Hello, thank you for tuning in to U.S.
Money Reserve’s Market Insights. Today we’re going to talk about a new report
that U.S. Money Reserve is putting out called The U.S. Economy: A House of Cards. This is a really good report that’s coming out this quarter that’s going to
help a lot of consumers and investors really look at what’s taking place
inside this economy. As of this month we’ve officially crossed over into the
largest bull market in stock market history. On top of that there are several
other other major major factors that are taking place right now within the
economy within Capitol Hill but more importantly our deficit. It doesn’t make
any sense to be living in a country that has a stock market hitting all-time
highs when our GDP is hitting a hundred and forty percent of the market capital
that we have sitting in that market. That’s an all-time high. When those
ratios are off it causes a major major hiccup in the markets at some point and
that’s one of the biggest questions that people are asking is what’s going to
happen next? Well, if you look at this report it
covers a lot of different things within the economy. It’s talking about the
excessive printing of cheap money. It talks about the major spending also
deregulations in the banking system. Under the Obama administration they
implemented several regulations with the banks to prevent another major financial
crisis. Trump has ultimately deregulated just about every single one. On top of
that you have the trade war as well as the major yield curve but the biggest
one is the irrational exuberance. Irrational exuberance is it’s it’s an
interesting term but the best way to define this type of a situation is the
fact that people are becoming complacent and they’re becoming very very over
excessive with it when it comes to their money in the stock market. If you’ll
remember in 2008 before the stock market corrected there was a lot of people
talking about how a major correction was coming but nobody was paying attention and the people who were raising the red flags were screaming at people
in a soft voice all across the country that they needed to start protecting
their assets from a major downturn. Major economists like Peter Schiff Jim
Rickards they’ve all called for these things to take place at that time and
nobody listened. Well these same economists are now
coming out talking about the same thing right around the corner. We don’t know
what’s gonna when it’s gonna happen we just don’t. All we can do is prepare with
that being said if you want to get more information in regards to the topics
that are in this particular report. You can call the number on your screen
to get a physical copy from one of our account executives at U.S. Money Reserve or if you want instant access to our e-book you can click on the link below. If
you have any questions in regards to any of the topics in this report or anything
that we’ve discussed in these videos you can also put it in the comment section
below or you can call the number and speak to an account executive at U.S. Money Reserve. For today that’s all. Thank you for tuning in to U.S. Money Reserve’s
Market Insights.

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  1. US assets are something like 289 trillion dollars, there is plenty of money but they are increasing the deficit.

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