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100 thoughts on “Kennedy breaks down the US-China tariff war”

  1. September tariffs: 15% These items are included on a 122-page list and expected to start Sept. 1: Beverages: Tea, coffee, Irish and Scotch whiskies, liqueurs and cordials, wine, brandy, vodka and tequila. Baby gear: Diapers, pacifiers, nursing nipples, infant formula, high chair and baby clothes. Meats and dairy: Bovine, lamb, sheep, ham, geese, quail, sausage, milk, cream, yogurt, sour cream, butter and cheeses. Produce: Tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, plantains, avocados, grapefruit, watermelons, cantaloupes and papayas. In the pantry: Olive oil, maple syrup, chewing gum, cocoa powder, chocolate, pasta and condensed milk. Clothing and accessories: Suits, jackets, pants, shorts, skirts, shirts, underwear, pajamas, sweaters, dresses, gloves, footwear, outerwear and wrist watches. Live animals: Cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, camels, rabbits, horses, whales, dolphins, foxes and reptiles. Miscellaneous: Glasses, contacts lenses, sunglasses, golf carts, motorcycles, flowers, plants, blinds, shutters, linens, wallpaper, textbooks, dictionaries, books, printed calendars, wigs, drinking glasses, precious stones, iron, steel, aluminum, sewing machines, alarm clocks, grand pianos, musical instruments, brooms, pencils, pens, sanitary napkins and tampons. October tariffs: 30% and December tariffs: 15%. By Dec everything will be tax. Trump is just another tax and spend liberal from NY.

  2. You have to do something about the 500 billion trade deficit. Tariffs put lots of pressure on them and very little on us.

  3. China, if left unchecked, will decimate our economy. Dear pres. Trump, tax China with 100% tariffs. China makes garbage.

  4. Sure Kennedy with your logic let the commies keep growing to surpass us economically. As long as I can pay 100 dollars less for a phone

  5. China isn't taking part in fair trade and stealing our IPs; we shouldn't let them get away with it. Whats great is we'll see the Chinese shills like Kennedy come out of the woodwork, exposing where their values lie. As well as the far left and journalist types taking side with China and Hong Kong police over the protesters fighting for liberty. Keep an eye out for these kind of views, exposing they are either paid off or ideologically authoritarian/communists.

  6. Learn to live and trade more fiscally conservative..and running your mouth to a little black box is a distraction not a product.

  7. Can't believe she gets paid to serve up such swill. If this is the best that a news site can deliver as a commentary, it would be best to make no comment at all.

  8. Trump should keep the companies out until China adopts democracy. He’s awesome, and isn’t playing around. 2020.

  9. You are an absolute idiot if you know and allow someone to "steal" something from you for so long. US companies are willing to share their technologies cos' they are making billions of $ every year by selling those items to the Chinese market. You morons are ripping off the Chinese by using their cheap labor and other costs to get maximum profits. Time for China to kick out all these US rascals.

  10. He is such a buffoon and clown: and misspoken. It is so easy to make jokes about an adulterer, a racist, a draft dodger and a tax cheat. A criminal clown is now the republican president: the party of family values and conservatism. Everyday is a new joke with Trump's feeble-minded antics and criminality.

  11. China wants to be the worlds next and only superpower, think about that for a moment. The CCP are corrupt and they dont want this trade war. Its crippling them.

  12. You don’t get it Kennedy. The Make America Great Again” is a brand name for a “populist movement” or business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements. President George H.W. Bush introduction of the "New World Order" and President Bill Clintons "NAFTA" are “Globalist” business models. Ross Perot (who ran against GHW Bush and B Clinton) said the USA would here a "giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving the USA if we got into NAFTA and other multilateral trade agreements. Perot was right. The trade practices from the 1990’s to 2016 created US trade deficits (“sucking sound”) and has hurt the U.S. middle-class. Donald Trump is supporting a business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements; balancing USA trade deficits; creating insensitive for companies to operate in the USA that will create higher paying jobs for US citizens. The two different business models will always put the Anti-Trump movement (globalist) at odds with Donald Trump’s MAGA (populist) movement. The next time someone tells you that trade deficits don’t matter ask yourself this: If trade deficits aren’t important than why are countries like China and Germany working so hard at keeping their trade surplus intact?

  13. She's the most honest republican I've ever seen on Fox News, you butthurt cuntservatards just can't handle reality

  14. What bothers me is that Trump won't accept a fair deal. He says that because china has been taking advantage of us, that we now need to take advantage of them. That's the same logic as slavery reparations — just stupid. The real world doesn't work that way.

  15. Amricans business owners did this to americans, how come they need help now? cause they moved there business out of america… suffor the bankruptcy

  16. someone tell Kennedy we use to make electronics and back to school apparel but then 70,000 factories relocated to China , yes you can buy things a little cheaper that's true and its a good thing too with all the good paying  jobs relocating to china, hard to pay top dollar working in fast food but look on the bright side you put a lot of Chinese to work making $2.00 an hour

  17. LOve you Kennedy, but, you are WAY off here. Trump favors limited government, and, disdains regulation, red tape, and, socialistic policy. However, there ARE some areas where socialistic policy is needed to insure safety, strength and stability of our nation. Military, oil, and, infrastructure need government cooperation, and, the USA military, is socialistic, even though we contract out durable goods production to the MIC. My point is that china is a major security threat. they tariffed us 25% to our 2.5% for DECADES. They also stole intellectual info and tech from our economy AND military for DECADES. They also dumped commodities on us, while devaluing their currency, and, printing upwards of 50 Trillion USD equiv. over the last decade…ALL in effort to put us out of durable good and commodities production(except for agriculture and Hollywood), and, become the alpha military of the world. CHINA NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED THOROUGHLY AND ACCORDINGLY! we are saying NO to CHINA 2025!

  18. If Trump does nothing China will continue to rip off the United States for trillions of dollars and we will watch China take our place at the world's most powerful country. I don't think Americans want to bow under China rule. Stop bickering and complaining over Small potatoes and look at the greater good

  19. Trump asking people of U.S. not do business with China or to use products of China, when seventy or sixty percent of product like clothing, shoes, watches and other tech products are made in China.It's like he asking people of USA to go tech free and asking them to go out in their birthday suit.

  20. Ok what about NOW…okay. 1 term you wish. Your base is going silently join the "it's not my fault, I didn't vote"movement. Market knee jerks is NOT sound money. Long term they need us more than we need them. China. Jan. 2021. Market crash, recession , then ultimatum get out of South China Sea. They will. Move to sound money. Coalition of nation's released from Central bank debt. Old guard out. Reset world economy. USA. Not only will Trump be on Rushmore. We the people, will know what it means to be made in America.

  21. This is all about the China 2025 plan. We have been helping the Chinese for over 30 years. If we want to stay a super power we have to keep China from getting US tech properties. They are very good at copying and reverse engineering but not inventing. Farmers are going to get hurt by this but it's for the better good all these jobs like farming, manufacturing, and transportation will be taken over in the next 25 years by AI. Any 3rd world country can grow crops or sell livestock. The first one to 5G will have the advantage. China has been working on this for years and are 5 years ahead of us we have to catch up.

  22. The tariffs are going to the farmer! We as tax payers aren’t paying! Oh no! You have to pay more for electronics and underwear!!!! What’s tool this woman is

  23. It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to reduce, if not stop, trading with a repressive communist regime of China which has not been playing by the rules on trade, has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, steals intellectual properties, cyber-hacks servers of government agencies and businesses of other countries, spies on governments, belligerently bullies its smaller neighbors in South East Asia, and illegally claims sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same with impunity, and now threatening to do a “Tiananmen Square 2.0” in Hong Kong. They can always outsource their consumer goods from other friendly ASEAN countries, South Korea and Japan.

  24. President Trump is a very smart, shrewd business man. I am not sure what your business background is Kennedy, but I am guessing you are not quite as accomplished, in the world of business. Let Pres Trump use his knowledge and skill in the art of the deal to help the USA and prevent China from stealing from us. First the pain…and then the deal. Have faith!

  25. who can stand listening to this scratchy idiot posing as a journalist…. she needs to do some research and the facts straight… very low IQ this one has

  26. Trump tariffs 'coup de grace'.  By the time the🇺🇸Christmas shopping season arrives, 🇨🇳will be bloated with consumer electronics.  U.S. shoppers will be buying 'made in China' at FIRE🔥SALE😂PRICES.
    China knows exporting the cost of tariff's means losing hundreds of billions of "low price leader" market share to competitors.
    ~🇬🇧Gave🇨🇳until 2047 to be a democracy.~

  27. 2:03 Kennedy: "Tariffs are dumb."
    Uh, no, Kennedy, the tariffs have got China's undivided attention for the first time ever.
    What's her solution?

  28. Kennedy must hate America and believe the American people to be fools. What a jerk to try and hurt us with her bull…what a jerk.

  29. Let’s pivot away from China to the Americas! North, South and Central. If we can move manufacturing to Central America, not only will it bring prosperity to those nations, but it will resolve our illegal immigration issues, not to mention save significantly on shipping.

  30. I think it's more than that.
    China has emerged as a major geopolitical rival and this is not just about trade (or IP theft or whatever) but part of larger struggle for power between the two superpowers.

  31. Finally, one Fox network host is speaking the truth. No more emperor's cloth anymore!
    Keep speaking the truth, Kennedy!

  32. So, Kennedy says just “accept the theft”.
    Can’t handle a war with China concerning money? Maybe, you’d prefer a war with bullets, instead. Those manufactured “islands” – paid for with our money – aren’t for tourism.
    China, as always, looks to the long term in history. We have a President, now, who is doing the same.
    The only term the Dems seem to appreciate is “Socialism”, these days.

  33. Well, Kennedy, tariffs are dumb…unless they succeed in achieving the intended objective. The "pain" imposed on Americans by the Trump tariffs is more than offset by China's commission of its seven deadly sins against the American public. How much human wreckage from fentanyl addiction, for instance, is allowable for you to be able to save a few bucks (or even a lot) on a flat screen tv? The estimated costs of China's abuses, in toto, is around $1T. Therefore, if Americans have to pay $1T more for domestically manufactured or imported goods, the net economic impact is a wash; and our nation is a lot healthier, in many respects. Furthermore, I don't understand the dogmatic and reflexive opposition to tariffs. Let's not forget before the imposition of the income tax (arguably a form of theft) tariffs were one of the primary sources of government revenue. A new chapter is being written in the canon of economic theory and it's entitled "Trumponomics".

  34. 45 – 85% of China's assets are an absolutely lie and their economy is destined to collapse!!

    Bring back our jobs and our money!

    Tariff to 100% like India does for all imported items viewed as luxury!

  35. How about we manufacture things in America again? Bring back jobs here. Find new markets in Asia and elsewhere for farm goods.

  36. God fox is going to the extreme left all of a sudden…
    Great! Super! Fantastic! Now if someone can explain to me what American's selling goods to communist could be seen as a good idea in the first place.
    Me I rather not give the bad guy's the time of day, never mind trade with them….it is 'stolen goods' after all…
    What did you think they did with all that stolen intellectual property teft…that's right…only try to sell it back to you…dumb!!!!!

  37. God fox is going to the extreme left all of a sudden…
    Great! Super! Fantastic! Now if someone can explain to me what American's selling goods to communist could be seen as a good idea in the first place.
    Me I rather not give the bad guy's the time of day, never mind trade with them….it is 'stolen goods' after all…
    What did you think they did with all that stolen intellectual property teft…that's right…only try to sell it back to you…dumb!!!!!

  38. This lady badly needs a new dress or at least a proper fitting dress. Don’t these people employ stylists? This is painful.

  39. I know you are just doing your job and probably told to say everything you just said. Sadly, everything you just said sounded stupid lol.

  40. Jesus Christ by this comment section, I can tell most of you fucks are not use to having a female reporters provide relevant information, on current trends. No wonder you guys voted For the annoying orange in chief.

  41. Hmm she has such a microscopic view of the global trade world. There will be pain, so just spend less and shut up. The subsidies are in part paid for by the tariff revenue. USA is winning the trade war. One key to this is whenever a round of tariffs occur, China never raises its tariffs more than the US. The US has already won this trade war monetarily and psychologically. There will be structural discomfort for a few years sure, but as other countries ramp up their production, they will fill the void that was once filled by China. Some will be cheaper, some more costly, but it will average out to the benefit of the USA and the west in general. Other growing nations will grow their economies and populations and increase their imports from the USA. This is a 10 year plus eco-structural and geo-strategic readjustment for the better. Allied and favored democratic nations should reap the benefits of industrial growth, not tyrannical brutal communist dictatorships.

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