KeyLeaf has been around for over 40
years back in the 1970s the government had realized that although the prairies
are the you know the breadbasket of Canada producing a lot of agricultural
commodities they weren’t doing anything but exporting them so POS now KeyLeaf
was created to help get industry value-added industry off the ground. so we have been a service technical service company helping clients from the food
industry develop processes for ingredients We’ve done all types of
extraction in biomasses it could have been an extraction of an oil extraction
with protein or a carbohydrate we have been well known throughout the
industry they mentioned to the technical team at canopy about POS Biosciences
which was our name at that time to come and have a look at our facility and meet
the people. By the end of the day I knew that they were basically in the top
place for an extraction partner I saw the equipment that they had and it
was the perfect match for what we actually needed for extraction was all
set up it was all there and then I met the people. what appealed to us the most
out of the canopy team is they were most like us in personality and in the way
they operated. we’re a very ‘get’r done’, troubleshoot problem solved you know
very dynamic companies. if you had to describe the culture at key leaf or
canopy is the one thing is we’re very much a getter done
minded folks. everybody chips in bring their ideas and we really value teamwork
and there’s never a silly question, or a silly solution to something we all work
together and make it happen. we feel that the culture is very similar it’s very, there’s
a lot of camaraderie. they’re here to help us and that’s all they want to do really nothing’s changed this is what we
do we take a commodity and pull out how high-value products out of any plant
material we’ve been doing it for 40 years having somebody there who has the
foundation for us to move with to do that that’s a big step for us because
that’s what we lacked in the past is having that foundation that stability
canopy growth now gives us that stability to take something that we’re
good at and producing and improving people’s lives The way turn waste streams into revenue really is amazing they’re they’re finding ways to make an
impact on the business that we had never thought of our explored before. with new industry comes new opportunity and you know when we were KeyLeaf, we were one company looking what we’re doing and now being part of canopy we’re looking
global. it’s exciting there’s lots of new problems to solve but I think we’re the right group to do it. we have more resources with the engineering teams technical teams marketing business development and so it’s been very we’ve
been able to move very quickly and canopy moves very very quickly. without them we wouldn’t be able to build our international extraction facilities. derivative products from our excess hemp seeds we wouldn’t be able to optimize our existing extraction processes
anywhere. we enjoy challenges of developing new ingredients and taking new products to market. go to the supermarket or the pharmacy and and look at the products that are on the shelf you can be pretty certain that a good a
good number of them have been developed or had some touch point here over the

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