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6 thoughts on “Inspiring LeadHers, Aspiring Outcomes”

  1. Gender equality will be achieved only when there will be a balanced panel having both women and man😊.But the thing is that gender equality will be achieved if we start from our family giving equal opportunity to both boy and girl,make our family understood that boys are not only the " bansh badhanewala", women are not meant for household core only, man can also take part in household core,women can be also successor of their parents property rather than dowry, women only don't have to change their surname.women are very good in preparing food at home but can't appoint as chef in big hotel,same as tailor,very less man nurse.These stereotype s need to be changed in our self first,in our family and society

  2. Country that discriminates aganist minorties ,which is found in a survey,that India is the wrost place for foreigner to work in,can be talking about economic development ?

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