well employers have to ensure that
their workplace is maintained in an efficient state and in an efficient
working order there are various regulations which
require suitable ventilation suitable lighting suitable workspace the floor
surface itself not only does it have to be kept free from defects in the surface
per se but also it needs to be kept free of any substances of any articles or
obstructions that are likely to cause someone walking there to either slip or
trip there’s specific regulations about making sure that pedestrians and
vehicles don’t come into conflict for example in factories or warehouses there
are certain specific regulations that apply to a workplace for example the
Manual Handling Operations Regulations The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to name a
few the risk assessment will assess the load
that is being carried the individual who is going to be carrying the load in
terms of their age and their physical ability the environment in which the
load is to be transported in terms of whether it is safe whether there’s clear
routes etc and also the task itself for example whether it requires more than
one person to help lift what would otherwise be too heavy loads for just
one person

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One thought on “Health and Safety Regulations | What You Need to Know”

  1. Would you agree with me that H&S Act 1974 overrules PAT ACT 1948 with regards to a injury claim, where after suffering a serious knee injury, in 6 years afterwards the MOD made me service on 3 warships, where the use of the ladder system on a warship, caused massive problems to my knee injury…MOD DOCTORS answer was to just say avoid using these ladders… thus they medical negligence and also medical malpractice.

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