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100 thoughts on “How To Do Hammer Curls for HUGE Biceps (BICEP GROWTH!)”

  1. Great video thanks for the helpful tips!!! How often would you suggest to workout your arms? 2x a week? 3x? Just wondering!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Question…..If your going to teach about how to get Huge biceps should you not have huge biceps if your advice worked? just saying .I learned along time ago if you want to bench press 400lbs dont take advice from someone who only benched 275.

  3. if i do this exercize do i still need any different others for growing biceps or can i just do some sets of this one only

  4. Thanks for the info, I am 61 and physically fit,always 👀 for better ways to do work outs.
    It is so true when working out you can go off rhythm and do things that causes injuries
    or not help in advancing your workout.but thanks for your video.😍

  5. Good info, but I would like to have seen you actually DO the motion, not just talk about peripheral issues. Just my 2 cents

  6. Most people do not need to do a hammer curl, it's a waste of time, if not learning how to do a barbell or dumbbell curls cable curls or any kind of curls! It does nothing for the bicep it works just the forearm… more ill-advised for the wannabes!!

  7. Great little vid thankyou, I have recently developed pain in the upper forearm and lower central bicep, I've been told this was due to pronating the wrist, when I think back to how it could have happened I believe it was due to going heavy on a very poorly designed w bar (or EZ bar as some people say) it would spin awkwardly putting stress through your wrist, I have been looking for a alternative exercise so I can continue training bicep hopefully this will do the trick, great little vid mate well done

  8. Hammer curls won't make a bigger bicep! it works the forearms predominantly…. the bicep is only going along for the ride!

  9. To build a bigger bicep you need a supinated grip… for the same reason and easy bar won't help build a big bicep!

  10. Very nice Sir. Thanks. Retracting the shoulder blades was a very nice tip. And the whole video is full of nice tips. I want to see your other videos too.

  11. From Jeff Cavilear at Athlean-x, if you do a hammer curl across the front of your body will hit the Brachialis along with the long head. So do it across the front of your body.

  12. Taking advice from a dude who has 14inch arms about how to get Huge Biceps is funny as hell. Its like getting powerlifting advice from Richard Simmons ..🤣

  13. Probably my very first time enjoying the video which talks about workouts.
    Details and great information makes me feel he is very thoughtful for the viewers.
    Hope my arms would be huge! 💪
    Thank you.

  14. Hammer curls is not a bicep exercise, the prime mover is the forearms… Likewise the reverse curl pronated grip is a forearm exercise… To work for bicep you need a supinated grip… Barbell dumbbells cables, machines!

  15. Where's the videos on healing elbow conditions I can't seem to find. Been dealing with elbow down issues for six years, cannot get better. Thousands with doctors to no help. Maybe tendonitis in forearms

  16. I wish he'd taken a little more time to show us the full rep 4 or 5 times….instead of constantly stopping and talking.

  17. Hammer curls dont give you huge Bi's bro (they're great for definition though) …. But it is a great exercise , great information and technique 👍🙂👌

  18. This guys arms look like shit🤣🤣🤣🤣. Yeah like I'm going to take advise from a guy whose arms are soft and round. Oh and his info is crap to. Hammer curls do not and will not build bigger biceps. The brachioradialis is the primary muscle hit which is the forearm and the brachialis which runs along the side of the bicep to give you a thicker look to the bicep when viewed from the front. Just head over to athlean x for all you need to know about building bigger biceps. Oh and Jeff actually looks the part!

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