subscribe to PRIYA MALIK CHANNEL and click BELL icon for my latest videos hello friends,I am priya welcome to my channel today in this video I am going to share a very easy method to preapring homemade hair oil in my last videos I have share many different homemade hair oils that are very beneficial for our hair and you all liked it So, today I am sharing a new hair oil method and how to use this hair oil this hair oil is very beneficial for our hair because the hair oil contains all qualities that our hair requires by using this hair oil, it prevent hair fall/ hair loss and also makes your hair thick If you have bald spots problem this hair oil helps to regrow hair on bald spots if you used it regularly so friends, this oil is very beneficial for our hair this oil makes our hair long, thick and black this hair oil can be use by men or women because in my all videos which is related to skin care or hair care some peoples ask me always that that can boys used it ? so friends this homemade hair oil is good for both men and women any one can used it without wasting time, lets start how you will prepare this oil for making this homemade hair oil I am using those things that are easily available in your home so there is nothing in this which you can buy from market you can make it easily and store lets start for preparing homemade hair oil you will need garlic peel off 8-10 cloves of garlic now garlic cloves are ready now take a bowl add half bowl pure mustard oil instead of mustard oil you can use coconut oil or olive oil now take a vessel add mustard oil in it and heat the oil now add garlic friends remember onething prepare this oil on low flame only because high flame burn all the things now add 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds I am adding fenugreek seeds in it because fenugreek seeds contains nicotine acids and all nutrients which makes hair thick and promotes hair growth prepare the oil on low flame till garlic turns into brown when garlic turns brown than off the flamr leave it for 1 hr after 1 hr take a bowl and strainer strain the oil and separate out the garlic now transfer the oil in any airtight container you can store this oil for 1-2 months apply this oil on your scalp and massage for 5 min very gently and leave it for 1 hr than you can wash your hair with shampoo you can also use this oil at night leave it for overnight if you want good result than use this oil 2-3 times in a week if you have baldspots or bald patches than apply this oil twice in a day so friends this is a very easy method for preparing homemade hair oil make this oil and use it thn give me feedback on my comment box if u like this method thn hit the like button share this video with your friends on watsapp facebook now you can follow me on INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK, GOOGLE PLUS

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  1. Sister me garlic jab direct scalp par use karta hu to usse scalp me pimple ho jate hai,,,is oil se kahi pimple to nhi hoge wapas

  2. My daughter hair is very dall and dandruff please tell me kya karna hair strong hona dandruff say baacha kya lieya bolu

  3. Hi priya…
    Kya e 3 year old baby lo lagasakhte hai…hair thick hone ke liye.?

    Kya e pregnant ladies use karsakte hai

  4. Hi aap jo oil banati hai to in key jo ingredients hain aap in ko aag pr banati hain to uss key faida bhi khatam ho jatey hongey to phir iss sey hamey kiya faidaa hoga? …..please reply

  5. isse balo ki lambai Bhi badegi ya nahi aur mam ye Bhi bata digye ke jab Bhi ham oil lagayenge to shampoo krna jarori h

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