let’s get started second Thessalonians
chapter 1 our text will be verses 6 through 10 we left off last week in
verse 5 so we’ll pick it up in verse 6 and I’ll ask you to stand if you’re able
you can follow along as I read if not where you’re seated is fine the Apostle
Paul is writing and by the Holy Spirit says verse 6 God is just He will pay
back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled
and to us as well oh really I can’t wait when is this going to happen
oh He tells us this will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from Heaven in
blazing fire with His powerful angels He will punish those who do not know God
and do not obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus
they verse 9 will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out
from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His might on the day He
comes to be glorified in His holy people and to be marveled at among all those
who have believed this includes you because you believed our testimony to
you wow let’s pray if you would join with me we’ll ask God’s blessing on our
understanding loving Heavenly Father were so thankful
to You for Your Word and this portion that we have before us today but Lord
were also keenly aware that at this time we need for the Holy Spirit to bless
this to our understanding the application of it to our lives so Lord
will You speak into our lives in and through Your word by the Holy Spirit
Your servants are listening Lord get our attention and keep our attention as You
do we pray in Jesus name Amen and Amen you can be seated thank you so the title
that I chose for today’s sermon is judgment is coming woo sounds like a
fire-and-brimstone sermon doesn’t it well it’s not and the reason it’s not is
because this is something that we as Christians should be very encouraged by
and that’s what I want to talk with you about today is why it is that we as
believers should be encouraged by and look forward to the coming judgement of
God judgment is coming it has to the Lord is
coming He has to but I want to do in our time together today is share with you
from our text two reasons as to why it is that knowing that judgment is coming
should be such a source of encouragement to us as Christians in these the last
days in which we’re living and the first one is in verses 6 and 7 and it’s that
God is just now this presents a difficulty
of sorts for some because it’s hard to reconcile a God who is love with a God
who is just perhaps you’ve had this conversation with someone that you’ve
shared the Gospel with and it usually comes in the form of well if God is so
loving then why and then you can fill in the blank and you know what’s coming and
in all fairness that’s not necessarily an easy question to provide and answer
for I want to share with you that which has helped me when I’ve come across
questions like that and I realize I run the risk of offering and
oversimplification as I do but this is easily resolved it’s easily resolved
when you see that if God did nothing concerning evil then He would not be a
God of love and I’ll explain it this way by way of an illustration let’s say
you’re in court and you’re seeing this trial and you have on the witness stand
someone who is testifying to the crime the horrific crime perpetrated by the
alleged that perpetrated the crime and you have a judge now that is sitting as
judge and he then looks at this criminal who has committed this unthinkable crime
and he doesn’t do anything about it that is an unjust judge what about the victim
that was victimized by this perpetrator who carried out this crime that judge is
unjust and as such that judge is unloving if this was truly a just judge
and a loving judge this just judge would mete out righteous
judgment here’s another question that is often asked if God is so loving why does
he allow evil and suffering to continue in this world well you have to
understand that this was not God’s original plan I remember as a young
believer being asked this question by a non-believer and they said so why when
Lucifer in Heaven sought to exalt himself above God and his throne above
the Most High why when God cast him down to the earth why why did God do that why
didn’t He just you know fry him and start all over well think about this if
He had done that all of the heavenly hosts would have served Him out of fear
not love they would have had no choice and so God in His love as a just God
wanted to give mankind a choice that’s why He put the tree of the knowledge of
good and evil in the garden of all the trees Adam and Eve could eat and partake
but of this one tree they were forbidden why did God do that because God’s given
them a choice this is a just God who is a God of love and so sin has to run its
course if you will and now the choice is ours as to what we’re going to do with
the sovereignty that God has given us in our own freewill
so I like how one commentator explained it he said a world in which justice was
not done at last would not be God’s world at all you see how you can easily
reconcile the two God is just God is love it’s not that
God has love no God is love but in order for God to be loved
God must be just because of God is not just God is not love so why does this
encourage us because there is coming a day as Paul says because God is just
because He loves us so much and here we are in this evil and wicked fallen world
being victimized if you will by the evil in this world
there is coming a day be encouraged hang on just wait because God is going to
settle the score God is going to have the final word
I know I’ve shared this before I hope you don’t mind if I share it again I
hope you don’t tire of me sharing this but this is the thing that keeps me sane
literally that’s not hyperbole and I’ll explain why I say that as I see what’s
happening in the world today I would go out of my mind or not for this truth
here in God’s Word that God is going to have the final word
I know I’ve shared with you and confess to you that I yell at my TV a lot I’m
getting better God’s helping me with this but sometimes I’m watching the news
coverage and I’m listening to this person talk and I think to myself are
you kidding me did you really just say that that and and here’s the Holy Spirit it’s so
so gentle so patient has to be so patient with me just saying to me in
that still small voice no no God’s going to take care of that when soon not soon
enough seems like they’re getting away with it
Lord how can You let them get away with that it’s so evil I know and don’t don’t
ever imagine God is in Heaven going I can’t believe they said that no it’s
like we inform the Lord when we pray they’re called informational prayers you
know you know what I’m talking about right it’s like God doesn’t know so we
have to inform Him Lord do You know what happened on Tuesday wait a minute God is
omniscient He’s all-knowing He’s all present He’s all-powerful what you
you’re going to enlighten him like God is up there going I didn’t know I didn’t
know that well Lord what are You going to do about it no I I know what’s happening
I actually told You this was going to happen just just wait I’m going to take
care of it yah but Lord it seems like they’re getting away with it not for
long not for long because I am a just God here’s the
second reason the coming judgement should be a source of encouragement for
us this in verses 8 through 10 and I realize this is going to sound like a
firm grasp of the obvious but Heaven is forever
I don’t think think about it Heaven is forever and ever it’s for all eternity
now the reason I say it that way is because if Heaven is forever that means
that earth is not I know that’s deeply profound right but no think about it
that means that all the pain and the suffering will come to an end when Jesus
comes and is glorified in His holy people this this is not going to last
forever Heaven is going to last forever the Apostle Paul says it like this the
sufferings the trials the difficulty of this life are not worthy to be compared
with the glory that awaits Peter talks about the momentary light trials those
difficulties in our lives that momentary light this is pretty heavy I wouldn’t
call it light and it’s going on for a very long time I would certainly not
call it momentary but what he’s saying is is that in light of eternity we go
through this life as long and as difficult as it might be it will not
compare to the first 10 jillion years in eternity I know jillion is not a number
don’t email me especially for those of you who are mathematicians I think you
get the point and by the way there’s no measurement of time and eternity because
it’s not time it’s eternity but the point is is that we might live 70 75 80
85 years here on on this earth not even to be compared with eternity because you
know how long eternity less again I know deeply profound forever and ever and
ever in other words this will come to an end and in the end God will have the
final word and this is why it should be such a source of encouragement to us
because the problem for us is that we get discouraged even give way to despair
in the suffering of this life as we wait for the Lord to return and that’s why
the Lord must read the Lord has to come and until the Lord
comes and judges those who are wicked with an everlasting destruction and oh
by the way parenthetically let me say Hell is also forever oh pastor I heard
about this book that was written by this guy well-known author that disputes that
Heaven or that Hell is not eternal and it’s a false teaching known as
annihilationism which is basically the belief that Hell does not last for all
eternity well here’s the problem with that and there are many problems with
that but if Heaven is not forever then Hell is not forever and if Hell is not
forever then Heaven is not forever you can’t have it you know I mean it has to
be both if hell is not forever that means heavens not forever that’s not
what the Bible teaches it’s everlasting Hell is forever I know that sends
shivers up and down some people’s spines but it’s the truth the whole truth and
nothing but the truth so help me God Jesus came and died on the cross so that
no one would perish it’s not God’s will that any should perish and by the way
God never sends anybody to Hell God God did not create Hell for man
it is God’s will that all should come to repentance Hell was created for Satan
and the fallen angels the demons not for man I heard one say and I and I really
liked the way he said it if anybody goes to Hell they do so over Jesus’s dead and
resurrected body you know that expression we use over my dead body it’s
like Jesus is saying if anybody goes to Hell for all eternity it’s over My dead
and resurrected body I came and I died so that you would not perish in
Hell for all eternity so Paul is making it very clear here I believe that Heaven
is forever as is Hell to also forever now again the problem that we have is
that what are we going to do until key word until I mean it seems like
especially in these last days that evil goes unchecked and the world is waxing
more and more evil with each passing day and it’s very Grievous you know we we
have this saying secular saying ignorance is bliss well on Thursday
nights and our trek through the Bible when we’re done with the book of
Proverbs we’re going to go into the book of Ecclesiastes and there’s a verse in
the book of Ecclesiastes that says this with much knowledge comes much sorrow
and the point of that is is that because we know what comes packaged with that
knowledge of what’s coming it brings with it
grief for us as Christians and certainly we are living in very Grievous times and
it’s really hard sometimes it’s really hard to see evil go unchecked and wax
worse seemingly with each passing day well I want to draw your attention to
Psalm 73 this is a psalm of Asaph when we were going through the book of psalms
this was one some in particular that we spent some time on because this was a
guy that basically had a crisis of faith he almost lost his faith and you know
why he almost lost his faith it’s because he saw the prosperity of the
wicked it was like God wasn’t doing anything about it and here he’s living
his life righteously walking uprightly in
integrity and purity and he’s watching the evil and the wicked prosper and go
unchecked and it it messed him up really bad in fact in in this Psalm he
even says I stayed away from my brethren because I didn’t want to stumble them
and mess them up either by sharing with them my struggle
it’s like I’m walking uprightly and righteously in vain because I’m looking
at the wicked and it’s kind of like they have no problems and my life is riddled
with problems so listen to what he says he starts off verse 1 truly God is good
to Israel to such as are pure in heart but as for me my feet had almost
stumbled my steps had nearly slipped and here’s why verse 3 for I was envious of
the boastful when I saw the prosperity of the wicked and then verse 16 he says
when I thought how to understand this it was too painful for me and then verse 17
key word until listen I went into the sanctuary of God then I understood there end
and surely you set them in slippery places you cast them down to destruction
oh how they are brought to desolation as in a moment they are utterly consumed
with terrors as a dream when one awakes So Lord when You awake You shall despise
their image in other words it wasn’t until I went into the sanctuary of the
Lord which by the way is the best place to go especially if you’re struggling
and I realize wait a minute that’s how it ends for them whoo I’m
going from being envious of them to feeling sorry for them because this is
how it ends for them total paradigm shift completely changed my perspective
because see as a Christian I know how it ends for me and how it ends for me well
this is as bad as it gets for them this is as good as it gets and that kind of
takes the edge off as it’s been said for the non-christian this is the most
Heaven they will ever know let that sink in by the way let that light a fire of
urgency to reach the lost while there’s still time
this is the most Heaven they will ever know this is as good as it gets but not
for the Christian it’s the opposite for the Christian this is as bad as it’s
ever going to get this is the most Hell we will never know right here and right now
until that time which I truly believe and I know you also believe because we
talk about it every week until that day which is soon and very soon sooner than
any of us I truly believe can even imagine when that trumpet is going to sound
and the dead in Christ are going to rise first and we who were alive and remain
will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air I love it that the Apostle Paul
says to the Thessalonians we saw this in chapter 4 in 1st Thessalonians therefore
encourage one another with these words you know this Thessalonians at that time
was suffering under the crushing weight of persecution they were so downcast
they were so discouraged and so Paul a year after he writes the first letter
writes the second letter why to encourage them they’re so discouraged they’re so
discouraged and he’s saying he’s saying be encouraged because judgment is coming because God
is just and Heavens forever and this is not forever this is only but for a
moment James says our lives down here are just a vapor you know as I get older
I’m celebrating another birthday this year it happens every year right so you
know you’re getting old when you forget how old you are and that happens now
quite often and so I have to go back and do the math and figure out oh wow
and it doesn’t help when your children remind you you know how old you are and
then it’s not so much that they say it is how they say it it’s not you know
you’re getting older it’s you’re getting really old just out of the mouths of
babes kids say the darndest things right but as I get older one of the things
that I’m realizing is I’ve got way more years behind me than I do in front of me
should the Lord tarry I’m thinking about this because I was just reminded that
this year in June is my 40th year class reunion I don’t want to go to it
I don’t want to go to my 40th yeah 40 years anyway enough of my problems but
this is only temporary it’s only temporary it’s not gonna last
God is just Heaven is gonna last for all eternity be encouraged God’s judgment is
coming He’s going to have the final word He’s going to settle the score and then
that’s it let’s pray thank You Lord Lord thank You for this word here in
Your Word a word fitly spoken I believe I know for me personally been a
tremendous blessing to me preparing it and now teaching it because it’s the
truth and the truth is what sets us free it’s so freeing Lord so encouraging Lord
thank You that judgment is coming thank You that You are just and then it’s not
much longer and it is only temporary in light of eternity Lord come quickly in
Jesus name Amen

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