Hey everyone welcome back to the channel
and if you’re new around here I upload videos on the best tools, tech and
tactics that I use for improving my online content and I share what I know
with you guys. So this is actually the third and final part of an Instagram
series that I’m doing on my channel currently, if you missed the first two
parts you can find a link in the description to a playlist with the two
other videos where I show you how to create instagram story covers and also
how to create great-looking story intros like this. In this video I’m gonna be
showing you how to create really cool-looking
Instagram stories with the use of text, animations, photos and graphics and a
bunch more that you commonly see on Instagram users such as Gary Vee. He
produces a lot of different styles of stories to help share his content and
keep you on his story a little bit longer then someone else who is just
taking photos or videos straight from the Instagram camera app so in case you
didn’t know Instagram will actually rank your stories and your profile higher in
the feed of your followers if they watch your Instagram stories for a long
duration of time, so Gary is the perfect example of this as he has great looking
Instagram stories and he’ll upload 17 of them a day and because you end up
looking at these and think these look really good for Instagram stories,
I’m gonna keep watching, what you’re actually doing is it’s telling the
Instagram algorithm ‘I like this content, it looks good’
because you’ve stayed for 15 out of 17 of these Instagram stories that he’s
uploaded compared to someone else who you follow that is going to have seen
like 5 to 6 Instagram stories that are just of them talking to the camera about
boring stuff. People will swipe on tap forward but if you have been
creating great-looking Instagram stories that look like this, especially on the
highlight section of the Instagram app people are going to watch for longer on
your Instagram stories and Instagram will reward you for that because it’s
going to push your profile further up the list on that Instagram
stories icons that you see at the top of Instagram so this is kind of important
if you want to have a good looking Instagram. If you want to grow up for
using these tips and solve this whole tutorial basically that I’m about to
dive into you’re going to learn a lot of these different things that you can use
for your own original ideas and Instagram stories. So let’s just jump
straight into this. So here we are in premiere, what we’re going to want to do
is come down here and create a new sequence and we’re gonna make the
dimensions be 1080 by 1920 which will create this composition right here that
will fit at Instagram stories the first story I’m going to show you how to make
is this one here which is what I use as an intro to the
Instagram highlight over in Premiere I’m going to drag in my highlight cover
which we made in the first video in this series as I said before the link is in
the description if you want to know how to create one of these I’m just going to
drag this out roughly to a second and a half maybe two seconds here okay so once
this is done you can hold ctrl + D or command + D if you’re actually on a Mac
to add these crossfades once I’ve done this I’m just going to delete this one
here and reduce the fade to a short time like so after this I’m going to create a
color map up here and I’m just going to select my highlight cover using this I
dropped tour and then I’m going to drag this under that cover layer drag this
out and I’m going to actually now need to create some text animation which is
going to be the words my favorite books as you saw in the in the actual final
version of this story and to do this I’m just going to create three separate
layers for each word I’m going to click the text tool here and then click on
preview window before writing my first word mine is obviously going to be the
word my after that just change the text the font the size and styling in
whatever way that you want for your personal Instagram story I’m gonna be
using my favorite font which is typography Pro she’s going to be
adjusting it like so and then once you’re happy with that
you can actually push the keyboard letter V which is going to be your
selector tool and you’re just going to want to do ctrl or command C and then
ctrl or command V if you’re on a Mac to just paste that I’m going to do that two
more times then change both of those words to my second and my third word
which is going to be obviously favorite and in the word books you’re going to
want to come up to window and then click the essential graphics option here and
then click this tab to Center all three of these in the composition. At this
point what I do is I try to drag the position selection here in the effects
control our box up and down so I can just roughly get these to look like
they’re evenly spaced, once you have you of all of the spacing all you have to do
is play about with the various layers and the text sort of come in at a speed
that you want it to I also recommend that you use ctrl or command D again
just to have that fading in text I think that looks a lot more cleaner than if
they just popped up like that in three quick successions but it’s completely up
to you of how you want to get creative with this but this is how I created that
particular effect on my own personal Instagram story once you’re them of this
Instagram story you can go ahead and render that out and I’m going to carry
on right now with the next story which is this one here and this one is
actually on one of my favorite creative books for getting your work discovered
with social media it’s by Austin Kleon I created this story by searching for the
book on Google and selecting this option here just to look for transparent layers
the reason I do this is it just makes there be less work for me I don’t have
to go in and try and remove a white background from the book I can just have
it automatically be transparent so once I then have downloaded that image I can
just drag it straight into premiere and it’s already great and just simple to
drop in and be ready straight away for me once you’re done with that I’m going
to go ahead and create another color map this is going to be dragged under this
transparent layer of the book I will actually tend to do is I will use the
eyedropper tool on the actual and then I’ll play around until I find a
color that complements the books design once I think laid that underneath I will
go up here and go into my effects panel and I will search for a drop shadow and
just drag that straight on to the book and then in the effects controls here
I’m just going to use the opacity the direction in the distance and the
softness settings just to make something that looks quite nice and complimentary
again and you can obviously play around with these different options for your
own star whether this is a book or something completely different that
you’re doing for your own stories you know you’re going to have to play around
a bit there’s no sort of perfect settings here that it’s always gonna
look good it’s always gonna be different depending on your color of your
background the object that you’ve got in your story but this is what I’m going
with and I think that this looks very very simple and it just quite subtle and
complements the look after that I’m going to animate this to slowly zoom in
and I did this by keyframing with the scale option you can do this by clicking
the keyframe stopwatch here I had to start over there they’re moving all the
way along to the end here and just increasing that scale option very very
slightly I don’t try to make this a big zoom as I think it kind of is a bit
distracting and I think it just looks better with a slight subtle simple zoom
finally click this button to create a text and I’ve decided to have a call to
action this being my kit comm page which is why I list all of these books that I
mention in this story alongside my camera gear that I used to make youtube
videos and muscle stuff on this website it’s a great website to use I just think
it’s very simple to have one link just straight at the bottom is very easy to
type that out and you’ll be able to get access to all of the books that I’m
recommending so that there is how I created this Instagram story above the
book I really like how it came out and if I move on this story is actually very
similar approach here however this time I did not animate the book but instead I
animated the text I did this by typing out what I wanted to say and using ctrl
D again to create a cross-dissolve fading effect before experimenting with
the timing just hook it up something that I like I
think it’s important to have something that there’s not too quick or too slow
it’s roughly in a sweet spot where it fits into instagram’s 10 second stories limit I should say. I tried to get mine to be roughly around 4 to 6
seconds I think that that’s a nice length for an individual story then the
final book in this series so far on my Instagram is this creative book and it’s
just all about the creative industry creative ideas youthful thinking very
much so about the advertising industry and the cover of the book is quite
minimal and it’s very clean in style and I wanted to contrast that with a
photograph of different colored paints that was sort of what sprung to mind
when I thought about creative and create and the creative industries
I used the website unsplash.com which is a website where you can find
royalty-free photography to use in any of your projects, all of the photos are
uploaded by other photographers and they say that you can use it in any way that
you want you can use this in any way fit it’s a great website to help take your
quality of your projects up to the next level. Once you’re happy with your photo
you can drag this into your composition and using a combination of both the
scale and the positioning options in the effects panel you can frame it into
something that you like. I personally moved my image only 3/4 of
the way down the composition and left this small gap in between the photo and
the color matte layer just to create this black line which I think adds to
the story is overall look and character as usual a drop shadow effect would also
apply to the book before once again adding in three separate text layers all
of their own timings and cross-dissolve effects so that there is how I did it
that that is how I created three Instagram stories for my profile on the
highlight section and I think if you go ahead and take the principles that I
taught you in this tutorial with text animations and photos from unsplash
of the other animations and color mats if you were to take those sort of
principles and merge them with your own creative original ideas I think you’re
gonna have something that’s very unique and it will actually allow your profile
to stand out and express off the message that you’re trying to get across to your
followers I think it’s just a great way of sort of branding your Instagram in
this cool way that stands out is going to separate you from all of the other
competitors or the other people that they may want to follow and I think that
this is a great finale to this Instagram Story series now obviously if you’ve
missed the previous two parts that is a link in the description as well as in
the iCard whichever direction it’s in and about two previous episodes in if
you’ve not seen them. Question of the day: What highlights are you creating today as
you watch this tutorial? Let us know in the comments below! And as always be sure
to give this video a like and for more Tools, Tech and Tactic videos that I use for improving my online content just like
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you all in the next one!

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