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100 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Killing Soleimani needed to happen, Trump was the man to do it”

  1. Mr. President Trump, you did a great job by killing the monster Soleimani from Iran. No other past President would be able to do it. You are a hero to the American people.👍👏👏👏

  2. What about the INNOCENT BLOOD AMERICANS SHED??? The only Beast is this Country your time is running out this Country will burn in 1hr. "Terrorists"???? Lmaooo!

  3. Judge Jeanine what a joke of a journalist, if you can call her that, or even a judge as a matter of fact. The US has made itself more vulnerable now than it ever was before. If you think for one second that the US hasn't had people like Qaseem Souliemani in its administration killing and setting up puppet regimes, then you're truly ignorant and don't understand foreign relations or policy. oooh by the way get the hell out of a sovereign country (Iraq) because they told you to leave, because if you believe in democracy then you should leave a democratically elected country when they tell you too, without reservation.

  4. BS, this lady is a sycophant for Israeli interests. Neocons are not conservatives, but lapdogs for Israel. Send them to die instead of our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. Who fought ISIS and protected Christian churches? It was the Shias!

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what psychological terrorism looks like!

    This President, allllll his talking heads, and THESE PEOPLE are leading a constant assault against the mental health of our entire nation.

  6. Obama rewarded Iran with money and Uranium whenever they killed our troops, I call that treason! Trump has the sense and loyalty to his Military to show us he cares and has our backs. Pelosi and Shumer and Schiff and the rest of the Dems in Congress are traitors plain and simple, cowards!

  7. Judge Jeanine (gimme a break) is a Rachel Maddow wannabe getting paid for spouting contra BS in the media circus. Both would look cute in orange jumpsuits. Tulsi 2020

  8. So what the hell is the snakes doing in the middle of the east, always want to dominate the people on this earth how long do you think u can continue ???

  9. 4 countries with no federal reserve. Iran and Korea too the list. Funny how not being a patt of the linked federal reserve banks makes a country evil . If you have oil and gold and no federal reserve bank you are doomed. Ask Momar Kadafi and sadam hussien. This is a mess but what the world doesnt need is more federal reserve private banks and one country running oil.

  10. Here's an alternative, simply leave, you're not teaching lessons, you're simply making the world more dangerous.

  11. Well said Judge Jeanine. That murderer is now in Spiritual Detention with the rest of those who perpetrated crimes against Humanity!

  12. Thank God for President Trump … the one President whom loves the American people not an apologetic weak president who is ashamed of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…IN GOD WE TRUST🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. If you go to a state penitentiary and ask the murderers why they did it they will give the same answer is the US government is giving why they executed a person that had previously told the Americans that he will be in the airport to avoid the breach of international law.

    The USA is in violation of international law and that puts our people and their families at risk of escalation.

    This is a major step backwards in international norms.

  14. Trump is finally getting a taste for the game, he reminds me of the Laurence of Arabia film, in the scene at the de-railed train "NO PRISONERS…NO PRISONERS!!" awsome.

  15. This girl is deluded and Trump has just set you on a path to war!! The Iranian ppl are now United against the US ,slow but successful sanctions would have shown the regime as weak! I hope Trump is ready for the backlash not just from the Iranians but all the family members of the Military services that the Iranians will target!! I can't see the Iranians backing down as any attacks on the US will be celebrated in the Middle East! And Trump is not educated enough to realise what he has started! Be prepared for another full blown war! I just hope our UK troops don't get dragged into this!

  16. I am baffled by the 3,000 liberals who disliked this. Why do they hate America?
    What she says is 100% correct. Investigate all this instead of following the fake news like blind sheep.

  17. 'Bad guys should be killed Great' Mr.TRUMP , No war, No innocent were killed Amen, TRUMP is very precise and particular Awesome..! We love you Trump, Prayers from India, wish we had a president like you who love the Nation, We are suffering lots in India because of One guys Rules, He is been tearing up the country..! Let peace prevail in our world Amen

  18. God bless The president of USA Donald J Trump.. God bless America.. Blessings and prayers from India.. Jesus is His protection and wisdom.. MAGA

  19. Sure are a lot of uneducated Dems supporters in the comments, or shall I say (dumbs, ) supporters.
    You fucken morons, don't even have a clue of what you are talking about.

  20. If this happened in Obama's time, no one would be questioning this. Back then, everyone was stupid on politics. Just a few years later, suddenly everyone knows everything about politics…

    EDIT: TRUMP2020

  21. Trump doesn’t want war but if Iran keeps it up they will be obliterated… we will hit them where it really hurts …. the oil fields! Then the rest of the crap they have.. so Iran better think about it very carefully…

  22. To Soon… its all about timing & as usual Trump completely missed the bus. This laughing beast as you call it that killed one to prevent a few killings to justify Trump erratic behaviour is a joke and any semi intellectuel sees right through this cheap plot.. many more now will be killed. stop aggrevating the other forces. The US is already rotting from the inside out… thats self inflicted. I dont care whay you say.. any individual with balls will agree

  23. God bless Donald Trump, and keep him safe. I pray for him all the time. I want God to bless Judge Jeanine also.

  24. "Soiledsalami" entered the battle field, We didn't bomb him inside of Iran, what's the big deal? Enter the battlefield at own risk, I guess they forgot to place a safety sticker on it so soiledsalami would know it was dangerous.

  25. The Democrats really should have nothing to say about anything the most of them are cowards fact that 85 percent of the military are republicans the true protectors of our country

  26. If Turkey wanted to be a team player they would just shut off the water to Iraq until they play ball. An empty stomach has no religion.

  27. You're smart, tough and beautiful Judge. I wouldn't watch Fox News without you. Thank you! The new hair is awesome.

  28. believe it or not, I have dreams that become true, I dreamed of those drones many, many years ago, they looked exactly like the one used here, although they were grey. After it came to use, in the dream, there were millions in the hospitals floors, and had to sleep on the floor because there was no space and no free bed anymore…so many hurt and injured people. I hope this is not what will happen really. Mostly my dreams are predictions. lets hope I was wrong this time. otherwise, I would thank you, America. But I do not want to say thank you, you are as dangerous as Iran is, to say it frankly. only borders, borders, borders, so you can go to hell if you ask me. And Iran with you. And again, I am not sorry. I wanted to come and marry an American cowboy when I was ten. Now, sod it, I couldn't care less, with all your stupid guns and all…bye bye, from Germany.

  29. Soleimani was a nasty bastard.
    But he was a nasty bastard fighting in his own country to defend his own country.
    If he was exporting his violence to our countries then he needed stopping.
    BUT was he reacting rather than attacking.

  30. I could agree with most of what she said… but Benghazi was on Clinton not Obama.
    Obama didnt react to anything because he understood the tense situation with Iran, now Trump killed a political figure creating a martyr which landed him a $80mil bounty on his head.

  31. Then mind ur territory,Russia is super power like u ,u a now the police of the world because of oil u never go wh u can not benefit

  32. Judge… I understand you but jeez, I wish you would run for president…. If any woman, right now, were qualified to do the job, my opinion…. It would be YOU…. We also thank God for patriots like YOU! I completely understand why you wouldn't want the job, though. Best wishes.

  33. Judge Jeanine, you are so right. Every word you said is truth. All patriotic Americans love you! Whoever criticized the action reveal clearly his/her identity of American hater.

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