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100 thoughts on “Inequality – how wealth becomes power (1/3) | DW Documentary (poverty richness documentary)”

  1. i loved that they said there program doesnt impact the market it abuses the market since they have enough capital to influence it.

  2. Every american should have a shtf food storage learn permaculture and have atleast 50 dollars worth of organic seeds as a back up investment. That way when it gets really bad they can repopulate abondonned cities and start fresh with new jobs businesses and mentality.

  3. Check history. The aristocratic class was beaten by the merchant class. Prior to the merchant class only the aristocracy, the relatives of the royals, had wealth. More people today live above poverty, worldwide, and have wealth than those from just 100 years ago. Look it up.

    Most dynastic wealth dissipates by the 3rd and 4th generation.

    Today's huge wealth, usually from those in tech, come from globalization.

    Corporations that went global generated many billionaires.

    Look at China. Its a numbers game as well as positioning with those going up or already up. If they had a population of 50 million for their middle class, there would not be as much wealth in China.

    Unless you have something extremely unique and in demand those with great wealth all had someone that already had wealth kick starting their wealth journey. Either by investing in the company or being a client. It isn't magic and it isn't out of someone with zero money reach. In the USA we have many examples of this and out of the Black community at that.

  4. Leave it to the Germans to talk about poverty and inequality through the eyes of a wealthy person. Trying to make you believe that it’s better to be poor so stop complaining!

  5. ok i add my two cents to this topic….this "you can work your way up to riches from 0 or i came fleeing from war to U.S. with 20 dollars in my pocket" are hogwash…rich love to tell u that so u continue working for them, hoping u can make it too.. but u can't… my own story ?
    started from 0 i had pc i worked sick, i worked 18hrs a day and best i could manage without somebody rich investing at least 2m usd or without enslaving me into large bussines loan debt was about 10k usd a month… however shit happens and it happened to me as well..things out of your control….once investor invests u are not working for urself anymore, once bank lends u, u work for them… so unless u want to become a hostage of a system u r fucked…yes some ppl might have made it..but i dont believe any really rich person…i tried for years and then gave up…u cant become formula 1 rich out of hard work… i still work sick, i still workout and dont drink…but i am not becoming rich…

  6. The Original Batrayer and trickster is Banker behind the mother of all batrayals in the society.
    💀☠️Bank The Trickster☠️💀
    🙊Giving Loans and Making Money out of nothing.
    😟Firms includes government and rich entrepreneur are working hard to payback with interest to the banks by means of false price hike of product and services.
    😢 Poor people are working hard for survival.
    🤔 Biggest Lie of the All time in Human History is false money system that is Paper and digital money which has no intrinsic value 🤔🤔🤔.
    Nobody wants to know this reality in today's busy world of false Media and drugs.

  7. The main arguments of the sociologist are:
    1. Rich people should not be able to pass opportunities to their young
    2. Rich people earn more money than a regular bank account provides, and can nation shop for favorable laws.

    Regarding the first point: I am not sure there are that many people who would not want to pass their hard earned opportunities to their children. Few people want their offspring to start off at the bottom. The advantage of investing your money well is that your children start with a leg up, a leg up that you earned.

    Regarding the interest in bank accounts: few serious investors or retirement planners would ever choose savings accounts for their retirement plans. The simple low fee index fund dwarfs the returns of a bank account, and can be invested by nearly anyone with a 401k or brokerage account. Boglehead style investing combined with a high savings rate(living below your means) makes millionaires by retirement age. Cram those index fund investments into a family trust, and you have a long term sustainable source of family wealth, without having to have been born a Rockefeller.

    Comparing the pay of a security guard, or any other basic grunt working for a business owner, to that business owner is a ludicrous comparison.

    Inequality is a problem, but then again is poor financial education. Proper investing, and living below your means.

  8. What the documentary does not tell you, is that middle class families can't save because the state takes 50% of the income or more even. Don't buy into this lie, the state is the real enemy. This is made so that you can blame the rich and don't see real enemies, the politicians.

  9. There was a day when it hit me that the only thing in life that matters is being rich. Been poor most my life and it sucks. I cant stand when other people say money isnt everything, Its literally EVERYTHING

  10. Its going to get worse too. Very very sad how we have got to this place where wealth has overtaken ethics. While I get the determination it takes to work so hard, I just dont get how the lower classes have to suffer. Even in my neck of the woods I see similar stuff going on. People with lots of Property, charging high rental prices…where the occupants end up with two or more part time jobs over their main job. Some rely heavily on overtime to make a decent wage, I know I do.

    I know in more recent times, quite a bit has been uncovered with the UK's Wealthy and thier links to various offshore Banks and the tax dodging tricks. Then we had Sir Phillip Green with his 400 and odd million pounds yacht..on which he was hiding when his BHS pension fund had been plundered…by him…leaving employees that had faithfully worked for him for years..left with no workplace pension. There was talk of him sorting that out.

    If I could change anything? it would be the protection of employees pension funds, for a start. I worked with some guys whos pensions had been robbed by Maxwell? (the one that fell off his yacht some years ago) they had to work until they had sorted themselves out with savings so they could retire. I know my pension isnt looking great and know I will work until I die.

  11. In America, there is opportunity for everyone to go from poverty to wealth. But it takes alot of time, knowledge, and avoiding the "Matrix".

  12. I thought this was going to be a critique on the causal mechanisms and consequences of wealth inequality. It was actually just a narration of the lives that people live in various socioeconomic stratus. The question about the effects of inequality was asked, but I don't think the documentary did a good job of providing any answers.

  13. Yea maybe the police who protect the ritch and really all the poor should charge way more for our services end this dumb slave pay

  14. 7:19 "- Will he be able to ever afford a house with a pool? – Of course not, he doesn't want that" Food for thought

  15. It’s all irrelevant.The poor get richer also! Look how the construction workers lived that built the titanic. Look how people lived 100 years ago. I’m 55 years old. Work construction my whole life. Spending less than I made Now I have money to retire on. Or just keep continue creating wealth.

  16. If you slip a disc and stay home ! You'll lose thousands of euros. If the guard does same ? Does'nt earn enough to worry about dragging his wounded body into such an average wage. Plus , guard does'nt have a P.A. to cover his job either. Yet another greedy , go getter , workaholic who looks down on EVERYONE for not having the same values as him. Still gotta take a shit like everyone else sport !

  17. Read a lot of comments below and watched hours of these financial docu's and theres hardly any understanding about how rigged the game is now.

  18. I haven't had time off sick either and I am not a multimillionaire. What a silly argument and how insulting to make assumptions about people who earn less than him, especially his own employees. I can respect his energy and hunger to get rich but to assume some kind of superiority is creepy. I guess he thinks he is an ubermensch. Not much really changes does it lol? I guess it is better to build houses than kill people though.

  19. New Zealand until recently was a country that valued equality for everyone and frowned on excessive displays of wealth.We were a low wage nation but we had a low cost of living . Most people could own a home if they worked and saved for it, Single income families were the norm right up to the 1990's. Immigration was small and requirements were strict. Houses were worth on average about 3 times what people earned which is rated affordable by the World Bank. In the last 15 to 20 years immigration requirements were relaxed. New Zealand saw an influx of low skilled but wealthy Chinese swamping the real estate market. This created a dramatic rise in NZ house prices . We have also seen a massive influx of migrants from poorer developing countries who are also low skilled. Employers prefer to use these workers because they will work for less pay and poorer conditions ( this is accelerates employer wealth ). This has caused wage stagnation in New Zealand. Both Governments are in favour of continued mass immigration of low skilled low wage migrants because it looks like our economy is doing well when in fact our actual worker productivity has been in decline. Anyone who objects to our migration policy is talked down to as racist when in fact low skill/low wage migrants could in theory come from anywhere

    Today New Zealand has the most unaffordable housing market in the world ( our homes are now worth 11 times what someone earns ). We have a major issue with homeless people which was non existent 20 years ago The richest 5 percent of the nation has two thirds of the countries wealth( this has happened in the last 15 years). Every family works longer and longer hours and this has seen a rise in childcare businesses profiting from this unfortunate circumstance( it was noted recently that today a child will see more of her caregiver than her actual parents in her preschool years ). Also income inequality is at record levels. Domestic violence, child abuse. drug addiction. and poverty are also at a record

    New Zealand ranks at the top for being corruption free but if you were to visit the country you would see a different picture. Low wage/low skill migration has seen a whole new side to the country's employment sector- Some prominent business owners have been charged with paying employees as little as 3 nzd an hour and holding employees passports etc

    It is remarkable how the country has been transformed. But is obviously for the worse. Would you not think a leader with genuine compassion would take action- give the country a break , listen to her people and their frustation and change our immigration policy. Look for the most talented not the cheapest ( or just someone with money in the bank but little else to offer) I would love New Zealand to get it.s statistics back to where they should be but with continued low wage /low skill migration it won't happen anytime yet

  20. What stress is there when you are a multi millionaire. They dont go hungry ever or end up homeless. Theres no relation. Back in the 1950s poor children often went to school in winter barefoot. No dinner, hungry.

  21. Time is money and time is DEATH. Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
    vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

    What does man gain by all the toil

    at which he toils under the sun? Ecclesiastes 1,2:3

  22. Success is often based on your background, why is that?

    Ohh… its a big spooky mystery there… better call the Scooby gang!

  23. Buy Polish forest…. and I can guarantee , with next German /Russian War Poles will let Russian to run to west Germany within 2 days across no fight started. You make peoples poorer you will bring 1933 back to Europe. Any time poor has no food to feed their children war started. … now is no different. You can not loose in brick &mortar in peace time. During the war always big cities are destroyed.

  24. What a narrow minded man.just because a person does not want a pool does not means he or she does not want a nice wage. Something for savings, old age.That is why we work.

  25. Where is Angeliza? I need to give her a memo! Ah! Sir. I'm sorry she is making more money than you theses days😂😂😂

  26. I don't care if you are rich.but at least don't be stingy.give back to the community and save the planet in some way.period!

  27. These people got it all figured it out! And look what happened before in Germany. WW 2 and look what happened in Venezuela! Nothing is guaranteed in life .Nothing!

  28. Lots of people get caught up in arguments over race, religion, sex, etc. However most people who get enough coin together stop arguing and realize something simple… less wealth equals less opportunities. If you are lucky enough to help raise a child or even a pet you will know that responsible people want to leave a better life for those they care about than the life they entered. So think twice before you think the world is unfair (even if it is) because your circumstances are the result of your actions followed by your parents actions followed by your grandparents actions followed by society. This means that YOU or someone you love had lots of power to change your circumstances. If you are not wealthy but have had a happy life you win more than many others. I have been happier poor than I am well off. I have been proud of accomplishments and ashamed for not being there for my family. Compassion for those who care is what is needed regardless of social standing.

  29. Ppl need to get over their obsessions with the rich since their very existence is why u don't have shit. Look at it that way, they are vampires who are paying zilch back to the land they even live on., its disgusting. The jobs they offer are low paying with no benefits and no Healthcare leaving you to live of the state for medical. I honestly am glad I am not affected as I am retired and they never had the chance to erase my job. I still feel for those affected by these vampires. When Dracula moves in ppl start dying.

  30. This documentary just add to the pile. Since those transnational companies attack civil society everywhere in the world, the only way to get fairer societies is to use their weapons against them; we will need to create a global grassroots movment, locally act in getting unionized again. At the end of the day, if a general do not have any foot soldier, he lost the battle. To easy just to call the inequality, who but us simple citizen will take the mantle against the Bezos & other few billionnaires?

  31. where are those apartments of 12€ /m2 … I would pay 14€ right now if possible hell even 16€ or 18€ in München without any questions right now.

  32. Inequality is not an evil. It’s only a kind of measurement. Equality is not always good.

    Don’t confuse equality with equilibrium.

  33. TAX them heavily. If they do not like it they are free to go somewhere else. Roof above head is not business it is necessity.

  34. brooke !!!HARRINGTON!!!! where she grow up she would start to worry when its passed down ,, hyahaha ,, so never ,, hahaha

  35. well we need a way to get rid of the middle class ,, lets get rid of the poor ,, then we put the middle class there , hahahah

  36. Any sign of any financial increase even 2 dollars as welfare or pensions and the landlord will raise the the rent, even subsidized housing will raise rent. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, has no one been listening to the media for the last ten tears. "Unsustainability" is another catch phrase to take notice of.

  37. This guy lost me at 7:04 He says he works harder then that security guard? Are you fucking kidding me? I make as much as that security guard and i've called out sick maybe 5 times in the last 20 years….

  38. So basically the rich get richer, while the poor get slightly richer, stay the same or get poorer (this includes a stagnant wage) despite increasing inflation, increasing rent prices, gas prices, etc…

  39. I thought the main guy in this documentary was maybe a good guy. They say he built his wealth on his own, and he was a laborer in his younger days, so he would know what middle or lower middle class was like. So, it made me sick to see him yelling at the lower income people who lived in the neighborhood where he was building. He looked like a playground bully, bending at his knees, making a shitty face, then calling all of the protestors stupid. Wealthy people need to realize, had we been raised in an affluent family, inherited a lot of money, and/or only needed 4 hrs of sleep, and had energy out the wazoo, we would be wealthy too. Lower income people aren't exposed to people in financial industry, we don't have them as aunts/uncles, brother/sister, or neighbors and friends, so we don't hear about their lives and how they work. Also, our health seems to be worse, we aren't able to go to the dr. when we need to because our job doesn't offer health insurance, & we have to pay out of pocket, the wealthy go whenever they need to. We don't get to eat the same type diet, we have less money in budget for food, so cheaper costing foods, which are not very healthy. ALL this comes into play, it doesn't mean we are stupid, it means we haven't/don't have the resources they do. Had I been in the protesters when this guy was calling all of us stupid, I would have taken off my shoe and pegged him in the head. Rich people need to live the poverty life for at least 5 years straight. We should also need to live in their shoes for at least 5 years, then we could understand each other…..

  40. The Australian stock market is going up and up as if Australia is swimming in money and the country is doing really well. The reality is Australia has a retail recession, construction recession, tourism recession, agriculture recession and yet the stock market is booming. I have a suspicion – Australian Government money. Ah, and the properties now are being discounted of $300,000 or more. Mortgage stress is at all times high and Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg are literally destroying Australia. But Australians voted for those two.

  41. The poor middle-class man complaining about affordability while drinking with his 10 friends is the perfect example of unsuccessful mindset, they can all together pool together their financial resources, create a fund, get loans, buy real estate, sell or rent them, share profits, pay for their own mortgages, mortgage new properties, buy more real estate and so on. Vision is everything, if you can't see past your current situation and come up with solutions outside your mediocre life don't expect anyone else to hand the keys to you.

  42. Classic type A personality – most people would crash and burn on just four hours sleep a night – few people resent a truly self-made man – just as long as they have enough to be safe and comfortable – but his wealth comes from an overheated property market that is depriving millennials of the chance of ever owning a home and having a family – this is why we are below replacement level in Europe – young people can't afford to breed.

  43. instead of dreaming or 'requiring' 4 room apartment to rent or buy (can't afford) perhaps he should try to own half the size for starters. is it going to be tight? yeah, but at least something to start with instead of sitting and crying rivers

  44. 31:41 smug , rich, cunt laughs it off that his football suite is a 100 times (2000 vs 20) more expensive than the ordinary seats. Meanwhile, the issue isn’t seats at a game (luxury) but practical accommodations. Sure, not everyone should own property, but neither should only 10%.

    Justice, ja?! No, not when your average income, not to mention inherited wealth, dwarf the the amount commoners have by more than a 100 times.

  45. This is called Democracy.
    Make people enough stupid by the name of Democracy to work for you like slave until the age of 70 and then die like a Stupid sheep 🐑.

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