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6 thoughts on “Here’s how coronavirus could affect Florida’s economy”

  1. Ill bet a million dollars the stock market goes back up once the elite who want socialism in the USA are done pulling all they have out. Then they will no longer have control so it will go up. They will have to put their money back in so they can crash it again in October just before the elections. Unfortunately for them they are so rabid about making Trumps poll numbers go down it makes them predictable. and just like the impeachments this too will backfire on them. How many people know that a certain company bet 2 or 4 billion dollars that the stock market would crash by march of this year? Ill bet Soros, gates, or rockerfeller owned this company. This was a planned stockmarket crash and that is why the dems raised the fear level on the virus to make it look like the virus is responsible. here is the link
    Almost like they planned this virus. funny how I seen a tweet between Hillary and her daughter say how great vaccinations are just before this outbreak. What is even funnier is the ABC news report that said back in aug or 2019 that a mysterious corona virus is killing pig farmers in South America. About the same time The Bill Gates foundation was testing vaccinations to many viruses just north of South America.

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