[Music] money has been propelling ecological destruction a women of my region peasant women came out say will hug the trees we have to kill us before you kill the tree these trees are our life there are mothers they give us water they give us so on because as fuels deforestation is leading to disappearance of water disappearance of energy and ecological catastrophes like landslides why will the trees being cut very simply because cutting a tree makes money leaving a tree in place gives you stable ecosystems give your basic needs gives you material welfare avoids poverty but cutting a tree leads to huge profits for the logging companies [Music] and the country’s counted as the growth of the gross domestic product a live tree doesn’t contribute to the GDP kills tree – and that is the basis of why the more economies grow the more people suffered and the more classes [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you you

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9 thoughts on “How Economic Growth Has Become Anti Life”

  1. if government corporations and money were abolished . We would have a much cleaner more peaceful and more prosporus planet

  2. Wood is needed though. In many countries (by law) each cut tree has to have one tree seed planted, and I think that's a good deal. You can't just "stop" the economy

  3. Welcome to the constant consumption dysfunction.
    Here we have greed and the need at a junction.
    Greed grabbed power putting the need in malfunction.
    Now the love must come to issue our injunction.

  4. Thanks again Chris and Dawn for this wake up call. I believe in the quote of Chris Maser lies the solution for all this self inflicted problems, katastphies we are facing today. You just have to start understanding its deeper sense and not only read the words. more and more people do so and a big shift is happening. ocean greetings, peter

  5. I would like to use this video in my class but because the closed captioning is not completely accurate I am prevented from doing so. If you could type out a transcription of the text and include it along with the other supporting information that would be wonderful. Thanks for considering.

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