How is fair data economy and metrics intertwined and related to the circular economy? I think that both are quite new concepts, the circular economy and data economy, not to speak about fair data economy The data we generate and digitalization is offering new tools for measurement but it needs to be fair By fair we mean that individuals have a consent and visibility over the use of their data and they can push Policy-makers to promote data practices that measurement is more effective and for companies we think that increased data sharing will benefit new services personalized services for consumers to make better choices What do you think about this, Hans? I think indeed it’s a new concept that requires new data We talk about big data but actually on real circularity we don’t have big data yet. We still need to develop, gather it for metrics that people understand and that speak to them in ways that guides their behavior That’s a real challenge for the future because most people don’t know which materials are in the products or the services that they buy. They don’t know where they go They don’t know where they come from and we need to develop that type of data and make it available in the economic system if we really want to stimulate behavior that is compatible with the circular economy The second question is: what is the role of a consumer in all this? Why should we get consumers involved and what is the best way to do it? What do you think about this, Hans? I think if you can bring information to consumers about the impacts of what they buy or how they behave as a consumer that you can really stimulate a different type of consumption We see that in the food system where more and more people are making choices that are good for the environment and their health We see it in mobility where people are using modern technology and data on the spot on their smartphone to make choices in how they go from A to B. When they buy appliances on energy labels. We should be able to come up with information to consumers about circularity, the material footprint of products that helps those who are already motivated to make better choices and facilitate that. And gradually through information shape the others into understanding what is at stake. They call it informational governance. I think there is a big scope to do that and bring that type of information to consumers What about you, Jaana? I agree that there’s a big opportunity. People would like to behave in a more responsible way but there needs to be information so they can make decisions better. But also, the possibilities to analyze and track data and use data, again, I think that for the trust, it needs to be more transparent. So that the gathered data, it’s for my personal services It’s for my personal choices and make it in a transparent way

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