– [Narrator] Hey folks, this is Clate, he co-founded a company, this company. This company’s mission is to help millions of small businesses
just like yours to grow. The company used to be called this, but now it’s called this. Some people think that
when we launched this, it distracted us from this,
which it did, for a while. (flies buzzing) But now that the launch was a success, we’re more focused than ever. How focused? Well here’s a couple
of things we’ve helped get done this year. Sent 15.5 billion
emails, that’s two emails for every human being on earth. Processed over 2.5 billion
dollars in payments, published 28,450 campaigns, added one billion new contacts, scheduled 16,601 appointments. We’re pretty proud of all that, but what have we done to improve your experience with this, and this? Well in 2019 alone, we’ve added all these new features to Infusionsoft: Gmail sync, Outlook
sync, builder usability improvements, new campaign triggers, better integration, Zapier 90 day trial, Improved Search Filters (multiple features listed rapidly) And that’s not even
counting all the features we added for Keep, and
that was just in 2019, which is over. Looks like we can take
it easy in 2020, huh? Incorrect, lost time is
time never found again, Ben Franklin said that, probably. We’re committed to getting better every single day, just like you, and you’re awesome. More features, more
integration, more delivery for your business, and
more growth in 2020. In 2020, we’re going to be releasing updates and features more
often than you can handle. How often? How about every single month. Remember this guy, he’s
more committed than ever to delivering the most
powerful, effective, user friendly software on earth, to help your business grow. – I’m more committed
than ever to delivering the most powerful,
effective, user friendly software on earth, to
help your business grow. – He takes the task of
adding more features for this and this seriously. – Very seriously. – Luckily, he’s got a building full of smart, talented, driven, great smelling people to get it done, for
real, they smell great. We’d love to talk to
them, but these people are busy, except that guy. Rest assured, that while
you’re working hard, so are we, all day, every
day, even groundhog day. We’re in this together. Infusionsoft and keap are going to keep growing so you can keep growing. Teamwork, more business,
less work, that’s Keap. – Do I have any more lines left? I needto get back to work.

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4 thoughts on “Keap 2019 Year in Review”

  1. Looking forward to more features and capabilities. We hope that we hear about them this year as we were never informed of updates last year. Also, videos explaining and showing how to use these new updates would be nice as well. We don't know about all the 2019 updates nor do we know how to use them due to lack of information and notifications. We have faith in Keap/Infusionsoft and hope you kill the competition moving forward.

  2. From a strictly marketing perspective, it would be really nice if you guys added the ability to properly split test broadcast emails (currently you can't schedule tests, and often the winning variant isn't declared the winner) and add the ability to split test campaign emails. I feel like those features are glaringly missing and long overdue.

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