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81 thoughts on “Jaffrabad Violence: Video Shows Man Confronting Cop, Opening Fire | The Quint”

  1. During JAMIA Violence, had police stopped and arrested that Terrorist instead of supporting him openly, this situation wouldn't had come.

    Still those who are taking side of any of these two. Remember- What goes around, also comes around.
    Secondly it's government tactic of deviating from real issues such as Employment, Corruption, Black money etc..

  2. Mohmad shahraukh naam hai iska- ye bhi bjp se mila hua hai, rss ka worker hai, modi aur amit shah ke kehne pe isne goliyan chalai aur delhi police ke head constable ko mara.

  3. Weak Roll of Superem court on Blockage of Road, allowing them on road for dharna is main cause if such… Jantarmantar ground is there for dharna… People lost trust on court for remaining silence.

  4. Ye danga karwane ne ke jimmedaar AIMIM ka Waris Pathan aur BJP ka Kapil Mishra hai
    Ye BJP aur AIMIM ki mili bhagat se hi kaand hua hai.
    RSS terrorist log police ke bhes me julm kiye hai.

  5. This guy has been identified and arrested as Md. Shahrukh, a local.


  6. Quint ka comment section sabse bdee madarchodo se bhrra huaa h…bchodo ab to sharamm kr lo….tmharii saalon maa ke choot mein kidee pdee bklodon…liberalss gaanduon maakelodon…tum right ko radicalise krne pe aagye ho aur saalon aisa mt krro vrnaa bchodd ghr se nikal nikal marenge….hadd kr dee h mulllee madarchodon chodd do ye gazwa e hind…..

  7. दिल्ली में पानी से सस्ता मुसलमानों का खून है अभी
    यकीन नही होता तो जाकर देख लो

  8. Hindu ki biwiya….Hijde paida kar ke itni sharmsar hai ke….protest me nahi aati 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  9. Hindu ki biwiya….Hijde paida kar ke itni sharmsar hai ke….protest me nahi aati 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  10. Police ki lathi us saks k banduk k aage kamjor padgayi yaa us home minister k hukm k jo inhe control kar rahi hai….

  11. Jo boya hai kataa ha raha hai ,dekho police ke saamne hi open firing kar raha hain,aur ye saley neta log sab dogley hai ab wo chahey koi bhi dharam vishes ko lekar chaltey hai,idhar road par kaun lad raha hai neta ya public , public lad rahi hai aapas me 5 log mare ja chukey hai ,
    BJP ko vote dene walon wapas satta to dila diya tumney inhey par desh ko barbadiii ke taraf tumlogo ne hi dhakel diya hai ab ,Mano ya na mano ,
    Ab bhi waqt hai dharam ,jaati ,aur mandir masjid se baahar ajao warna ek waqt aisa ayega ki koi nahi reh jaega ,uske bad kaun jaega mandir masjid me jab koi rahega hi nahin,
    Isliye pure dam kham se sab ko milke BJP se desh ko bachao aur
    Desh todney wali CAA NPR NRC JAISE mansikta ko hi khatm kardiya jae.
    Baki ap dono samudaey ke logo se ye request hai ,ki aapas me mat lado AUR RSS BJP SE KHUD KO aur desh ko bachao
    Jai hind

  12. All the political party in india or in world use these tactics to control thr ppl.Its problem of our own,we hate eachother religion already cuz,it is embedded into our system frm childhood by our parents and society.This already embedded hate is just used by our poltician to cntrl or divert us fr their own good, so first we hv to change ourself,we hv to overcome frm these demerits, so they can't use it.

  13. Ye sub bina BJP-RSS aur police ki master planning ke bagair kabhi nahi hosakta.
    Aur bechari police hamesha ki tarah jhoot bolegi fir baad may CCTV footage samne ajayega.

  14. Religion and Democracy can't stay together because one tells you to follow a leader blindly and later demands you to think rationally and question things.

  15. https://youtu.be/8yOoOL9PC-o.
    A small ted ed on partisanship…
    Might help in understanding once own psychological wiring..

  16. That's not a real bullet fired. A revolver always has a flash it exit barrel and the last shot was a conclusive proof of using dummy rounds.Classic Modi Shah chudaap.

  17. Police qaloun ku doop marna chahiye kyun pahna hua hi uniform police ki wardi ku kyun badnaam kar rahe ho.sharam ani chahiye ram k nare lagaty hoye .lanat hi tum per

  18. Irrespective of the religion of that guy, such nuisance is intolerable. Inflicting violence is not dissent,its not protest. Such persons should be behind bars and brought to justice, either be a hindu, a muslim, or of any community.

  19. I don't get why government is not acting up? Isn't it terror that's spread all over India? This government was made of people and now that people are not happy about a certain act isn't it enough of a reason to understand that CAA is not mandatory? People are getting killed, is it even worth one more person?

  20. When people pointed guns at Shaheen Bagh.. Government was OK now they dare to point it at the cops.. Shit goes crazy.. Only if they acted against Rambhakt (fake) Gopal , nobody would dare to repeat

  21. BJP lost Delhi ekections badly. Now they want Delhi to descend into chaos. The Delhi Police is under Home Minister. Why is he not employing enough policemen to control the situation?

  22. Everything was planned. Local goons want to become famous that's why they are not hiding their faces behind some mask. All bhaade k tattus can be spoted wearing a Mask.

  23. "This guy-Shahrukh-deserves to be punished and has been arrested. But he’s certainly not the only one. There are others like him who’ve used guns in Delhi. Arrest them ALL! More than 160 people injured BY GUNSHOTS came to GTB Hospital till late night yesterday." That's what news18 journalist zeba warsi reported!

  24. Whatever is happening in the country. This is going terribly wrong. I do not understand what the Prime Minister of the country is doing by coming and I do not understand why the Prime Minister of the country is not taking action on his MPs. I do not understand why the Prime Minister of the country is silent after coming and I do not understand that the Prime Minister of the country who keeps singing the praises of Mahatma Gandhi. In what way Mahatma Gandhi is insulting today? Mahatma Gandhi's idea was to remove hatred and talk of love, but the Prime Minister of the country is increasing hatred. Hate has to be maintained, spreading hate is supporting the Prime Minister of the country. His spoon Kapil Mishra people do not understand why the Prime Minister is sitting and sitting silent? How is it happening?

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