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100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the worst debate ever”

  1. The field of democrats offers nothing. They are a passive, confused, lackluster bunch who do not present one hope of helping America do anything, other than letting all the immigrants in who want it. They all look like they're late for a nap.

  2. If Bernie can't confront Warren in the democrat debates, how is he going to confront North Korea, China and Russia???

  3. Fox News Jackass: "Being on the wrong side of history in his adult life."

    I guess standing up for civil rights is wrong.🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. That establishment black talking head vouching for warren based on unnamed sources confirming Warren’s claim is down right wrong ! It’s criminal! A smear campaign by Pocahontas Warren habitual liar And I’m not a Bernie bro!

  5. The whole point of having an adversary opinion on a panel is to hear reasonable rebuttal. Unfortunately, Juan has very rarely given any reasonable rebuttals and he certainly stays true to form here. Merely falling back on talking points without addressing legitimate criticism with reasonable responses loses credibility, and here, I can only state the obvious: the right has all the facts and evidence and the left has all the lies and "feelings".

  6. Love Greg! 💖 I never knew what titanium was till POTUS. Never knew what scapegoat was till Bernie. They use him as a distraction till it gets down to the wire. And he keeps falling for it. I think at this point Bernie has ran to be the nominee more than NIXON!

  7. I don’t understand why Tulsi Gabbard is being snubbed. She and yang are by far the most reasonable people up there. And at least Bernie is consistent, but no they’re once again going to hand the nomination to a lying cheating worm like warren or Biden.

  8. Fox's new is being very friendly towards Andrew yang …. hmm once yang wins the nomination he will win it all I can see it now

  9. Juan 💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩👹This man he hate our great 👍 President of the United States of Americ🇺🇸

  10. We all know that our own Beloved President Donald Trump Is going to Win In 2020 . I don't understand why the Corrupted Democrat Politicians are even trying.
    The Demented Democrat Politicians are wasting money because We American Citizen's don't want them.
    Especially after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.
    We are So Sick of Democrat Politicians and Are totally disgusted and can't stand even thinking of Democrat Politicians who are extremely Corrupted Decievers Hateful Greedy Lawless Thieves Liar's Who belong in Prison not In Politics for Treachery Treason and being Tratiors Against our Country America, Our Own Beloved President Donald Trump and All American Citizen's.

  11. I hate how everyone in every video talks smack on Juan and says he shouldn't be there. Even if you disagree with the guy and think he's an idiot, give him credit for being there to offer the other side's perspective and to keep things interesting so that not everyone is just nodding along to what the other says most of the time. And consider how much of an echo chamber The Five would be without him. Part of conservative values has been to hear what the other side has to say. Not shut them out. That's what the Left does at their college campuses when conservative speakers come. Don't be like that. Be better.

  12. Why is Juan on the Five? He is sooo brainwashed. The facts can stare him in the face and he still denies. Why embrace facts when you have feelings?

  13. love greg, great humour, insight and well mixed with the news, gift wrapped. look for PERIOD. every day. For whatever reason I don't get notices, I have to search. Occasionally I miss episodes, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
    Common UTUBE, enough already!!

  14. ‘I actually like Klobachar’ he says at the end… K buddy. You and Bill Maher should get together and figure why you are the only two people on the planet that will inject her into the conversation.

  15. None of those clowns are going to be the nominee anyway. Somehow the DNC will insert Hillary and make her the nominee.

  16. Andrew Yang is not a Democrat or a republican. He is the new third political group called“ FORWARD”. Andrew Yang likes Trump supporter and Trump himself. Trump also like Andrew Yang very much. Trump either retire or ask Andrew Yang to help him in artificial intelligence. Go Yanggang 2020 with Trump supporters

  17. What are the Best ..Quality's these Democrats have to offer Americans….that will far surpass anything Trump has already done..Besides preaching socialism…

  18. The Lord gave us Trump for president. Let us hope that His mercy continues. For if the Democrats gain the white house…..it is over!

  19. Why are we pretending that Trump was doing anything other than dealing with the criminal actions of a treasonous, nepotistic family.

  20. How embarrassing for all democrat supporters. Really. How can anyone support any democrat let alone these nothings. Sad

  21. That black guy, whatever his name is….he is such a democratic…even when the Democratics are proved wrong or caught in a flat lie…that guy still backs them up…it's pathetic

  22. Oh was that supposed to be a debate. I thought it was a eulogy for the Democratic Party. Lazarus! Come forth! Whoops, sorry. They believe in freedom from religion, not freedom of religion.

  23. What are you talking about won .. the kids around my house love trump and so does my entire family all 200 of us all republicans all Italians all in jersey.. all the kids love trump… and since I’m the older brother i love trump and they all look up to me.. 😂🤣🇺🇸👊🏻🇮🇹Merica 👍🏻👌🏻nobody is embarrassed about trump… but you democrats are a disgrace to this country..

  24. Andrew yang really solves the problem. Life is getting harder everyday for the average American. AI and technology only benefits a subset of the people. Yet these tech companies are using loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of tax. Amazon and the likes are killing all the retailers and people are losing jobs. But they are pocketing and making some people hecka rich. But these rich people know how to play tax games and not paying fair share. We really need to implement what Andrew yang propose on universal basic income. And that money need to come from luxury VAT. Otherwise we will still the societal problems get worse. More Homeless people on the streets, more car thefts etc. these problems will exacerbate because people can no longer afford to make rents, have a job. Think about it people. Please I beg you. Even if we are not ready for an asian president, we really need to solve the problems with his proposed solutions. That’s the only way to go

  25. Shouldn’t the debates be about how to make America thrive instead of how to beat Donald Trump? Their ideas are all about punishing American citizens whom have made good choices in life, and pay for those who don’t.

  26. Andrew Yang is the only Dem that has any of my attention. Put money back in the hands of the little guy and start rebuilding rural America 🇺🇸

  27. They're just worried about beating Donald Trump not the American people and what they can do for the country pathetic

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