People always say the Mass Transit System is the lifeblood of New York. But it’s even more than that. It determines our pattern of development. New York’s business model is organized around the idea that we take lots of smart people, we bring them together, so that they can create economic value. The only way you can do that is with mass transit. and that’s what makes New York work. The MTA has great engineers, but it’s
tended to be broken up by disciplines, people who are experts in signals, or communications, or other aspects of the transit system. We’re trying to build an organization around the principle of project management. MTA construction and development is a single new organization that’s going to combine the capital operations in the New York City Transit, Long Island Railroad, Metro North and
Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority. We’re going to combine them into a single project management organization that’s going to be responsible for delivering all of the capital program across the agencies. Right now we’re at the beginning of a massive new capital program that includes several priorities that are really hugely important to the region’s future. one is that we’re re-signaling huge chunks of the New York City Subway System so that we can run more trains more frequently and run them safely closer together. That’s going to be transformation. Second is that we’re going to make 70 stations in the New York City Subway System ADA-accessible. Then we’re going to also completely transform many neighborhoods access to mass transit. The Penn Station Access Project, with four new stations in the East Bronx, is going to provide connectivity for people who now ride a bus an hour and a quarter, an hour and a half an hour and 45 minutes. It’s going to allow them to get to Penn Station in 30 or 40 minutes. We’re going to complete the East Side Access Project which will bring Long Island Railroad service to Grand Central Station. And together with the Third Track Project, is going to let us increase Long Island Railroad service in the peak hour by 45 percent. We’re going to complete the Second Avenue Subway second phase, providing mass transit service to East Harlem and Central Harlem, service that was promised almost a hundred years ago. when they started knocking down the
elevated trains. And we’re gonna keep making all of the investments in the railroads and New York City Transit and our bridges and tunnels which will bring the system closer to a state of good repair, so every day there will be fewer delays, fewer breakdowns and more predictable service, at a greater pace. We’ve been handed a mission to really fundamentally transform mass transit in the region. We’re being given the resources to do it. We’re being given the kind of money that will allow us to increase service, to make it much more reliable with some of the new technologies, to serve new areas of the region. And that is a tremendous opportunity

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76 thoughts on “Introducing MTA Construction & Development”

  1. As long as the buses and trains run smoothly, who am I to complain? As long as a number of things are addresses so as not to waist so many tax dollars.

  2. The T train plus the second avenue line with the N & Q trains will be opened soon in the near future so get ready for that too!

  3. I can’t wait I’m in school now for civil Engineering, with only 2 years left before graduating I wish I could already work for MTA!

  4. Wow. The MTA is finally doing something good for once. cough cough only completing the signal plan on on one line

  5. Y'all lost me the moment "extending the second avenue subway" was mentioned. That project will be completed when I'm on my deathbed.

  6. Anyways I can take Q train from 125 street (Lexington Avenue Line) to Sheephead Bay with only 1 transfer

  7. 00:41 – Holy shit East Side Access, had no idea they were still working on it. An update would be nice, been over a year since the last one.

  8. Good job MTA.Thanks for keeping NY moving!We appreciate all the hard work.Yes the system is not perfect but it definitely is getting better and I know cause I been living in NY for 30 yrs.

  9. I can see the improvement. They transferred the older trains to other lines. Then lines like the R get the new ones. That means they’re already starting to implement CBTC on IND lines.

  10. You can thank Andy Byford (aka The Savior of the Subway) for these improvements actually getting done. Look at OMNY payments already covering turnstiles in most stations.

    We'll miss you Andy.

  11. Is this being funded by congestion pricing? Not sure if it’s happening if trump keeps blocking it. Regarding the video, nice of them to outline all the projects whose budgets will balloon in size.

  12. If they build a new line in the Bronx connected to Manhattan will be called a new number eight train but this time and only riding Underground

  13. These damn disrespectful, unworthy, selfish, sneaky people don't deserve any of them due to assaults just for doing their job. But I love the construction plans!

  14. I’m looking forward to working with the MTA when I get older. When I do, I wanna do the following:

    -Bring Back The V, 8 and K lines (new lines, not the same)
    -Invent new train lines
    -Help out with the R211
    -Get rid of all remaining OTT trains except the R68/A.
    -Make more shuttle lines (Brooklyn Shuttle, Manhattan-Bronx Shuttle, Square Park Shuttle)
    -Make more connections
    -Extend the B, C, E, G, J, L, W, and Z lines
    -Improve train arrival accuracy

  15. Wait so in a few years now, since their combining the LIRR, NJT, MNRR & Bridges/Tunnels to the original Subway meaning will the new trains be like an 8 train for Long Island? Maybe a 9 Train to also get to New Jersey, then make a fee new letter trains for the Metro North, the original trains can have some additional stops im guessing from the railroads and then there will be new parts to enter? Idk I think I’d rather have it like that cuz Railroads are mad expensive just for 1 damn ticket, I’m fine with the normal ticket fair, $2.75 but yet the railroads out here being $5.50 or $7.75 hell someone even get more expensive depending on how far you want to go, but again that’s just my idea.

  16. Will there ever be a line connecting outer Burroughs without the need to travel through Manhattan. G line doesn't count. It's pretty close to Manhattan.

  17. just please fix your transportation system! the trains are always delayed with buses coming every 10 minutes and when there is a bus it would be crowded but there would be space in the back but most times the drivers doesn’t seem to care! and every day i go on a train, there is always a homeless laying on a whole row of seats on crowded trains! once there was a homeless cutting his toenails and ripping of his skin off it! this is how the fucking coronavirus will spread and we will all get fucking infected. fix your damn systems!

  18. I highly doubt that any of this will be done it's been decades and only about like 15% has been completed

  19. Fix some of those stations chambers street looks like something from a horror movie. And clean the tunnels out.

  20. I wonder why work is still being done slow as hell. Is it because most of the projects are underground, they should have just made the second Avenue Line Elevated again. This projects are so slow, they need more workers to be completed faster

  21. I guess you could say London has mainly done the signalling bit but it really needs to redo the whole underground and the national rail services well somehow they need to give it some love ngl but it does look neglected

  22. Don't forget the new line connecting hangover square in lower manhattan to 125th street in East and Central Harlem AKA the (T)

  23. Few more ideas. Get rid of the old train cars with no light up maps, they’re incredibly inaccessible for deaf and hard of hearing people. Also the seating arrangement on those cars are a nightmare anyways.
    Im excited to see this new train car theyre talking about releasing this year, open gangways to allow more space.
    Expand the stairwells and escalator widths in stations, it contributes massively to congestion.
    Get screens in every station, multiple screens! I shouldnt have to walk all the way to another end of a platform to see when my train is arriving.
    Figure out how to make the trains faster, for gods sake the M moves at the pace of a turtle! It’s time to focus on modernizing this extremely outdated system. Oh and also, connect queens and brooklyn!

  24. Please redo the J train in other words re-elevated it to 169th St and Jamaica Ave, Queens. My childhood train got dismantled 😢.

  25. How about the main problem – the Hudson River Tunnels! But I guess that is not an MTA project, rather Amtrak and NJ Transit.

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