestions from people who have NEVER owned a Small Business!!!
    Large Corporations would cut hours and benefits in a FLASH!!!
    liberal MATH! Works till you run out of the other guys money!

  5. Lower the wage, more jobs will open. Raise the wage.. More jobs will be taken by robots and self service equipment.

  6. Maxine Waters proposed 25 dollars per hours in the past. Other democrats have mentioned 20 dollars in the past as well, so this is nothing new. Notice that the calls to raise the minimum wage are louder when the economy is good. When the economy creeps along at a snail's pace and small business owners are struggling to survive we don't hear those cries as loudly

  7. Google U.S. dept clock it is live and shows money coming in and money going out. Take a look and thing about your kids future.

  8. Is she crazy that will bring our seniors and disabled in to below poverty and starvation to them ,it's bad enough some of some them are living on the streets. They already put a nail in the coffin if mom and pop business since the nineties this will finish the rest off. It will lead to wealth in the hands of the few.

  9. Don't budge an inch to these Left Extremists. You give an inch they take a mile. Always upping the ante after you give in.

  10. When I was a kid I was kinda pissed when they upped minimum wage. I put in all my years at Papa John’s Pizza and they told me I got a rase! I got a rase to the new minimum wage… then they hired some new kids on at the same rate they were paying me, my experience was now worth nothing.

  11. Will the Institutions that Educated these Political Misfits tell me what the hell you are teaching at your Schools.
    Seems like the Socialist have infiltrated the American Education system, that is where this form of thinking all starts from. Seen this before with the Communists Indoctrination. America is on shaky ground.

  12. Cortez and her gang of hateful antisemitic communist angry women, the current leadership of the Democ-rat Party work to abolish the American economy so they can impose an authoritarian regime over the ruins of America, China style.

  13. When I was making less & didnt like it, I applied for a diif job. Simple. And if you dont have skills you are simply worth less, nothing wrong with that.

  14. This is simply a ploy to buy votes. This b^**h is shameless and soulless. She’s proven to be unhinged and insane.

  15. hell make it a hundred $$  then you can pay $30.20 for a loaf of bread    100/7.25 = 13.79 x $2.19 =  $30.20

  16. Everything will go up in price with those high minimum wages and quality of life will be no better. Especially for the unemployed.

  17. Kudlow? LMAO! Why would anyone listen to a man that missed every Bear and Bull market in the last 40 years?

  18. What ever happened to EARNING a higher/better wage? You have to work off of MERIT to get a higher wage! Typical Democrat standing there with their hands out!

  19. The Auction is on by the Democrats to see who can out do the other in the Wage biting war for wages.

    soon we will be hearing some Democrats say $100.00 dollars an hour in wage. But than lets hear them tell the people why they lost their jobs .

  20. These 4 Congress rats who hate America will be voted out of office over time. None will have long-standing careers and most will be forgotten. Non issue. MAGA.

  21. How come we can never have a political discussion on here without someone bringing religion in to it? We want to discuss facts not fiction! Please keep your religious beliefs to yourself as they have no place in politics, if I wanted to hear a story about something someone said happened even though all evidence points to the contrary I would listen to mainstream media!

  22. Trying to play down robbing our great grandchildren blind with crushing debt. F all you boomers and everybody in government responsible for this theft.

  23. ANY city or state can raise their minimum wage rate to whatever they want. So if democrats are in charge of any city or state, why are they still paying the current national wage rate?? They can easily raise it to 15 or 20 dollars on the local and state level. California is the only blue state that has increased their wage rate above the federal level. The state leaders believe the large amount of annual revenue the state is generating allows them to justify raising it. (but it also causes the cost of living and taxes to increase as well). So why hasn't other blue states done the same instead of bitching about it??? Why doesn't the city where Talieb is from go ahead and raise the wage rate?? What's stopping them??? It sure as hell isn't Trump.

  24. These “4 cat-ladies of the apocalypse” only took a yr to go from $15 to $20/hr……I can’t imagine what # they will be trying to normalize in 2024? $50-$60/hr is a fair living wage???
    “The Cat Squad” REALLY NEEDS TO STICK W/CALLING PPL “RACIST”… Econ is not their forte whatsoever.

  25. Tossing out random numbers, hell why not $50/hr or $100/hr…LOL All I can say is when you make more I as a landlord know you have more so your rent is going up, sucks to be you.

  26. Not true, Mr.Kudlow…..the private sector always pays as low as possible to their workers…..there is no "automatic" wage increase through "competition" in the private sector or even public sector. They can afford to pay their workers $15.00 an hour, so let's start there and move towards $20.00 at a reasonable pace.

  27. I want to see the 4 horse arses of the democratic apocalypse run a real business with their own dishonestly earned money before they advise us on minimum wage!

  28. It should be up to business to set a wage, not a government. This is free American Market System not Venezuelan Socialism


  30. The "Four Wenches of the Apocalypse" would bring the end on overnight. Seeming to be a stick in the mud, IF this economy was achieved with a balanced budget WOOHOO but it wasn't. In order to do this, a completely absurd national debt was taken on… like the economy the largest in the history of our nation. As of writing this, it's a fuzz under $23 TRILLION dollars and INCREASES by about $1,000,000 every 20 seconds… EVERY 20 SECONDS MOSTLY FROM INTEREST ALONE. This is NOT sustainable. Happy Days are NOT here again… EVERYTHING is based on trust… namely "In God We Trust"… and the fiat currency "Petro Dollar". The world must convert their currency to dollars to purchase oil. As long as this "money" doesn't come home to roost and keeps moving we're OK. Within the last couple of years, this has been changing. Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Turkey, China, pre gulf war Iraq (hint, hint, hint… there seems to be political instability in these countries. Gee, I can't guess why) have been using a gold interchange. One hiccup and nobody trusts God anymore, so to speak, and these greenbacks come back home and we, as a country, swirl down the porcelain throne's black hole literally overnight. It's coming. It MUST happen. Trump ISN'T a miracle worker and he knew it from day one. He isn't stupid or naive. He's been cushioning the pratt fall impact which WILL happen within the next year or two. He's trying to recover from decades of attrition leaving the USA some industry and manufacturing to rebuild from the ground up. Without, we would have a GNP of Somalia. This "fall" is all by design, but that's a different topic.

  31. Minimum wage should be abolished. Let the market decide on the wages. If a company can get a person to work for $2 /hr, that's great but as soon as that person finds out that company b is offering $5 /hr for his/her skills, then company a will lose that person. Eventually, the market will find its happy medium and people will be paid for what they're worth. Sure you can have a company that is unethical but nothing is stopping you from quitting that company and look for another job. If your skill sets aren't what the market wants, then get training or go back to school. There's no reason to be staying at a burger joint flipping burgers making $15 /hr. That guy who said he's been working for 5-10 years. Dude, you should have been working on schooling to get a better job. Flipping burgers are entry level jobs that are given to students and young adults planning to go to school. Not for a career.

  32. Only a babbling idiot argues against paying people what they are worth.
    This how the zombie apocalypse starts, babbling idiocy, from Trump, becomes contagious and spreads to the general public.

  33. The squad should be called the squatting idiots they have less brains than a box of roofing nails ! And AOC Longs for them late night gangbangs on the bars pool tables after closing the bar .

  34. High minimum wages drive the cost of everything up. Look at Seattle area . We got 15 minimum and housing costs rose 30-40% over night. Now 3 years later we have the 2nd worst homeless issue in the nation. Add on we're dealing with antifa terrorists now. Washington sucks now. Kick the Dems to the curb.

  35. -$15 forced minimum wage = loss of jobs/ small businesses will close more automated systems
    – $15 minimum wage will eventually result in higher taxes,
    -$15 minimum wage
    Impact differs from state to state.
    –overregulation causes higher cost of living…

  36. I'm not an economist, and not a business owner, but it just seems to me that if you have X amount of jobs, but X-y amount of available workers, then wages would HAVE to increase to compete for AVAILABLE labor force, OR… just flood the nation with MORE cheap available labor under the guise of " jobs Americans don't want" but vote for US while we have never worked a day in our lives and live in all-white neighborhoods. Yep, liberalism. Gotta love it!!

  37. OMG these clowns are really out of touch!! Who tips at McDonalds??? What are they talking about? There are so many people living on starvation wages in America and Fox viewers are many of them!

  38. If America lived under Communism, we would all make $48,000 a year because that is the average personal income in the Untied States. The difference between a $20 minimum wage and Communism is $8,000 a year, or 20% of a salary. Let that sink in.

  39. 15 and 20 an hour will really uplift millions of people purchasing power that can circulate the economy which buy more and companies will get more sells which can grow like European countries like Netherlands,Denmark,Sweden and Norway 🤩

  40. The formula for starting wage should be based on sales from prior year. The Gov had no problem figuring how much your healthcare should be, or your penalty for not buying it.

  41. If a business can't afford to stay open while paying its employees a livable wage, it's called a failed business. Ask daddy Trump; he knows all about failed businesses. He's had a few that he ran into the ground. I thought conservatives were all about allowing failed businesses to fail, fall, die trying. Was that all talk? Did they really not mean that? I mean… they jumped all over Obama for doing that government bailout, but the then anytime anyone suggests raising minimum wage so that employees can get off Welfare, conservatives grab their pitchforks. Welfare is a bailout too. Walmart is one of the biggest corporations in the entire world and almost all of its employees get government handouts because the company barely pays anyone. That's a government bailout. But then, expecting a conservative to know anything about how the economy works is like expecting a turtle to do calculus.

    So…. in short, Conservatives are all about destroying the economy and expecting big daddy government to continue to bail everyone out.

  42. Set wages by race and gender. Old white men get $5/hour, scale it up to blk lez at $50/hour. Finally a just nation with long overdue reparations.

  43. How do ppl like this get their jobs? It seems like they didnt learn anything about having a balanced economy. I believe raising to 10 would he acceptable, but this bimbo is out of her mind

  44. Nations with high minimum wage, eg Scandinavian, are some of the most economically sound in the world. Higher wages mean greater spending power. Yes, it also means you have to pay more for services, but that applies to all businesses so if a business is competitive now, it would remain competitive in a domestic setting. Raising the minimum wage helps low income families and puts more money into the economy.

  45. Im a lifetime Republican . My single owner Trucking company has lost 25k this yr alone. All of last yrs profits gone. I been trucking for 29yrs . Rates are at 2008 levels we cant support our families with current rates. There is a trucking bloodbath this yr. We need 5k week to show a modest profit. We are lucky to get 4k Grocery prices are up my rates are down by 40% .

  46. People in favor of increasing min wage are missing a big piece of the puzzle. Minimum wage vs Honda Civic video explains

  47. Some of you need to be real 15 dollars an hour is definitely not enough to serve some of you in this comment section.

  48. Minimum wage has not kept up with inflation. Per historical figures minimum wage today should be roughly $20 per hour. But wages in general have not kept up with inflation in most employment/work areas. After 40 years of hard work I make $20 an hour, which is barely an entry level wage in 1975. But people can't pay fair money to laborers anymore. Everybody's income is way below inflation/productivity. It isn't unreasonable, people, a $15 or even $20 an hour minimum wage. It is unfortunate that we cannot be earning money according to historical rates and inflation. But it isn't something to get snide about, that people think raising the minimum wage is a good thing. Another thing is that while there are more jobs today, most of these new jobs are minimum wage or just above, and many are not full time. So this idea that the economy/work factor thing is this great achievement is bogus. Oh, and you commenters and Fox news hosts….don't you ever again talk about liberals being snotty and stuck up. You all take the cake. Look in a mirror.

  49. The GDP and stock market are not good indicators of how well the economy is doing for average Americans. The unemployment rate is a sham and doesn't account for those who have stopped looking for work; the real unemployment rate is much higher. Jobs have been shipped overseas at an even faster rate since Trump was elected. The middle class is shrinking as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. More than 40 percent of Americans can't afford basic necessities like rent and food. Most Americans aren't saving enough for retirement and nearly half will retire broke. Americans owe more money than ever and most are currently in debt. Americans born into poverty are more likely than ever before to stay that way. Almost 20 percent of Americans can't afford or access needed healthcare. Wages remain stagnant while the cost of living continues to grow. Experts are predicting another recession will happen soon, possibly even before the election. The economy is the result of long-term trends, not the result of a single president's policies. It's wrong to give Trump all the credit for points of success in the economy, just as it would be wrong to blame him for all of its failures.

  50. WHAT–Rashita is wrong??!! NO WAY!!!!!These asswipes in congress know EVERYTHING!!!!!! They are NEVER wrong!!! They have studied all this, they have worked hard to get into government!! You must be mistaken!!

  51. Raise your minimum hourly wage. When the lowest hourly wage goes up, businessmen raise the price of their products. Higher product prices reduce consumption. Businessmen's sales fall. Businessmen will then reduce labor costs, the most easily reduced maintenance costs.

    That's right. The worker and consumer who just got $2,000 a month has become unemployed.

    Consumers are down and sales are down. Yes, one more employee has been fired.

    Is the unemployed white? No, they're black, Hispanic, Asian.

    Lowest hourly wage increase? All right. Let's raise it to twenty dollars.

    Prices will remain the same and consumption will increase as income increases.

    Venezuela? The United States is not Venezuela.

    Let's raise the minimum hourly wage to twenty dollars.

  52. Kudlow?…Wait a minute…isn't this the same guy who in 2007 said the same thing? How did that work out?  This clown should be a weather man. Worst that would happen is you get caught in the rain without an umbrella.

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