We are committed to promoting Fair Work
practices for all workers including through our public contracts, and we
expect public bodies to promote Fair Work in all relevant contracts and
suppliers to adopt and demonstrate Fair Work practices. And to help support this
important agenda we’ve recently published best practice guidance and a
toolkit. The new best practice supports the 2015 Statutory Guidance and aims to
help public bodies and suppliers address Fair Work, including the real Living Wage,
through a procurement process to ensure Fair Work is a key consideration when
delivering public contracts. And we have not been able to do this alone. I would like
to thank a working group of procurement professionals, the Fair Work convention,
trade unions and key stakeholders for their valuable input. We must all
continue to work together to demand Fair Work for those working on public
contracts. This is key to securing high quality public contracts and to
improving the economy and the lives of the people in Scotland.

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