It is a responsible time to invest. Investment on a scale
never seen before in this country. But we will continue to live
within our means. Investment in long-term projects
like roads and rail will not exceed 3% of GDP. We’ll also commit to an additional
£150bn in a new social transformation fund. To replace and upgrade and expand
our schools, our hospitals, care homes and, yes,
council homes once again under a Labour government.
[Applause] Conservatives understand
that it’s a dynamic, free market economy that is
the single best way to fund those public services. And if people are going to carry on
starting a business or creating jobs, carry on paying
the taxes that fund our schools and fund the NHS,
then they need to know that the government
is on their side. When we invest in the infrastructure
our country desperately needs, it’s recognised both as a cost
but also as a benefit. And, yes, adding to the government’s debt
but also adding to the government’s assets. Excessive debt would risk everything
the British people have worked so hard to achieve over the past
decade of recovery. Who do you trust to protect that? If we’re to stand any chance
whatsoever of tackling climate change, if we’re to stand
any chance of providing a decent quality of life
for all our people, yes, and also if we’re ever
to bring our communities back together again
and we have to act now and we have to act big
and we have to act decisively.

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46 thoughts on “Javid v McDonnell: Tory and Labour parties reveal economic plans”

  1. Election time false promises are here again! They ignored the referendum vote, backtracked on all their promises and divided the country! And they expect us to believe the pledges they are making! Reminds me of a particular song " Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler"!!!!

  2. Labour promise free money without working for it, Labour want to open the doors of Britain to all migrants and give instant right to vote on arrival! People please be very careful.

  3. Fortunately we now have many years of reference to look at and know EXACTLY what kind of life the Tories want for us. Foodbanks, rising poverty and homelessness, crumbling healthcare system, a sadistic welfare system, less emergency services etc. It's right here for us to look at, no need for campaigning and election speak, we already know.

  4. Borrow? From where? MPs have been saying we MUST stay in the EU for financial reasons, so where is £400billion coming from? Santa? The fabled money tree?

  5. Labour/conservative your dunn finished capput ….. Lies lies lies … should all be brought to justice……drain the swamp , vote BREXIT PARTY

  6. So who are you going to trust with our economy?

    Someone who was bright enough to become a Vice President of a major bank by the time he was 25?

    Or a self confessed Marxist that has stated he wants to bring an end to capitalism?

    One choice indicates success, the other choice indicates total chaos and long term damage that will take decades to recover from.

  7. Führer Nige of the brexit xenophobia party should be charged with instigating the killing of Jo Cox 🤫 Brexiteers are sympathetic to domestic terrorism they regularly call for open public hangings of everyone not supporting their mentally deranged, radical and extremists ideas 🤒

  8. Sajid, a blatant remainer will say and do anything to further his career, even if it meant throwing his family under a Boris bus.

  9. What's new , Labour same old story borrow , borrow, borrow, then jump ship when they cannot manage the economy 💩💩💩

  10. There are two types of rich people to find out which one you are check you're pockets come John Mcdonnell redress the inequality👍

  11. McDonald wolf in sheep clothing all this man won't is power all self gain doesn't give a f—k about our country or the British people we deserve better than this I am a x soldier and LABOUR worry me I will never VOTE for labour again the safety of our country is last on their list

  12. Every general election we the public hear every party tell us of their vision for a better world and nine times out of ten they let us down.

  13. What does it say about our democracy when every major party backs Remain? and the ONLY party that wishes to honour the 2016 referendum is under attack by all parties and the media? Do you not think that is at least at all suspicious? Can anyone else here see tyranny? are you so BLIND?

  14. ''act now, act big, act decisively'' …… which dictionary definition of 'act' did he mean?
    can't wait for Fridays Soap Opera Script for Labours heart(less waste)lands, 'the Jurassic Chancellors bribes from Tusks rebates that outweigh the Referendum and previous Manifesto promises – the best of 3 extinctions from the back of an envelope' just didn't sound any more convincing than the Flower Pot Men.

  15. One question seedless Jaffa
    When labour left office in 2010
    The national debt was £700 billion pound
    After nine years of con dem then Tory cuts right across the board
    The national debt is 1.8 trillion pounds
    How did you manage to more than double the national debt on the back of massive cuts
    The numbers do not add up

  16. Sajid Javid rips up Tory fiscal rules with vow to spend extra £20bn ►

  17. Sajid javid can not be trusted, he is only interested in become tory leader one day so he will say whatever he needs to, Mcdonnell actually cares about regular people, he speaks from the heart, i will be voting labour, enough of tory tax cuts for the rich

  18. I agree with Diane Abbot. We need labour in power to tame racism, which is mainly from white people atm. White people need to learn this is no longer just your country, it is not the Britian that was, it is a country full of people from different countries. It is now a Multiculteral country. VOTE LABOUR 🙂

  19. I just don’t get it conservative means status quo so if you like the way things are going now vote conservative but most people DONT LIKE the way things are going now so how is this a close race idk.Corbyn2019

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