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98 thoughts on “Kudlow celebrates Trump economy’s booming job numbers”

  1. A deficit is a deficit no matter how you talk about it. It is great our economy is on fire in terms of creating jobs, stable inflation and corporate profits and reinvesting. However, the US government still plummets in more and more debt. At the rate President Trump administration is going projecting out 8 years the US will be another 7 trillion dollars in debt; that is the project trend line. WHAT IS PRESIDENT TRUMP GOING TO DO ABOUT TURNING THIS AROUND????? Many of us support President Trump on so many policy levels and result; however, HIGHER US DEBT IS NOT GOOD.

  2. The Dumbocrats will say it's because of Obama Bin Biden these job numbers are so historically low…
    Trump 2020…..

  3. The lowr middle class and lower class are not in the stock market. How much additional taxes are we paying or how much tax are we getting returned is what counts.
    I am retired, on a pension, and I got a $1600.00 refund. I am happy as hell with that. It sure beats having to pay more or getting nothing back.

  4. Our Great President Trump is making it so good that any move from here will be in the negative, that's why I call him the Greatest President ever , God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP , and these UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

  5. President Trump is proving everybody wrong especially about the economy and trade and that is why no one wants to talk about it because they have to admit they were wrong. Essentially they are happy on the quite.

  6. This Trump economy should prove the Democrats non sense policies don’t work. Even if you hate Trump you are screwing yourself and all of America to put Democrats in control. I will never never support democratic economic policies. Democratic Social issues for the most part are ok but I mostly feel they are a party of minority suppressor’s. It’s to the Democrats advantage to keep minority’s as down trodden as possible to fit their narrative and to manipulate their mindset to keep their votes. Historically the republicans have done far far far more to improve the quality of life of all minorities than any Democratic Party. The republicans ended slavery against the protest of the Democrats. The republicans have improved job opportunities better than any Democratic Party. I’m a true independent but given the two parties I will have go with the republicans for majority of issues instead of revenge, get nothing done, looney politicians.

  7. democrats buy $ 500.oo coockies with tax dollars, Trump gets them for .05 ¢ … Trump is th

  8. Please restructure the medical system, I'm at the very bottom of the pile. I have no idea how to make 12 an hour pay even the most basic bills. Rent 1000/m, 5oo+ car payment, 300/m insurance. where is the food suppose to come from. Wife in same situation. We already eat as little as possible. We need help. I hate asking, never have accepted any kind of government aid, just worked harder, that's not working anymore. All these wage increases are staying at the top, nothing is getting down to us.

  9. I am a tax professional for a large tax company. I saw where nearly everyone either got raises and saw more in their checks or people who, while not getting a raise, still got more in their paychecks. The people who either owed or got smaller returns were the ones whose employers didn't take out enough. I don't know what was going on with some of the employers but they really dropped the ball! Most people did better with the new standard deductions.

  10. just wonder if economy is booming than why truck drivers don’t have enough loads to move?

  11. ANYONE! that "believes" the Economy is Great, proves the complete failure of the Education system. The USA Debt has risen Faster and higher, Under Trump then Any US President, Over $22 Trillion and expected to hit $30 Trillion in 2028, under Trumps budget,  adding $3.73 trillion in new debt by the end of the 2020 fiscal year, The GDP to Debt rating is around 105%, meaning the USA is Broke and going broker, fast. The over all USA economy is NOT! improving by added More debt and Trump Closing the USA Government and Trumps Trade war, that cost US Taxpayers Billions, did not help. Deal with FACTS! Stop "believing" lies fed to you by Life long Corrupt, lying,  Assclowns

  12. Absolute lying fake news. What is this babbling about there being no inflation? The reason they're measuring no inflation, is because they have removed the cost of energy and food from the equation. Based on the 1980s standards for inflation, we are at this moment running at 10%. Yes for some folks things are great, particularly if you have access to money created out of nothing. Everything is fake, the stock market manipulated, trillions printed out of nothing. Meanwhile, the folks in the rural areas that voted for trump, can't seem to get a head, falling deeper in debt, the corrupt healthcare system is corrupt, 60% of all bankruptcies because of medical expenses. Everyone is getting older, and our young have been destroyed through education.

  13. Under Trump administration, our economy is doing well, the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.6% – the lowest in half century. Our stock market is doing great (Down Jones Index today reached an all time high of almost 27,000 after gaining almost 200 points – it's 26,504.95, to be exact). By putting America first to Make America Great Again (MAGA), Trump has brought pride back to America and energy back to the American people. What have Democrats done lately to help America and the American people? They've done nothing but making up the collusion hoax, which has even cost American taxpayers tons of money and time. It's "shameful, sad and irresponsible" for Democrats such as Pelosi, Nadler, Harris, Schiff and Swalwell trying their best to stop our country from moving forward.

  14. This is why the Democrats want to get rid of Trump; they want us in the "hole" so the people will cry out "Big Government" save us; and in comes Socialism! This will not happen on President Trumps watch, because he is for the American People! WIN, WIN, WIN Mr. President in 2020! (Biden)we would feel a (financial increase) in our income, if the politicians would stop increasing taxes on cigarettes, food, transportation etc. and Truly tax the Wealthy, which they are not doing. Mayors, Governors and other Elected Officials lining their pockets need to stop and maybe than the money will (pour) down to "We The People's" pocket!

  15. to everyone who is believing in a booming economy: i hope you all will fall hard on your face when the next recession occours. so much stupidness shouldnt be alive.

  16. TRUMP HAS CREATED THE STRONGEST ECONOMY EVER IN AMERICA.  I sure wish the media would report on what Trump has done and is doing rather than the imaginary BS they make up with the Democratic Party.

  17. Keep it up Boys and Girls!!! The time is now to make monumental changes in the way the world works!!! Need to come clean… No more "RULE BY DECEPTION"… FREEDOM,FREEDOM and FREEDOM!!!

  18. All thanks to Bush Jr starting the Economy Recovery Act and Obama sign it into law in 2009,Trump is doing good but those tariffs!…no bueno.

  19. Class & honor ! Much missed theses days.
    Hearing this, almost makes me believe
    America is headed for something big !
    The left will try to stop us. They won't.

  20. Well after the President’s call with Putin, he is definitely is junior partner. Have you ever seen any weaker reaction of a President. Although I understand the President, how can you antagonize the guy that helped you win the election? Da….
    This administration will forever be tainted by Russia sweeping interference in our elections. We will never know….
    Enjoy the next 6 years because now we know Russia is the real winner.
    I know that anything Democratic is left and socialist for you all. I am neither, the founding fathers warned about parties yet many did not listen. Here we are…..

  21. The communists will put a stop to that when 2020 rolls around – they're importing hundreds of thousands of illegal voters every week. By 2020 they'll outnumber Trump supporters.

  22. How can any American believe this crooks lying figures? Nothing said by the Trump administration has been true. Why are they lying to us without any real proof? Another year or two and America will be a failed state. CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE FACTS?

  23. No inflation? Do you buy your own groceries Larry? Are you a millennial trying to buy a house? Fed gave us this mess and your job is to clean it up. Stop cheer leading Trump and this bubble economy.

  24. joe bidens supporters don't work there all welfare recipient so how can there tax returns be bigger…. you have to pay taxes to get a refund


  26. The Democrats and half the Republican or trying to bankrupt our country into the next economic depression, Hey LIBS starvation is real and if your the only-one still with food, im going to find you…lo

  27. If the economy is so damned great then why is everything so expensive? Especially food and gasoline?

  28. good question about the deficit, debt, unfortunately the voter polling shows a majority of people want lower taxes and more government, they have no problem stealing from the future, unfortunately to get elected you almost have to run debt/deficits, I don't like it

  29. Keep the Dems and socialists hands off of our Republic.We finally get a patriot in the whitehouse and he going to stay 6 more years.

  30. Every time they doubt Trump. He wins!!!! The best President in my lifetime and its not even close. 2020 is over! Trump already won

  31. do democrats people know that a lot of government money are invested in stocks? why they don't like the stock market to go up?

  32. It is pathetic that the Democrats want to see these numbers fail, just because they hate Trump so much.

  33. The figures are absolutely bogus. They dont count most students or retired and looking and they count those only working an hour a week and no longer count a lot of those out of work after a month.

  34. Another thing. Why are they saying the economy is so great when Trump is begging them to lower rates immediately by a full one percent. Rates are already so low, so why can't they be raised if the economy is so great? They manipulate the price of gold and silver to keep it low so it can't compete with the dollar. And why is Trump begging for more quantitative easing? That means no countries are buying our debt anymore and we have to buy our own through the Fed. The stock market is being propped up by the governments dark money trillions so it won't fall. This Kudlow guy seems to know absolutely nothing about any of this. So clueless and trying to convince people things are great when the economy is tanking like crazy. Real unemployment figures are closer to ten percent…All the countries are dumping the dollar and the US will soon be a banana republic. How do you like your bananas, Kudlow?

  35. As Donald Trump is helping all American people . Then this Trump derrangment syndrome will get worse . In the UK we have no leaders just lapdogs to the EU .

  36. I told my family and friends back in 2016 before Trump got elected that maybe that's what the country needed a good business man to
    to fix the economy, They all laugh at me because they said Trump will never get elected, After he got elected, they said there'll be a
    recession or the economy will collapsed, It's 2019 and the economy
    and President Trump is making me look good to my family and friends.

  37. nice to claim jobs from: DISASTERS,.. Fire in California, …. volcano in Hawaii,… floods in central states,… Hurricanes in Puerto Rico /Florida,.. AND companies left or shut down ( dairy,steel,farmer ) because of tariffs

  38. In March 2009, the economy lost 809,000 jobs , and then the stimulus kicked in. The economy turned around. In the last 2 years of Obama, the economy created 5 million jobs. In the first 2 years of Trump the economy created 4.8 million jobs. Republicans can’t accept the fact that they threw everything, except the kitchen sink, at Obama and he still was a successful president !!!

  39. we might enter a REAL Civil war or uprising if they keep up with this unconstitutional crap!!!!

  40. When things you're doing great. Stay with it. Donald Trump 2020 the magic family the Trump family

  41. Let's be clear. We are bankrupt and no one can fix it. 21 trillion dollars cannot be paid back when the cumulatively rate of inflation is already at 2467.7%. What one dollar could buy in 1913 now cost $25.68. This is why we can have the lowest unemployment on record and record homelessness at the same time. One can have 3 jobs and still not be able to make ends meet when the money is worthless. We are approaching negative interest rates, which means the money is so worthless that they will pay you to barrow it. 19 counties now have negative interest rates. Its over.

  42. 1:03 , 9:09 According to the Federal Reserve, inflation has been <2% a year. According to the Big Mac Inflation Index, it is >4% per year ($3.47 in July 2008, $5.58 in Jan 2019) even after gov subsidies for meat, dairy and wheat. Trust the Clown (Ronald), not the Fed (money printing arm of the government). usdebtclock.org

  43. 3:54 https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/09/06/the-american-middle-class-is-stable-in-size-but-losing-ground-financially-to-upper-income-families/

  44. Why are US Treasury Rates STILL inverted? Why does it cost government more the borrow for 6 month than for 1YR, 2YR, 3YR, 5YR, 7YR ?

  45. 260000 new jobs. Only happened 17 times under Obama. 445,000 more new jobs created last 26 months of Obama than first 26 months of Trump. Thank you Mr Obama.

  46. One thing though that not too many people are talking about is the overall labor force participation rate. It is down to around 62.3% +/-. Not quite the lowest in history, but not the best either. With all the QE over the last 10 years we should be running in the black, not in the red. The debt spending should be less, not more. The debt spending is designed more for bad economic times, not for good times. Then, when the recession comes, we will have to debt spend even more just to get the economy back to where we are now. All this debt will not end well. At some point we may suffer a "great reset".

  47. Actually, job growth is surging all over the world. I am a manager in Canada which has basically a socialist government and I have never seen it this hard ever to find workers to hire. It's also forcing employers like myself to pay more. Lowest employment rate here in 60 years! Sure the socialist government wants to take credit like Trump, but the economy runs itself. So many baby boomers retiring now. Different factors affecting the economy.

  48. It is a result of Obama excellent work. In order to see the True Economic Progress, it takes SEVERAL YEARS. It means Obama’s good job, paid it off, now. All Economists PREDICT that US will have FULL BLOWN RECESSION by 2021, because of Trump’s lousy job.

    6 time Bankruptcy King made US heading to Major economic recession, yet Trump himself & his worshippers think Current Economic Boom is result of good job by Trump. It is a clear evidence that Trump & his followers are uneducated ignorants.

  49. What does it all mean when you have over one hundred thousand illegals crossing the border every month .how does this all work out I'll tell you it's illegals that's filling these jobs and turn around and lie too us and including the false job statistics. There selling us out .

  50. Im a longtime R . As a trucker we are struggling to find loads. Fleets are closing their doors Independent owners are filing bankruptcy. Some fleets are on a hiring freeze due to lack of freight. The Amount of loads per truck down 62.2% compared to last yr. Today in Chicago there is 62loads. In agood market that number is 500+. Only Corporations are making money . I as an owner of my company have lost money or broke even since July 2018. We are not in a booming economy for the people. Only the rich imo.

  51. Is it just me, or is this dude drunk as hell?! He sounds tanked to me.. I even pulled up another clip of him on Fox I was so curious lol.

  52. Over 200,000 new jobs in the US in April. 100,000 new jobs in Canada in April 70,000 + full time jobs. On a relative basis 1,000,000 new jobs in Canada. Bad oil prices in Canada, carbon taxes, tariffs from the US hurting Canadian manufacturers, over valued real estate market. So if the Canadian economy beat the US by 5 times and the Canadian economy is 💩not good what does that really make the US economy. FOX IS LYING TO YOU. The child in Canada is beating you and You American exceptionalists are led to believe you are winning🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😜😂🤣. Losers.

  53. Workforce participation rates are still hovering around historic lows of 63% and they've been there since late 2013 without recovering from the steady drop since 2009.

    Can we get them to 1990's levels where we have 67% participation and the roughly 4% unemployment rate?

  54. Larry Kudlow was saying in 2007 there was no recession in sight. We're going to look back in a year and laugh at this fool once the Trump recession is ravaging the so-called strong economy. The economy is not going to survive Donald Trump.

  55. I'm being blackmailed for a job and plenty others like me are being treated unfairly also. That's why this mf gotta go

  56. The only thing booming about Trump is his lying mouth he hasn't did crap he's riding Obama's economic wave he was left in great shape and if Hillary would have won the economy would even be better

  57. Give the rich trillions of dollars in tax cuts, and then call it the best economy ever. Who do you think ur fooling.

  58. Kudlow is an object lesson in why it is a bad idea to hire some guy whose sole claims to fame are: (1) he's been a blatherskite on Fox "News"; (2) he has a book you can buy on Amazon; and (3) actual economists regard him as a clown. Regarding the "great" Trump economy, it is actually growing slower than during Obama's second term, replacing high-paying manufacturing jobs with benefits with low-wage service industry jobs with few if any benefits is hardly a matter for celebration. So, WHERE are all those manufacturing jobs Trump promised he was going to bring back?

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