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48 thoughts on “Hannity: Iran suffering from Trump’s policies”

  1. Yea real hostel. USA s the one always attacking people nit Iran Stop your lies!!! You are just one more sell out! S H U T. U P

  2. Saudi oil is Rothschild's oil and not World oil. Fox wants war but they lost all wars recently and Iran is stronger than all countries in Muddle east combined. USA would go to this war by them self without Europeans.

  3. The likes of which we've never seen…… Blah blah blah. What is with this phrase? Like we've never seen we've nev s r seen never seen. I'm feeling sooooo bigly edicated now.

  4. What happened to the worlds greatest air defenses watching iran and all their strike capabilities? Did we miss 13 missiles? And drones? Iran has stealth drones and ballistics now?

  5. It is best in every way possible to stay out of this fight. Iran is throwing out it's last hail Mary. They are being crushed under sanctions. Sure oil prices will rise, even for us. That'll just make our oil more valuable. Just stay out of this president Trump.

  6. Don't be
    foolish Iran, war with the US is never  a
    good outcome. Put your revolutionary adolescence behind you and dream a better
    future for your people.

  7. Do you remember the American Journalists Khashoggi killing by the Saudi prince? Now Trump is defending Saudi Arabia? How is this not selling your soul to the devil?

  8. Hannity you and the Americans that support these lies about Iran,and trying to call everyone that see the wickedness of America as evil people, and you can't see that America is the most evil country on earth. Always interfering in other countries affairs like you all own the world

  9. Shawn, you say a lot of good stuff, but this i need to comment on,
    What you are doing is really wrong, "likely" is not proof ?? get it ? anyone who you portray as responsible for the bombing of saudi oil facilities will be demonized by the public because they trust you , so be very careful and ONLY accuse those who are guilty. there is nothing wrong with stating facts, such as the oil business is hurting and these are the people who are desperate because the oil price is low, including america shale and fracking(i might add) so here is a list of people who may have something to gain by this bombing. but to pronounce judgement with NO FACTS is almost criminal because it could help lead to a war(with americans dying) , do people not see this,? are you working for the globalists ?? sometimes i wonder if ALL the news agencies are owned and controlled by the same people. Hmmmm

  10. Who sold them drones , they are not capable of building drones , these people can not even solve a water to drink problem in their own country all their oil and no fresh water does not make sense

  11. The thing is The deepest darkest evil was fought on their own turf by the greatest warrior who ever walked this earth and they were defeated and you’re seeing the reverse engineering and crumbling of their evil visually now after the war was 1. There is no way for them to win. Everything you are seeing is the result of good destroying the evil that they were hiding. And the evil was beat by one man at first with absolutely no money and took them all down once everyone woke up they all joined the party. And can now see the truth good to hear from you Hannity keep up the good work.

  12. Why is Hannity so worried about what Iran allegedly says about Israel? Is it because he's in their pay? Hannity can't be trusted by Americans.

  13. Why is Hannity so worried about what Iran allegedly says about Israel? Is it because he's in their pay? Hannity can't be trusted by Americans.


  15. The deep state is desperate, they are rats on a sinking ship, they are so desperate they are trying to bait Trump to go to war, hurt the US economy and collapse the petro dollar in the process.

  16. President Trump did say we would react to defend any and all of our "allies" if Iran were to do harm to ant one of them. That is what WILL be done.

  17. I'd like to know what happened to Rachel Mado as a kid,cause she is "I think probably a victim of sexual abuse". She shouldn't be as ashamed of admitting it as she is for the words spoken out of her mouth currently and in the recent past. Hope she works through it😥

  18. Hannitys premise here is that the suffering of the Iranian people is a good thing. No ask yourself WHY? Such thinking being out out by the mainstream media is a clear indication that we have come off the rails as a country.

  19. Why does everyone keep leaving out that after the US dropped the gold standard for currency. We made a deal with Saudi Arabia saying that if they only accept American currency for their oil we will protect and keep them safe. Which is why we are the reserve currency for the world without proper information you can't make proper decisions but that's kind of the point of the media knowledge is power..

  20. the dems should have to pay back the ppl for all the money they have wasted on the foolishness they have done with this impeachment game that they have been playing on the ppl

  21. And who has been in Iran over the last 2 years, advising them, trying to assuage them, trying to restore the Iran Nuke Deal?? Hint: John Kerry, Barack Obama, and probably a host of other communists

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