So that’s the high-level stuff. Now let’s
get down to the nittygritty of what we’re actually going to be doing or already are
doing on the ground. So as you know what we’ve been committed to
is a process of evolution and not revolution. We’re absolutely committed to making sure
that we’re not going to be just dumping stuff on the system or on the sector and providers
next year for instance. So this is going to be a process of gradual
roll-out over a number of years. The first thing that we’ve done over a number
of months is actually sit down with you, the sector, and have a variety of system and sector
engagement workshops over a variety of months. We have met with literally hundreds of you
and it’s been a fantastic opportunity for us to hear direct from the sector, from providers,
people who are dealing directly with learners, actually how things are on the ground and
that has covered every single type of provider type within the system from universities through
to ITOs. It’s been superb for us. The feedback has been really helpful and feeds
directly into the sorts of things we are now seeking to do.
What was some of that feedback? Well, look, one of the things in the first instance that
I thought was fantastic was that it was very clear that we are all on the same page that
change is in fact needed and that secondly we are actually all interested in improving
outcomes for New Zealanders and for learners and our economy and society more generally.
That was great. What else do you want? You were very clear
that you wanted us to address performance measures that we currently use within the
system and to make those more fit for purpose going forward. We absolutely agree and what
you’re going to see is technical work around improving the education performance indicators
(EPIs) addressed over the next wee while and within the quick wins that I’ll talk about
soon. What else did you want? Well it was very clear
you wanted us to address issues around complexity. We agree. We think we need to absolutely address
those sorts of issues. You said you wanted more predictability to the way in which we
fund. We also agree and what we want to work towards is a system where demonstrated high
performance from providers who meet all of their obligations, be it from compliance through
to delivery and outcomes, is that wherever possible we give them more freedom and more
flexibility to shift funding for demand that they can demonstrate. So I’ll think you’ll
see over the next wee while that we’re absolutely following up on the things you’ve demonstrated
to us were the things that were of interest to you.

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