The key question that one opposed to
both of you is well what is it that what is it that business leaders or leaders
global citizens need to do to help build this regenerative economy understanding
this this kind of I want to call it a paradox but this kind of these two
forces that need to happen the intersection of human development and
systemic and social change well I’ll say something brief because this is really
your domain but but I one of my teachers is a lovely wonderful woman called
Monica Sharma who who taught me she draws three concentric circles on the
board and she says the outer circle and this is my interpretation she would say
it differently but the outer circle represents all the problems in the world
that people wake up in the morning and try to solve and it’s brilliant and
terrific that humanity wants to solve problems whether you’re in the business
sector or the government sector or the nonprofit sector we generally get up and
try to solve problems then there’s the inner circle which is
sort of the consciousness space and the monks and the Dalai Lama focus on the
consciousness space with the idea that if we can shift consciousness the
problems will go away and and what Monica says is that and Monica worked in
the UN and she was very involved in in addressing the AIDS crisis in Africa
very successfully and and what she talks about is that there’s this third circle
which sits between the consciousness and the problems which is the system design
and there’s a bunch of system scientists at places like MIT down the road who
work on system design but Monica says if you want to change the world you
actually need to work at all three levels at the same time and that’s
really hard and I think most you know if you look at the kind of the conscious
business community there’s a huge focus on the consciousness level and the
problem but there’s very little effort to
actually change the system design and I believe that the system we have is
rooted in the consciousness of the day and therefore the problems we have are
designed into our the outcome of the system we have so ultimately shifting
the consciousness will be necessary to shift the design which will then enable
us to deal with the problems but but in order to work on that you have to have
your fingers dirty in in the problems of the world
while you’re working on the system design while you’re working on the
consciousness piece I don’t know how to do that what type of human being what
type of instrument are do we need to be in order to be able to do that I think
is the question that we’re all kind of evolving towards and I think that your
work is all about yeah well we got first of all a
resonator look with your description and then I’d say I mean one big part of how
we process reality is for our sensory input we see things we feel things we
hear things so like exploring like the data that is
being channeled into that bio computer and that’s the basis also of how I think
how like there are many aspects that are related to perception and perception
again is based upon my development and where I come from where my ancestors
come from which system I live in so on the one hand systems imprint information
in our kind of neural networks and so a human being exploring the basis of their
perception and thinking is an awareness process so I have to have a certain in a
process to know what’s actually the basis what’s the filter system that I
experience the world through what are the things that I see what are the
things that I don’t see even if I think I see them so that’s like to to have
more awareness around my inner like the makeup of my bio computer
is is essential I think that’s the first place and the second thing is that I
believe out a design we are able to to create the cultural house that we live
in based upon our inner architecture so when we look at consciousness work we
look at like presence and awareness and we look at inner architecture and the
awareness of the blueprint of my inner makeup because my inner makeup will be
hard respond to my employees house respond in my intimate relationship and
in our work we work with a model that says ok there’s there’s a different
circles of intimacy in my life that I can experience I can have a contact just
to myself for many people that’s already challenging if you ask a person what do
you feel often people give you interpretations of what they think they
feel they cannot respond back and say oh that’s what I feel if you ask many
people how much are you aware just of your body that’s not so given if even if
you think people feel the body many people are disembodied through their own
history and so now a healthy self contact means that I have a healthy
self-regulation many people are not aware of the level of activation that
they live in every day so they go to work but they’re actually not relaxed
they are actually already on a high level of activation when there is
external stress the system is close to decompensate and we need stronger
compensations and addictions and all kinds of stuff to balance what is
actually already too high to start with so they so the the process of activation
and relaxation doesn’t necessarily work really in everybody because we are to
activate drama is already kind of a higher activation so have less capacity
to balance my daily challenges and so this and if I have a an unhealthy
self-regulation and I am the owner of a business I will transfer my own
incapability to regulate myself I will create stress in the system and and that
system will be defined by my inner dysregulation and so that’s very
important and then of course my family lives in the
imprint of my own family experience if I had a hard time growing up my current
family lives in that area in my interior world my team or my company or the
country that I live in or the global society lives in a circle of intimacy in
me and so that means if I’m able to have a felt relation within my family I
create a healthy family system that’s the basis of life a healthy family
system but there are many people that have a good relation to the global
market but when they come home to their kids and their family it’s a very
dysfunctional system so but that this function will be also will affect our to
the way how we create cultures in in in in companies or how we create systems so
that’s why I think and when I listen to your approach I’m really totally in
alignment with with what you’re bringing I think it’s super important yeah I want
to highly underline that I think whatever we do and especially in
leadership if if I don’t if I don’t know who I am fully I will all of this will
affect my relations and the way how I construct the world around me yeah which
came up I have to share which is a little troubling
but clearly leadership is a place to focus for the healthy inner but the
other thing is that in our current capitalist system the flow of investment
capital I often say the the bridge to the future
economy is have what we invest in today and so those that control the flow of
investment capital which are large corporations large investment funds
large governments have an enormous say in the health of the future system and
then if you think about the the integral health of the individuals
who are controlling large pools of capital it makes me nervous
mmm to be honest mm-hmm because there’s something about our system that doesn’t
always attract the healthiest most balanced holistic people to those
positions to get to those positions you often need to be super competitive super aggressive and and yet you know whether
it’s a hedge fund activist taking over a company and firing people for a short
term pop in the stock or or Exxon Mobil’s decision to continue drilling
for oil these are really important decisions that are being that we’ve
given license to in our free market system to anybody mm-hmm sure and that’s
why I think it’s so important that there are those systems but the system’s
ultimately are made out of us and and I think we one thing that we can do and
that’s also what I hear in your own life journey that one moment there was a kind
of a realization and then you say okay no that’s not working for me anymore and
I think we have to count and on everybody that has a certain kind of
what I call awakening like a certain call like call suddenly and say wow
something needs to change it doesn’t feel congruent with my values in the way
or how I look at the world and to I think the more we induce caring and
change and that’s that even the capital markets our issue to take care of
because I believe that democracy or however we will call it then can only
work if we are grown-up Yuman beings that every one of us takes on the
challenges along our way because if I protect my energy onto a government to
solve stuff that I am I don’t know I don’t solve but I cancel then the system
doesn’t work I have to do whatever comes along my way and you do it with and
we trust in each other’s capacity that everybody does their thing we do the
thing and that I think that’s what we need to wake up if you wake up
well Brian thanks for for organizing this and Thomas it’s a real pleasure
other words it can tell you guys yeah me too
very much so very much sir

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  1. Thank you for your continued experience, influence and thus education and learning to help support my journey to turning out to be more consciously awake together with spiritually connected.

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