construction of the North stream to
pipeline is already well underway but the fate of the project lies in the
balance EU members have not yet agreed on how to
proceed and Germany and France in particular appear to be at odds over
regulation this is what’s at stake the pipeline would transport gas from Russia
to Germany via the Baltic Sea the project in its current form is operated
by Russian state energy company Gazprom and that’s exactly what critics
including the United States and seemingly France object to the
dependency from Russian gas will increase drastically with this new
pipeline and that’s the reason why they constructed and it contradicts obviously
the European goals not only of the energy union but in the future we will
see less gas demand because of climate policy and this is the reason why this
pipeline is completely unaccountable decide whether to extend the bloc’s
energy rules to Gazprom if they do so the company would no longer be allowed
to both operate the pipeline and handle sales meaning the project in its current
form at least could go up in smoke let’s get more on this story we are
joined by Brussels bureau chief max Hoffman and Hans branch our political
correspondent here in Berlin welcome to both of you and Max I’d like to begin
with you because this announcement by France it’s essentially a move against
Germany do we know why Paris is taking this step we haven’t heard an official
explanation yet from the French but it appears that the arguments are mainly
political and they’ve been heard before they’re not new France wasn’t really in
favor of this project in the past either but they stuck with Germany the problem
though is that it’s really splitting the European Union between East and West
countries like Poland like the Baltic states have always been very much
against this project because they fear more Russian influence in the European
Union they feel like they’re being bypassed and so this would be one of the
arguments some say it might be a little revenge even from the French government
because I gonna Mack oh really didn’t wholeheartedly
for the projects that reminder where my call had for the European Union most of
them had a slow painful death in the back rooms of Brussels Berlin and and
and also Berlin and the last one is but that is we don’t know anything about
that yet a factual base is that there might be some commercial interest
because France already has some liquefied natural gas terminals and is
intending to build more so they might be able to receive some of that gas coming
from the United States okay but you know regardless of the motivations if we look
at the move overall Hans I mean one newspaper here is calling it a disaster
for German diplomacy at the EU has Berlin misjudged the situation is I
think one has to say that German if the diplomacy has misjudged that’s this
project North stream too we have to say there is one pipeline already in place
North stream one in exactly the same places as a second line being built and
that’s been pushed through with a lot of power diplomacy from the side of the
Germans for several years now and I think in the end they have misjudged two
things they have misjudged the extent of the resistance within the European Union
and especially now from France the coordination with France seems to have
been lacking or not will not done well enough and the other thing that the
Germans I think I’ve misjudged is the resistance from the United States the
pressure coming from the United States since Donald Trump took over as
president that’s been massive not only on Germany but also in other countries
in the region on the European Union as a whole and I think the results of that
are what we are seeing now let’s talk a little bit more about that pushback from
the United States because we know that the US ambassador to Germany also
Richard Grinnell said that the Nord Stream essentially makes Germany
dependent on Russia the German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to
that and here’s what she had to say let’s have a listen combien up English careful we become
dependent on Russia because of this gas pipeline I say no
if we diversify at the same time Germany will expand its gas terminals with
regard to liquefied gas this that means that we don’t want to
make ourselves dependent on Russia under any circumstances but Russia was a
source of gas during the Cold War and it will remain so today without as entering
into one-sided dependence so that is how the German Chancellor is responding to
her critics Hans is that enough I think in the end not I think that does not
really address the concerns of many people we have to see behind this there
is some commercial interest from the United of the United States a lot of gas
is being produced there and the United States is hoping to make Europe a major
client for selling that gas but behind that is also a dirty geo threat geo
strategic thought consideration concerning Ukraine a lot of gas is going
through Ukraine at the moment if this gas bypasses Ukraine Russia has a handle
to put a lot of pressure on Ukraine and that’s obviously been a reason for
sanctions against Russia in recent years a reason for a lot of tension between
Europe the United States and Russia so this pipeline could ratchet up that
tension and that’s also one of the concerns of the critics of this pipeline
max what do you see as the impact on French German ties because I mean this
has you know been an access of strength for Europe until now in the beginning it
looked like ammonia made my call and I got America would be the new Dream Team
in the European Union but slowly many observers noticed that the two weren’t
aligned on the political goals and this is probably the the biggest blow to that
friendship ever since it comes at it at a time just two and a half weeks after
they signed a new friendship treaty the follow up to the Alizee treaty in in
Aachen and I was there and it says in the treaty that both would now try to
align on big EU projects before decisions this has obviously not worked
here and at the same time we don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not a minor
in my call will not go to the Munich Security Conference where he was
scheduled to appear together with Angela Merkel so this might not be the new low
point of German French freckle German friendship in the European Union
but it seems to be the new low point of those two going forward it’ll be
interesting to see if they if they work this out but really this project is so
important for the Germans it’s been going on for so long with so much
resistance that it’s really hard to see how they will overcome this blow in the
new future max Hoffman in Brussels Hans Brunt in Berlin thank you so much
to both of you

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100 thoughts on “Is Germany making Europe dependent on Russia? | DW News”

  1. you should also mention that the US is threatening countries with sanction who cooperate with the pipeline. but i guest that would make the US look bad.

  2. Germany fallow their own interests however they are in EU I they don't care about other countries. EU is established to make Germany and France control the rest of Europe.That it

  3. "But in the future we will see less gas demand because of the climate policy, that's why this pipeline is completely uneconomical…" Because Germany is so well on its way to completely replacing hydrocarbons with solar and wind power, right?

  4. If this project is uneconomical then it should be the headach of the investors and not the third parties, isnt it?

  5. USA sure looks out for its allies and friends not wanting them to become dependent on Russian oil and gas, but Complete Dependency on USA oil/gas at sky high prices. No country in their right mind should be dependent on any one country for its life blood–oil!

  6. Do whatever is good for your country. Forget the bullying US. Russia is not going to invade anyone. This was fabricated by the US fear mongering. Peace 🤩

  7. Make Europe great again .Russia is part of Europe it is always good to have relationship with your neighbouring nations especially Russia.

  8. what is actually at stake is the ever dwindling almighty Petrodollar. Russia wants its trade partner to pay in either Euro or Renminbi. bypass the USD. US can strongarm the Europeans to buy more expensive US LNG all the way from US, if it has its way. LOL

  9. Germany needs to Wake Up and stop pretending and making excuses that being dependent on Russian energy is a good thing. Have you forgot so soon how Russia and the Iron Curtain was at your doorstep during the cold war. Russia is looking out for their best welfare and not yours. Once they have control of energy they have control in a large measure over you. You are decommissioning your last 3 nuclear plants in 2022 and your out of coal and have very few if any supplies of gas and oil. Once Stop being Naive and realize you need to get your energy from somebody NATO is trying to protect you against. The USA has military bases in your country to protect you against Russia and they you make deals with them. Cant you see and understand how wrong that it and how vulnerable you will become. We are trying to help you see the obvious and you need to stop being stubborn and difficult and find other sources of energy besides Russia. Dont be mad at the USA and instead use some common sense!!!

  10. Russia will not give security to Germany but will instead hold control over them. The USA feels like the parent and Germany is a little child and doesn't see how dangerous their actions are. You have the #1 exporter of energy (USA) right next door and yet you make deals with the enemy who NATO is trying to protect you against and Russia is also being sanctioned for criminal and devious activities. Do we need to continue to spell it out that Russia is not a country you want to be making deals with for obvious reasons.

  11. Germany and Europe need to wake up and realize Russia is not their friend. How soon you forget the cold war and how Russia and their ideals and aggression were at your doorstep. Anybody can tell you that Russia is a Corrupt, Evil, and Devious country and don't you realize they are currently under UN sanction for their misbehavior. Is common sense that uncommon in Europe these days. The USA is not trying to control you but to help you and point out the dangerous path you are taking !!!

  12. Dependent on Russia, Getting Cheaper price Gas. Dependent on America Getting more Expensive Gas. EU must choose the best european way of life which way you want to go. Putin does't mind whatever EU likes or dislikes him after buying Gas. Putin virtually only needs friendly bilateral trade that makes the global economics running ahead. Money in your wallet is yours or you want someone to pickpocket your money. Depend on you. Good luck.

  13. Well I guess we just have to wait for the rebels to blow up the pipe line forcing EU to accept nordstream 2. My guess is right before winter should do it. A blind man can see this a mile away. Another chess move on the the board. Sanction or no sanction EU is not going to freeze and Russia knows it. Checkmate?

  14. Just lie USA, USA first , in Germany, Germany first so what the big deal, the big deal USA will buy directly from Russia & sell it to EU times 3 the price.

  15. Germany has its own agenda…it is to build an economic link Berlin-Moscow- Central Asia countries-Pekin…instead of East and South Europe..

  16. Instead US bent on making Germany dependent on them and Ukraine for costlier gas. Does this make any better for Germans?

  17. Hey – if Germany wants to suck up to Russia and later get screwed over like the Ukraine, let them. I find it fiendishly diabolical how Russia has decided to insidiously bypass all land masses and build out over the Baltic Sea, thus avoiding transit costs, the main aim of the project. The main problem with this is definitely environmental. Old munitions, shallow waters that could cause shipping concerns, hundreds of old mines, and threat to indigenous wildlife. All these factors could make this project prohibitively expensive to build and operate such a mega structure. Then there's the concerns about Russia wanting to patrol this subsea gas pipeline using its Baltic Fleet. Many surrounding nations find that most unsettling.

  18. This is an excuse to remove Germany from NATO and replace with Israel… it's clear and everybody knows that.

  19. Wake up SLOBS – the US can no longer bully it way anymore – we need to work with others – sanctions gang is over GOT IT – Donald can not act/fix it – no one can – stop trying to steel others resources – lean how to work with south America – if not we will be isolated – and broke – if America wants to rebuild its economy and good name (LOL) let us be leaders in free energy – but China / Russia has a better name then ours – hence we must work twice to win back our reputation – and why not – if not we are done.

  20. the pipeline for Qatari gas is dead. US didn't win in Syria. why would any sane person buy LNG an ocean away? if cheaper, yes. higher price? what are you paying for protection money?

  21. The US wants to be a Gaz station masquerading as a country. LOL, where are you, John Mccain.
    PS: Germany is a US occupied territory. US behaviour is expected to be that way. But France on the other hand, not. Some powerful people are stirring France's wheels against its own interest. These people hate Russia with a passion. And we cannot talk about them. Western law forbids that…Actually, they make western law.

  22. USA became international bully and aggressor, if they can't compete with other country to sell their products, US starts bullying, threatening and sanctioning it. it's time for EU to get away of American influence and make its choice by itself, leave NATO too, it's useless organization which only sucking European money for US military complex

  23. Hopefully Germany does not cave in as it has already made it clear its not a US colony 😁😊😁😊.

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  25. One need to understand from experience, that gas delivery by LNG routes are highly risky business, the othe side might decide not to sell you or deliver on the contract, and prices might escalate sky high. And the prices, 30 to 40 percent higher that pipe line deliveries from Norway, Algeria, or Russia. Inteligent Germans cannot jepardize their economy by trowing money away on gas…

  26. In the end, Germany and the EU will buckle to US pressure, as they always do. It is vile, the way german and european politicians have sold themselves and their people out to US hegemony and imperialism. For how long do we have to pay tribute for being "liberated" by the US after the atrocities of WW2?

  27. Oh, this guy is totally on the wrong footing. Russia is not like the USA. The Russians just wants deal, the USA goes for total control over Germany. I feel they should saddle up a d go home and leave no one behind and don't come back.

  28. Interconnection makes war highly unlikely. Higher connectivity is better for national security then a rouge Russia that is unreliant on the European energy market. Interconnection means both parties grow together and peace is achieved. What Washington wants is not Germany's business.

  29. I applaud the Germans for showing backbone, by deciding to go ahead with the Nord Stream2 gas pipeline. France, was never able to make any decision without seeking Washington's approval anyway!! Nord Stream2, is the most sensible choice! Besides, the alternative would be far more costly and would be just another tool in the sanctions toolbox for the US, to impose continuous santions against, any European countries who falls out of line with US dictate! Europe needs decide, do they want a reliable source of fuel from Russia, or an unreliable source of fuel from the US, with numerous strings of economic sanctions attached!! Mr Trump says America first, so why not Europe first?

  30. so dependant russia wil become part of europe ,and that would be the end of american rule of west europe , but maybe the ,,peace lovin,,usa can come up with a ploy to divide the 2 lovers

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  33. So who is Germany dependant on for fuel right now? France, England and USA might not see this but relationship with Russia is a very good thing for the economy. With this deal Europe can unite and buy oil from sanctioned nations like Iran and Venezuela. Why doesn't a modern world nation like USA refuses unity? Is it in its interests to not have a united Russia and Europe who are neighbors?!

  34. If the US is pushing Germany to go one way, then you know they should go the other. US has repeatedly proven itself to be untrustworthy and out for their own interests, no one else's.

  35. The whole world is dependent on internet web controlled by USA, SWIFT banking communications controlled by USA….USA has already been racketeering many countries, lately China as well, and I do not hear any concerns on DW about that. The whole world is pulling USA debt and I do not hear any concerns about that. Europe needs energy, Russia has energy to sell, needs money to support their budget and it is Russian interest to keep selling gas to Europe. Russia would be shooting itself into the foot big time should they decide to deny Europe of the access to Russian energy sources. There is no point in DW reporting on this issue. It looks like when CNN brings ex CIA and Pentagon specialists to comment on wars in Middle East.

  36. Those who oppose the project will eventually want to be part of it. Because Russia has it plenty, they don't have it at all. The objections are political and due to aversion for Russia.

  37. No one can depend on the unreliable, unpredictable USA. They are into destruction not construction. France can go down with America. Cry baby.

  38. Germany get out of USA web of controlling countries.. as a Pakistani i can assure you one thing the friendship of USA is like killing yourself slowly

  39. Germany is part of the EU and must make the EU interest, not just their own. Europe does not need US gas, the EU will get the best deal for itself.

  40. Naaah,…Europeans do not have the spine to take a stand against the bully , and will crumble like a cookie ,for how weak they are . Always been. Cheers !

  41. Its not Russia’s fault that Europe buys so energy from them. They’re simply selling what they have an abundance of which what their buyers need. It’s simple economics.

  42. Dependence is what Prevents Countries from Moving Forward. Once this Project is completed Germany and USA is on EQUAL ground … So would other EU Countries benefit if they stop the Hegemony.

  43. Germans know energy is limited on earth so why not to divide it and why to get it consumed by only Asians .gas consumption will keep Europe in business of world or they will lag behind China and us

  44. All this is not about Germany and Europe being dependent on Russia. It is all about putting pressure on Russia using puppet states like Poland and Ukraine. Russia has gas, Germany, and rest of Europe, needs that gas. With Poland in between they both can be blackmailed by puppet state like they are. With North stream 2 Poland gets insignificant in larger geopolitical game. Same goes with South stream and Ukraine.
    If anything Europe will get much more reliable route for gas supply.

    Or maybe somebody doesn't like idea Germany becoming central gas transportation hub? Maybe it is not all about Russia?

  45. calls for Regime Change in Germany.
    They hate freedom and choice.
    We stand with the people of Germany in demanding change and respecting their sovereignty.

  46. Why would Europe ever be dependent on Russia? I'm sure EU countries would gladly buy gas from, say, USA, if it was cheaper, but it's not. Not like Russia prevents anyone from buying gas from whom ever they like (like the USA does)

  47. There is not even one mention of the cost to benefit ratio between the two prepossed gas sources viza vi Rus & Us.

  48. …Poland, advocate of US LNG will pay additionally 19 to 20 billion dollars within 20 year contract period for their present intake volumes, as the needs increase and volatility sets in, these figures might double, security of supply is very risky, and real options have been shunted away, so no additional supply except LNG. The same supply vories are clouding Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, all fortfaited their security and diversity of supply to distant, overseas sources, which as we know by now to often do not keep their obligations, or deliveries if their lawyers, or politicians find the way not to. Ukraine, main transit route for Russian gas have known shortcomings, storage and redelivery enormous shorts worth millions if not billions while oligarchs enriched themselves by manipulating gas figures, often said to be by "stealing", then the same oligarch embarked on plundering rampage within Ukraine itself, and with "friendly" help of intelligence agencies, one noted US flag on their forefront government intelligence building, continued with escapades one cannot comprehend.

  49. Nord…gas line.. France actually works a lot with Russian federation….as do Germany It's a European thing….

  50. Why is anyone so suspicious of the supplier like Russia! You mean to say buy from America doesn’t have dependence on US ???? All these are POLITICAL!!!!

  51. DW News is more trust worthy than the rest of the Media. Like BBC and any American funded News agencies

  52. I ask an innocent question. Is DW anti German newspaper? They seem always at the seam excuse the pun with is controversial stance on major matters of interest very often contrarian. I know very little of its editorial position or any other aspect of its existence.

  53. Russian gas is a lot closer & thus cheaper than American gas, this is what this is all about. If I’m Germany I would be friendly to neighbors instead of Uncle Sam who’s far away.

  54. You refuse palm oil from Indonesia for fear that your vegetable oil industry will lose out in competing prices for absurd reasons. if I'm not mistaken free trade fair is out of the western media but in reality you are afraid of competition.

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