(cheerful music) Hybrid cloud models have made IT planning and control a universal problem. It’s increasingly difficult to manage costs across a complex and sprawling IT estate, let alone predictably forecast what you needs or costs may be in the future. The solution? Think less about IT planning and focus on running your business. That’s what HPE GreenLake delivers with integrated consumption analytics. All built to fit your business requirements and remove the guess work. Let’s see how it saves customers time and money. My IT resources don’t live in just one place. It’s difficult to see what we’re using across our IT estate. With meter usage and cost across HPE GreenLake and your public clouds, you get the visibility you need to make better decisions about your apps and infrastructure. Need to know how much storage is being consumed at your Bangalore site? Or how much your DevOps team is spending? Consumption analytics from HPE GreenLake show you personalized dashboards plus interactive charts and graphs that give you just the information you need exactly how you need it. Not having enough capacity severely impacts our business but overbuying is wasteful. I wish there was a better way to forecast our IT investments. What if your capacity could be managed for you? With HPE GreenLake you’d always have the right amount of capacity for your workloads without the worry or the waste you could forecast more accurately with robust capacity planning capabilities that show you how much you’ve used in the past and what you’re projected to use in the future that would save a lot of time and avoid unpleasant surprises. We need more control over usage and spending in our IT environments. Sometimes it feels like a free-for-all. Now you can keep track of usage and costs and stay on top of it all with budgets and automatic notifications. You’ll be able to easily control wasteful IT spend and align your investments with the workloads that drive the most business value. Optimizing IT resources in a hybrid environment can get complicated, fast. It’s hard to get an accurate picture of your IT utilization and spending across your data centers and clouds and different tools make the process tedious and error-prone. All of that changes with HPE Consumption Analytics. It takes your HPE GreenLake and public cloud usage and aggregates it into a single app, normalizing the data in the process. This gives you a simplified, comprehensive view across your hybrid environment. Automated insights direct you to areas where you can optimize costs and address unexpected behaviors such as spikes in compute or storage and with HPE Consumption Analytics it’s easy to share these results with specific users or groups, so you can make decisions faster. Simplify your IT planning with visibility, control, and capacity planning with HPE Consumption Analytics included as a part of your HPE GreenLake experience. Learn more about HPE GreenLake today.

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