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100 thoughts on “House Dems consider new impeachment articles to compel McGahn testimony”

  1. Argument #1: The house had all the time in the world to call their witnesses and gather information. The Senate is not there to do more of that work for you.

  2. I told you. Even though the Democrats aren't in charge they are still running the show. Backed by the media and enabled by the cowardly Republicans.
    Senator Chuckles, it's been a sham since you Nitwits started it .

  3. You can’t double jeopardy a us citizen. Which you can’t do to a president either. It’s simple civics we learned in middle school….

  4. I would say or WOULD HAVE SAID to Schiff, (in response to what Schumer said on this video) " WHAT IS WRONG WITH "US" (Intel Committee Republicans) HAVING WITNESSES; WHAT IS WRONG WITH "US" HAVING DOCUMENTS"?? They treated us like crap, but want us to treat them like 'they're our Masters'. ANYTHING FAIR ABOUT THAT?? NO. They can't have their cake & eat it, too. They dished it out the way they did; they cannot dictate to us how the Senate will deal with THEIR part of this process. Besides, the HOUSE HAD THEIR CHANCE TO HAVE ANY WITNESSES THEY WANTED! THEIR TIME IS OVER! NOW, it's the Senate's Time. THEY will have it the way THEY choose. The House is just going to have to 'face the music'. THE HOUSE is gonna lose, either way*…..Pelosi hands over the articles of Impeachment, OR, DOESN'T hand them over. We really need DURHAM'S REPORT NOW, just to rub it in their face! but, we'll just have to be patient…………

  5. Let's have a new impeachment every 2nd month, the maybe if we throw enough mud at the wall some will stick…. Loony left logic

  6. Why didn't Schiff call these witnesses If they are so important to them, you were so the a rush to vote on this impeachment, too
    Bad, so Sad, too late. So shut up and live with your mistakes.

  7. So ironic. They wouldn't allow the Republicans to call the whistle blower and Hunter Biden as witnesses, and now the Dems are in the same position with the Senate. I guess one good turn deserves another.

  8. As an Englishman I am witness to the power of people and the importance of voting. Brexit will finally go ahead even though the establishment pushed for a second referendum. The Labour Party took its biggest beating since the 1930’s to Boris Johnson and the Conservative party because we the people believe in democracy. We voted to leave the EU and resisted the establishments push back to come out on top. I have no doubt Trump will win in 2020 and send this vile scum to jail. The democrats are beyond corruption.

  9. Next thing you know they'll be impeaching your grandmother for having children without government (Democrats) approval and/or permission.

  10. The whole world are envying the US economy at the moment and they are impeaching their president because he is fighting for the people! Wow!

  11. In the world Supercars are made for poor to want and rich to drive,in US thats Healthcare and medicine.Most medicines are cheap to make,very cheap,but in US its what the medicine does that holds value.A drug that prevent allergic reactions,pennies in UK,available over counter.But because it has dramatic effect its 'value' increases.Soon brakes on cars will be 'optional extra',for the safety conscious willing to pay the extra dollar.God you are stupid.

  12. I like Schumer and Pelosi, they are acting in favour of republicans with all this impeachment sham… I hope they push it all the way to November 3rd 2020. Loving it 🙌🤣

  13. So how can they bring forth new articles if they havent submitted the first set? I am pretty sure they cant vote on one set, not send them and then do a completely new set before sending the first set.

  14. Democrats still haven’t contested POTUS’s claims of privilege over previous subpoena submissions. The judiciary IS the FINAL arbiter when congress and potus clash! Congress is not superior in power over the executive branch and the ONLY path to have a REAL instance of potus obstructing congress is AFTER the highest court rules potus must comply AND the potus still refuses. No petition to the court by congress AND a favorable ruling by SCOTUS = no valid claim of obstruction. Sorry democrats but potus isn’t above the law, that’s true, but neither are YOU!!

  15. This is insane! The Dems have no moral fiber and want to abolish the Constitution, especially the 14th Amendment, just to impeach Trump. Insolent children who keep changing the rules to win.

  16. Sham trial kinda like the first one in the house when Republicans were denied whiteness s constantly but now since the Democrats aren't being aloud it's wrong lol

  17. its like THE OLYMPICS OF STUPIDITY   ,millions of dollars and hours wasted on absolutely nothing and being paid to do it,talk about pay to play

  18. Schumer is a lying rat faced Tool. Or a typical democrat. This is a never ending ridiculous show, that the party of Chaos is putting this country through.

  19. Time for the people to petition the Supreme Court to put an end to this matter. Why Chuckie he is only emulating the Democrats in the house. Your party taught him this.

  20. McConnell should just say he will not begin debate on trial rules until articles of impeachment are sent to the Senate. That would put it back into Pelosi hands.

  21. "It's not unusual to have a witness in a trial. It's certainly not unusual to have witnesses in an impeachment trial." — Mitch McConnell, 1999

  22. chuck schumer is just another demonrat, they just take turns taking punches at the President but the President punches back knocking out each one, one after another because they're all full of schiff!!!

  23. I would ask SMUCK SMOOMER where were the documents in the house hearings ? where were the witnesses? where was the house minority hearings ?

  24. You couldn't get Russian collusion The whistleblower all these other made-up stories fisa abuse the list goes on and on Hillary should have been in prison for the email scandal Benghazi uranium one and the list goes on and on there Obama should be tried for treason for dealing with terrorists Iran nuclear deal the trading bergdahl traitor to the country he was 4 terrorists released Benghazi and the list goes on and on the Democratic party is nothing but a bunch of socialist globalist power-hungry pieces of s***

  25. In something separate, we need to hear and see,the whistleblower, all communications with schitf burger's aids, plus him, among others. We need a house members impeachment investigation.

  26. Traitor Schummer. No witnesses or written evidence. You mean like the Schiff charade. Talk about a hypocrite.

    Tick Tock scumbags. You continue to provide Plenty of video evidence for your treason trials. Nooses all round.

  27. The arguments against Schumer on the Dem Left in the Senate are many, so many that we must start with taking all this to another level, a level where this false accusation is shut down and the perpetrators held accountable before the nation! It is utterly shameful that the only public debate from the Senate is about if this impeachment is about politicking or not because the Constitution does NOT allow such a thing as that and it could not be more obvious the issue is ONLY about politicking and campaigning!

  28. Democrats had the inquiry, why was McGahn left out the first time? When will you realize the president is being upheld by the will of the people and by divine hands. Nothing will
    happen. Dream on stupid!

  29. It already is a sham! The way the dems have handled it up to this point! Give us a phucking break Schumer you and the rest of your dem buddies are a joke! Take your carnival tent down and go away "FAR AWAY"

  30. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler….when it comes to Trump, they are acolytes of the late Senator Jim Crow. Whose support of laws that discriminated against racial minorities, didn't offer fair due process court procedures and is responsible for the murderers of thousands of minorities. Now the Dems are turning this same crap against the executive branch of the government.

  31. Democrats claim that this is not political. So how did they impeach if they did not have sufficient evidence and witnesses before voting yes? YES this is sarcasm! Justice would be served if every one who voted yes was convicted of a crime without evidence. Oh wait that wouldn’t be fair would it?

  32. It is none of the business of Congress to have any say over Senate. There are 3 distinctly different branches of the Government. Pelosi and the Democrats have no say in what the Senate does. Many Americans want Pelosi and Schiff impeached. There are several petitions signed by Americans asking to do so. Why are they being ignored?

  33. You know you're insanely rude and disrespectful you put them all in there with your communities a year trying to put on if I can show I can't be part of your show that way you're being a f**** fool

  34. Because of your demanding a fake is who I am and I'm being the fake no we're not playing that game anymore and I'm not letting the world play that game with you anymore you take a blessing and turned it into a curse

  35. For crying out loud Mr. President Donald J. Trump. When you said you would drain the swamp I never thought you would be so successful to the point that the leftist Dems' would forsake all pretense only to openly and voluntarily expose themselves for being the totalitarian leftist socialist/communist that they are and always have been just to remove you from office. MAGA 2020.

  36. I have an idea. The Democrats could do a question on Twitter where they have AOC's followers suggest reasons for impeachment. It isn't like there needs to be sanity or even facts to back them up. AOC's followers are perfect for insane baseless ideas.

  37. I find it funny that Schumer would call the Senate trial a sham trial when the House just suppressed evidence and lied through their teeth month after month.

  38. Donald Trump already waived dawn began C executive privlidge so he could speak with mueller regarding the Russian hoax conspiracy. I'm not sure what more the democrats think they're actually going to get from Mcgahn. I hope trump Invokes executive privlidge and declines to allow M again to participate in any further harassment from the democrats.

  39. Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff and Nadler are like dogs that are infected with rabies, they should be euthanized immediately.

  40. You people who still support trump are purposefully blind and stupid to suit how feel about him and just ignore the truth to keep u happy

  41. I agree with Murkowski. Let the preciding Chief Justice organize the trial and approve or disapprove the calling of this or that witness by either side. MCCONNELL AND GRAHAM ARE TIED TO BIDEN AND OBAMA-BIDEN-OBAMA-MCCAIN ORGANIZED CRIME IN UKRAINE. Remember Republican Organized-Crime Senator John McCain was involved in the Ukraine Coup that put anti-Russian, pro-E.U. and pro-Clinton corrupt government in power, the government that Biden and his son were involved in. REMEMBER THAT AT THIS TIME LINDSEY GRAHM WAS JOHN McCain's very close and very anti-Trump sidekick and yes man along with Republican Senate Leader McConnell, the Senate Republicans funded by a billionaire hedge fund predator that turns Senators against their constituents. The Senate is really as anti-Trump as the Democrat-controlled house only far more covertly. AND WHEN McCAIN WAS ASSISTING THE CRIMINAL COUP IN UKRAINE, VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDDEN WAS PRESIDING OVER THE SENATE, A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF McCain, Graham and McConnell. The dominant party in the Senate is ORGANIZED CRIME. Some G.O.P. Senators want to obstruct the anti-corruption president as much as Biden, Clinton, Obama, Comey, Brennen etc.

  42. Schumer is unreal all that he criticizes McConnell for he supported that lizard Schiff to do. The. Man is deluded👎🤕

  43. call everyone to a sennit trial. have everyone to the stand and go on record and ask tough questions. you want a fair trial. then get ready to answer every hard question.

  44. Theses dems are so into themselves, it makes me sick! They have their own impeachment hearings, leaving everyone in the dark about what they are doing!? Now they want to run the Senate Committee !!! You cannot have your cake and eat it too!

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