Hey, It’s Ian with Eagle Business credit. Is there a recession coming? Well, the answer is yes there is. We don’t know when it’s going to be though a lot of people ask me that question, I can’t give
an exact answer all I can tell you is majority of business economists are
predicting some form of slowdown by the end of 2021. So what should you do to
prepare? Obviously, cash flow is king if you have
a strong cash flow in your business then you can withstand a slowdown but, have
you got the right funding partner who will continue to assist you during that
slowdown. Big banks were hit hard during the last recession in 2008 even regional
banks as well, so maybe consider invoice factoring – its debt-free lower risk to
you and we stand with you during tough times as well as in good times to help
you grow your business. Give us a call.

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