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100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway discusses stocks dropping sharply amid coronavirus fears”

  1. Kellyanne is the best. she speaks the real truth. She speaks the true conservative message. Apparently there are a lot of "Never Trumpers" commenting on this video. Strong conservatives are the Lefties greatest enemy's.

  2. I am entitled to receive what I have been paying into my whole working life…. FICA.
    It's my money, and I want it NOW!

  3. Facts from Kellyanne. Laugh. She never really says anything or answers any questions. Host: What color is the sky? Kellyanne: Well as you know snow is wet and cold and I can ensure President Trump is here to make sure it stays that way. Laugh … Back to the real world…


  5. Has anyone read the article about Coronavirus being caused by global warming? Apparently climate change can allow a virus like this to spread rapidly . Normally a virus isnt this contagious. Trump pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement is the cause. It's because of Trump this virus is contagious. . Has anyone read that article?

  6. Ed and Laura! After this "interview," is there any doubt that Fox has also been compromised by the Deep State? I wonder if Deep State collaborators will be held accountable for their part in treason against the U.S.?

  7. If Trump needs a new VP for his 2020 run, perhaps he could tap K A Conway; she would bring lots of “alternative truths” to the campaign🤗🤗🤗😂

  8. Obama had spent approximately 13 trillion dollars which is by far the most ever spent in history by a 2 term president.

  9. The medical care for vets has been there longer than Trump in office. My husband received it. Medical Care outside VA.

  10. Medical martial law coming to a town near you. This virus is AIRBORNE. In a month the USA will be a different country. I hope I'm wrong. case,case,cluster,boom.

  11. All very well for her to keep getting paid a fortune. Trump needs to take the coronavirus seriously before the stock market falls further.

  12. Good job in answering we are are learning that instead of believing the media we need to educate ourselves. Since the media seems to attack our president no matter what he does. God bless our President and those who love America !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. WOW who knew that kellyanne was a financial wizard too? wow the crazy right wingers have got a new conspiracy theory, bio weapon ! I wondeer who could hate South Koreans, Italians, cruise ship passengers, old sick people in nursing homes, and god knows who else, they must be truly evil, sort of like those willing to blowup a preschool, way to go right wing what a bunch of whack jobs, figuratively and literally

  14. How about Democrats start working? We need you to step it up. Please show us you care. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


    President Trump is a stable genius, and nobody knows about stuff like he knows about stuff, a lot of people have said so.
    He says the corona virus only has a %1 mortality rate, but the LEFTY LUNATICS at the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION are making FALSE CLAIMS that its mortality rate is over %3!!!
    They are obviously never-trumpers from the deep state!!!!


    Go and contract the corona virus , and give it to 100 of your friends. When only one of them dies, YOU WILL HAVE PROOF TRUMP IS RIGHT!!!

    Go to MAGA rallies and infect everybody! He has said there’s nothing to worry about!!!!!

    Please, if you love our stable genius President Trump, YOU WILL CONTRACT THIS VIRUS TO HELP PROVE HIM RIGHT!!!!!!

    That’s just the crazy left wing loonies making up fake news!!!!


    CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!

  16. Really it's all smoke and mirrors ok volunteer in one of these quarantined areas be sure to pray to Jesus

  17. Then explain too me why 5 major company's in my area have closed there doors in last 6 mos apparently with out explanation plenty of shitty service part time jobs though no benefits

  18. I live in Tn we will survive my country is more important as a whole recession will happen just a matter of time a repeat of GEORGE JRs policy trickle down is BS tax cuts BS

  19. When that idiots mouth is moving it's lying…… Obama had a stronger economy, period…you can lie all you want… Trump inherited his wealth and Obama's economy…. and hopefully the dems will take out all this trash and we won't have to listen to that clown lie or his mouse Kellyanne anymore

  20. fox your first mistake is asking kellyanne Conway to be serious! just more B S . we know about trumps 2.0 plan cuts to Medicare cuts to medicaid cuts to social security .hey kellyanne do you know who Steve mnucich is. you need to talk to him sometime he could tell you more.

  21. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable. This is so believable. So believable. This is so believable. Believable. Believable. Believable.

  22. Beware senior citizens??? Drumpf is calling for social security cuts. Get rid of this heap of stinking human garbage. NOW!!!!!

  23. Always downplaying the situation. She knows the Dow Jones has plummeted, but she always make sure the president looks good. She’s an idiot just like the president.

  24. A Halloween lady speaking on something!!! No truth or class, or personality at in you. Elvira go back in hiding and October will be here before you know it. That make-up and foundation will not hide who you truly are. I have much respect for your spouse.

  25. Trump is a tyrant. No industries are improved. And income inequality is worse than ever. Trump is a lying monster. Trump is the anti-Christ. He fits in character and deed. Only people blinded by political agenda and prejudice supports this unChristian umpatriotic tyrant traitor.

  26. More lies from the rat Republicans party, dumpster trump did not bring that many jobs, and mr. Obama job record is much more better in his last term, dumpster just riding the coattails of mr. Obama

  27. The U.S. government's public debt is now more than $22 trillion — the highest it has ever been.
    Thank your Donald J Trump. for $72,500 more debt for each American citizen.
    (We do have to pay it back or . . . . . . go bankrupt) some great economy. KAC has the botox market cornered.

  28. Donals's TAX returns before 2020 swearing in! the foreign emoluments clause, is a provision of the
    U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) that generally prohibits federal officeholders
    from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers,
    or representatives.

  29. There are only several people dumber than Trumpty Dumpty, one is Trumpty Dumpty Jr and the other is Kelly Ann!!! Wake the hell up America!!!!!!

  30. Help if I'm wrong Trump said he going to cut entitlement mean social security benefits and Medicare benefits people paid into. Trump supporters defend say he didn't mean that , but record video of Trump saying he'll going to cut entitlement budget. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  31. Give people a plan for when they have to stay home for 24 days because no one’s allowed to go to work most companies don’t have sick days and even the ones that do don’t offer 24 days working class people are going to need help when it comes to staying home to not spread this virus

  32. Medicare for all : Boost wages and salaries by allowing employers to redirect money they are spending on health care costs to their workers’ wages.
    Increase job quality by ensuring that every job now comes bundled with a guarantee of health care—with the boost to job quality even greater among women workers, who are less likely to have employer-sponsored health care.
    Lessen the stress and economic shock of losing a job or moving between jobs by eliminating the loss of health care that now accompanies job losses and transitions.
    Support self-employment and small business development—which is currently super low in the U.S. relative to other rich countries—by eliminating the daunting loss of/cost of health care from startup costs.
    Inject new dynamism and adaptability into the overall economy by reducing “job lock”—with workers going where their skills and preferences best fit the job, not just to workplaces (usually large ones) that have affordable health plans.
    Produce a net increase in jobs as public spending boosts aggregate demand, with job losses in health insurance and billing administration being outweighed by job gains in provision of health care, including the expansion of long-term care.

  33. @ Fox News, Is Kellyanne Conway already married? If so, she must have an extremely intelligent spouse.
    If not, I'd like to offer my hand in marriage… BTW, I'm a man. (just covering the bases).
    But I could 'Identify' as anything! No Really! Just say the word & Big City here I come.

  34. Does any one remember December 2017 CDC 750 million dollars cut by my president trump? Does anyone remember that Friday of February 2018 bill signed by my president trump authorizing a cut of 1.35 billion of dollars for the CDC?
    Well, remembering or not, here we go.
    COVID-19 is here to stay and to make sure that all those cuts are now VISIBLE.
    God bless America.

  35. COVID-19 will soon help lots of voters (regardless of party ) not to feel anything anymore.
    This virus as the same as with any other viruses, is APOLITICAL.
    Young and old and in the between, will get a chance to try their own share of COVID-19.
    Good luck to y’all.
    God bless America.

  36. Kelly Ann, honey, stop tripping over yourself to lie lizard. He clearly said he wants the cut Medicare and Social Security. He has INCREASED the deficit from the baseline Obama left. Those are undisputable facts.

  37. Love this I just getting over corona was not the worst flu I have ever had I am sixty paraplegic not healthiest person am buying stock

  38. If we didn't have a serial liar with no character or decency in the white house people would feel much safer and assured.

  39. STOP STOP STOP calling our social security an " ENTITLEMENT " We and our employers put money in every paycheck. If you deposited money into a savings account at your local bank and went back to get some would you be ok with the back telling you it's an entitlement and we cant let you have it? Social Security is NOT an entitlement.

  40. Kellyanne is a great spokesperson for President Trump. She understands the issues and the opposition's hoaxes. She thinks fast on her feet.

  41. Trump 2020 coronavirus stuff is going to get a cure. President Trump is doing fine in protecting the problem regarding the coronavirus stuff and attacking it aggressively to find a cure. Economy is great!!!!! Trump 2020

  42. In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure. Rush Limburger, the guy Trump awarded the Medal of Honor last month, says its all a hoax or at worse a common cold. Pence is a religious fanatic that doesn't believe in science. The guy hasn't accepted evolution and now he's in charge of the coronavirus task force. I say god help us but that's all Pence brings to the table.who need more jobs when you are dead?

  43. She doesn't do very well confirming anything! She reminds me of a car salesman, nothing's bad everything is great! Not ever mediocre! Or we can do better, all bs all the time!

  44. Conway, another abrassive liar for the master of lies trump. THE STOCK MARKET IS CRASHING UNDER TRUMP. WHO WILL HE BLAME – OBAMA, CLINTON, DEMOCRATS?. BLAME, BLAME,BLAME

  45. Hey kellyanne Conway you know what.. the coronavirus has not been contained..
    Even though you're dumbfounded experts might want you to think so.

  46. And as to the stock market or the Dow Jones average dropping better than two and a half trillion dollars, so many thousands of 401k is lost for those over the age of 50. Who spent their lives trying to make sure that they had a retirement rather than having to work up until their last month or two.. shame on you for being such a Twitter mouse

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