Investigative journalist and author of The
President’s Keepers, Jacques Pauw has responded to Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius
Malema, saying he will not apologise. Malema, during a press conference on Wednesday,
threatened to take legal action against Pauw after the journalist suggested that Malema
had been saved by a controversial cigarette smuggler to settle his tax bill. Pauw made the accusation on social media,
accusing Malema of securing money from Adriano Mazzotti to resolve his tax woes. The author believes this to be among the reasons
EFF chairperson, Dali Mpofu, is defending suspended SA Revenue Service boss Tom Moyane. Malema called Pauw a liar, and said he authorised
a lawyers’ letter giving Pauw three days to withdraw the statement that claimed Mazzotti
paid his tax through a loan. “I have no such loan,” said Malema. Pauw responded in an explosive letter that
surfaced on Friday morning: You call on me to set the record straight. You are right, I was wrong in saying that
you received a loan from Mazzotti to pay your tax bill. You in fact received a R1 million loan from
Kyle Phillips, a business partner of Mazzotti and his co-director in Carnilinx, an independent
tobacco company. This was reported in the Sunday Times and
other newspapers in 2015. The Sunday Times quoted your lawyer as saying
that you took the loan from Phillips after another benefactor failed to make a payment
to you. The newspaper said that you had admitted to
Sars that you had received the R1 million loan from Phillips. You never denied any of these reports. I therefore assume that it is safe to say
that it was true that you had received a R1 million loan from Phillips. Pauw said he would not apologise as Mazzotti
and Phillips were partners in crime, as they both had a 16.6% share in Carnilinx. Pauw claims the R200 000 paid by Carnilinx
in 2014 for the EFF’s registration could be seen as Malema accepting the proceeds of
crime. His letter continued: After Tom Moyane became Sars commissioner
in October 2014, the Carnilinx tax bill simply disappeared. When I wrote my book, I found a document dated
March 2016, written by a Sars executive and addressed to none other than Moyane’s henchman,
Jonas Makwakwa. The letter summarised a meeting with Carnilinx. The executive recommended that since Carnilinx
was investigated by the “rogue unit’, the entire case should be “re-audited”. He recommends that the Letters of Finding
against Carnilinx be withdrawn. Carnilinx, Mazzotti, Phillips and the others
were off the hook. Years of painstaking examination and probing
went down the drain. Pauw ended the letter with a potent question
to Malema. “Do you know that apartheid assassin, Craig
Williamson, was one of his business partners? And that you have been photographed with Mazzotti
in the presence of self-confessed killer and gangster Mikey Schultz?” Thanks for watching. Please comment, like, share and subscribe.

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8 thoughts on “Jacques Pauw Says No Apology To EFF Julius Malema”

  1. Bring it on pauw #we have fought for the worst battles before. You can drag he’s name through the mud he will still come out clean

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