In what way can Boris
Johnson possibly be compared to Joseph Goebbels? Obviously, Boris
Johnson is not a Nazi in any way, shape, or form. But the astonishing
thing is that Goebbels, in a quite well-known
speech in 1933, said that the new
German state was one in which the
will of the people could be executed
by the government without the interference,
the unnecessary interference, of parliament. That’s what made this new order,
in a sense, really democratic. It’s a direct expression
of the popular will. And extraordinarily,
since the referendum, that is the way
many have spoken, and now the prime minister
himself has spoken in that way. And indeed he’s acted on it. He’s tried to remove
parliament’s involvement in the process of
resolving Brexit. He has rejected, or at least
argued fiercely against, the Supreme Court’s
intervention in that, and he now plans an
election whose campaign, whose theme is the people as
expressed in the referendum against parliament. And this is an
extraordinary transformation of British political discourse,
and in my view very dangerous. Well, it’s happened
because the referendum has injected a new element
into our constitution. Parliament necessarily
is involved in implementing the
referendum, but it can’t agree on how to do
so, and there is really no mandate for what is emerging
as the fallback position, which is a no-deal Brexit, which is
what they’re now fighting over. We’ve unleashed
demons here which are likely to be with
us for many years.

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95 thoughts on “How Boris Johnson has unleashed Brexit’s ‘demons’ | FT”

  1. You are misrepresenting the situation.
    The reason why the people are upset, is because of the active betrayal of the democratic vote.
    People have been very respectful of Parliament and procedures.
    But Parliament are working to their own agenda and trying to obstruct, cause panic, cause uncertainty for business. Trying to bring about a situation that reverses the result of the Referendum.
    Parliaments behavior in this matter is causing a civil fracture and peoples belief in democracy is being dismantled.

  2. Dear Financial Times,
    Hmm.. 🤔
    1933 you say, sir.
    Well, since Prorogation has fully taken affect..
    I suggest that we, the people over here, place back, in full force, Posthaste, the Prohibition Act of the 1920's.
    What say you? 🧐
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌾🕊

  3. The parliament was granted a direct mandate to do one thing right and they couldn't do it. What does Goebbels has to do with it?

  4. Totally unreasonable. But then what can you expect from the FT nowadays? MPs were elected on the basis of manifesto commitments that many of them are no longer willing to follow up on. Numerous MPs have changed parties, some multiple times and none of them are willing to call by-elections. And they refuse the electorate an election. And instead you do a pathetic video about Goebbels.

  5. Bercow and his band of Rebels have set the Parliament against the People, we voted to Leave and the little Prima Donna is a complete disgrace

  6. Conflating the one guy in the room who wants to do what his consituants want instead of pretending to do so while actually pursuing the interest of the super rich to a nazi is childish and shows me how ineffective your remain propaganda is. The same thing happens to Trump, Balsanaro ect, well its not going to work we are on to your BS.

  7. He hasn't unleashed any demons.

    The UNdemocratic POLITICIANS, will do that
    (and it won't be what FT employees are hoping for – CIVIL WAR)

    The PEOPLE of Britain, had the Magna Carta,
    UNdemocratic politicians choose to forget about it.

    The PEOPLE of Britain had the
    British Constitution,
    the UN democratic politicians

    The PEOPLE have a Democratic VOTE,
    the UNdemocratic politicians
    want to OVERTURN IT.

    What do the PEOPLE, have left

  8. Theresa May tried to twist herself into a knot for three years to get Parlament finally agree on something. You are a liar and a fear-monger.

  9. Most people just want to live their lives. Sod anybody who says they're doing things in the name of the people. Boris Johnson has no democratic mandate.

  10. I am a german: Mr Wolf is absolutely right. The Nazis used the public in the same way against parliament. Even the arguments are the same. And the british public is reacting in a similar way.

  11. What nonsense, the people spoke, the majority of Parlimant are opposed, directly against the will of the people. This comparison thirties Germany is a terrible slight on Boris Johnson who is one of a minority serving the people's wishes and rights in the face of globalist, undemocratic elites in cohoots with the eu. Shame on the FT for the dirty dirty smear and fake news.

  12. A Referendum on such extreme complex subjects as brexit is, overstresses the voters reasoning ab initio. Voters are forced to drop reasonable arguments. Any vote, which is restricted to no alternative then "leave" or "remain" cannot claim to be true. It is a pseudo vote, useless to serve democraty, which lives by competing programs represented and transacted by political parties. The current blaming of the house of commons, is self explaining for that structural failure and requires prorogation in order to stop questioning and reasoning. Any governemental decisions in such case are in fact autocratic. They lost even the legitimacy by the "leave" votes.

  13. Martin Wolf is the British Thomas Friedman: consistently wrong, unflinchingly self-satisfied, and confusing his boilerplate arguments for profound, novel insights.

  14. Well I didn’t expect anything less from the Financial Times, what it has done has exposed Parliament for what it is, and showed democracy was just an illusion, and exposed the mainstream media for the biasedness towards centre right

  15. 100% correct. Too many people do not realise that not it was not 100% of the people voted. Only 72% voted that means no side had a majority. People can be so stupid. Finally divide and rule policy has back fired on the British,

  16. Intellectual Yet Idiot. The making of these so called demons was the unwillingness of parliament to accept the referendum and move ahead to exit the EU with a united front. Tenuously linking Johnson to a Nazi shows the level of ignorance that exists within the chattering classes. Take a step outside your bubble Mr Wolf and you might realise how stupid your statement really is.

  17. How dare the people to expect parliament to honour their wishes… How dare the people to ask for a new election as this parliament and government no longer has a mandate…. How dare the people to expect brexit to he implemented…

  18. It seems to be The People v The Establishment… I know which side i'm on.. and I know who will win! ;D The same side always wins! Because the wealthy and powerful always make the mistake of thinking the poor are stupid and controllable!…..

    A British man will never be controlled by a foreign power or its treaterous agents!…. I,m afraid they miscalculated Britishness and I would back down if I were they!

  19. No. MPs, with the help of the Speaker have set Parliament in opposition to the British people. Why else do you think the opposition refuses to accept a general election?
    Let us decide in a general election. That is the way we have done it for centuries.

  20. This is an "extraordinary transformation" of the FT's history of balanced respected reporting based on facts and intelligent analysis.

    Parliament and Government are indeed broken but this is due to their failure to enact the will of the people.

  21. I think you will find David Cameron unleashed these 'demons' in the first place by calling for a referendum on EU membership.The FT is becoming like a tabloid newspaper now.Just put a 'red top' on top of your publication and have done with it.

  22. Remainers are the unwitting toadies of huge international corporations whose interests and goals are represented in Europe by the elite ruling class of the EU. The EU is a scam.

  23. cristina lexy: I find is disgusting the way you have appropriated and invoked the leader of one of the most evil political movements in history and the accompanning images and memories of the suffering and misery and deaths of millions and millions of innocent people; in order to make some petty, ill thought out, inane political point. you should be ashamed of youseif.

  24. boris has offered 2 GE's in as many weeks. so this clown Wolfe can keep his idiotic piehole shut. comparing Boris to Goebels is just pathetic

  25. There IS a mandate to deliver a 'no deal' brexit. It was in the tory manifesto. It is enshrined in Article 50. and COMPLETELY honours the referendum decision to leave the EU. . 'NO DEAL' is the ONLYV option that does completely honour the referendum in word and spirit. . the only people that think otherwise are the remainers.

  26. If the FT had balance, it would be running stories on the risk of EU failure due to 1. Rise in nationalism, 2. Poorly executed immigration policies, 3. The Yellow Vests in France, 4. The rise of the AfD in Germany, 5. The debt hidden across the EU, 6. The coming recession and inflexibility in the Euro, 7. The EU’s resilience to withstand another financial crisis, 8. Dissent in Hungary, Poland and Italy, 9. Turkey’s threat to allow 3m Syrian migrants to enter Europe, that’s the true story, not this nonsense

  27. This is just a remainer argument. If remainers had accepted the referendum result then none of this would be happening, we should be now out of the EU and getting on with our lives. The anti Brexit attitude and arrogance of remainers is not Boris’s fault. As for a mandate for no deal. Of course there is a mandate, it has always been quite clear we would be leaving with or without a deal, during the Brexit campaign and when article 50 was triggered. It was always obvious from day one that a no deal HAD to be an option. Remainers have short memories when it suits them.

  28. Parliament MPs set themselves against the people by not delivering on the 2016 referendum. Boris is determined to honor the democratic process and the people's wish to leave the EU.

  29. 0:18 ''Goebels in his quite well known speech in 1943''—–Known to fans…I Consider myself quite knowledgeable of III Reich history but this speech is vaguely vaguely known to me

  30. 0:50 Isn't the Parliament the tool ,the servant ,the soldier of peoples democratic majority????????????????????????????

  31. 0:58 Boris did not try to'' 'remove the Parliament '' . He tried to remove the Parliament actions to remove and annul results of the peoples vote (17.5 million)

  32. 1:36 ''Parliament can not agree how to do it''(Brexit) ——-So we have to postpone it forever and at the end clandestinely kill it. In the meantime we should continue to pay 1 billion pounds per month, to Berlin …..A you are FT commentator and analyst?????????????Hahahahahahahah.I suppose independent???Hahahahahahah

  33. 1:47 ''We unleashed DEMONS….''—–We did not unleash anything here. Demons have never gone….As soon as they had united they destroyed Yugoslavia and the Serbia to revenge their input in 1914 and 1941.

  34. This is soooooooooo off base, it’s shameful.
    It deliberately ignores the behaviour, intentions, and actions of Parliament and the Remainer schemers.
    This situation, this rhetoric, this chaos is the deliberate creation of the remainer class and in their fanatical sabotage of the brexit referendum result and unilateral surrender to the bad faith of Brussels negotiators. It is they that have called forth a more rhetorically populist right.

    What Mr Wolf never seems to consider is what should one do and say if Parliament is anti democratic, if Parliament is obstructionist, if Parliament is unjust?

    Cromwell was not self actualizing, he was made by the behaviour of his rivals and peers. So too is Boris.

  35. The EU will, weather you like it or not, introduce mandatory vaccine in order to accommodate the interests and goals of the international pharmaceutical industrial complex (IPIC). The IPIC hope to make vaccines mandatory world-wide which in the long term will make them not billions but trillions of dollars in profits.

  36. We Eu. Defend UK Parliament because we bribed so many of them (MP)….1000 Euros and Bob is your uncle. We did it in Yugoslavia . We did it in Czechoslovakia. We did it in Ukraine…..Only Serbia and UK…..Like always. Problems.Bastards

  37. FT is losing its marbles-secondary BDS(the altered consciousness of Brexit Derangement Syndrome)-and tertiary stage to follow.

  38. Parliament has held the government hostage, making any deal impossible, they vote down everyhing that would progress brexit.

  39. Until an second referendum is called and no-one is going to vote for Brexit as the wisdom of such an disastrous outcome was never explored…see how many vote for that?

  40. Very good comments. The devil is present everywhere…. I think the Brits like the Nazi history because they are using many examples and calling people from Germany who have a different opinion "Adolf". Maybe the British History Books are still focusing too match on the past.

  41. Nothing like Germany at all – the public were given a referendum (By the way relinquishing parliaments responsibility to make the decision) – all the MP's passed it into law and promised in their manifestos to honour it – then since it happened those MP's who didn't get the answer they wanted have done nothing more than try and think of ways to go back on it even citing democracy as one of the reasons, when what they are trying to do is destroy our democratic rights forever just like the Nazis in fact. Everybody who voted leave has been branded a Nazi just like this idiot is trying to do with thinly disguised comparasons to Nazi Germany!! The whole argument is flawed anyway – far left is complete control further right is more individual freedom and less state control. Parliament has set itself against the people and will get its just deserts in due course – Boris is trying to carry out the referendum result and get our Sovreignty back – Mr Wolf is another globalist economist pushing their agenda and bs.

  42. YOU are the dangerous ones remainers who refuse to accept democracy because you think you know better than the people. but thinking like that proves why you are the minority because you are the stupid ones.

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