Hi, Welcome to Growth & Tech. My name’s
Chris, and I’m all about B2B Growth Marketing, and Sales. And I’m Tom, I’m all
about building apps in the Atlassian space. Today we’re going to talk about
Automation for JIRA, their exciting growth and acquisition from Atlassian. So
they’ve had a hell of a few years. In the last three years they’ve grown a lot
they now have ten thousand five hundred users, and I think in the last eight
months alone they’ve grown 50 percent and the ultimate validation is of course,
being acquired by the mothership, boomeranging back to them. So Tom, you’ve
known Automation for a few years now? Yeah. Tell us a bit about it. So I’ve
been using automation for JIRA for a long time, it’s the tool that I always
champion to my clients as a consultant it’s makes their life so much easier
with building automation into their tools, and makes their day job and
processes so much simpler. The biggest problem I have with it, was the
onboarding. I want it to make sure that as many people could find and use
this tool as possible, so when I went to Barcelona Summit, I spoke to the
automation team at John McKiernan and asked him how we could make this process
easier for new people, and the idea we came up with was an automation
playground, a demo environment where anyone (without logging in or setting up
an account) can just start using the tool and play around with rules and even
actually build a business case themselves to say here is why we need
this, and that’s crucial with a difficult tool like this. And I think the thing people
often fail to realize is that for the end user, they don’t necessarily have
budget or authority to buy the tool quickly and if you want to shorten those
sales cycles, you don’t want to make them go through a bunch of different hoops,
you make it easy for them. Attention is a valuable thing and when you’ve got it, we
can’t afford to waste time going through the traditional method of having someone
fill in the form and then wait a couple of days for a demo to get set up
manually. The other thing I understand Automation for Jira do very well is they
capture analytics from that playground. Can you tell me a bit about that? Yeah, so that’s a really clever feature
of the playground for the development team as well, they’re using a tool
called hotjar which tracks every mouse movement, and every click that’s being
used on the playground, and the users that are actually coming to the demo
environment, it’ll be the first time they’ve ever seen the tool, so it’s a
great way to check that their onboarding is actually working if you
want to see how 100, 1000 people behave on that first click, then using hotjar or
tools like it, is the best way to go. Now if you want this playground to work
for people they need to be able to find it and this is something that Automation
for Jira have done very very well they’re on the front page of Google
simply, primarily because the tool does what it says or is named what it does.
Definitely, yeah. So I’m not going to name any names but we all know, there’s some tools
out there with some very funky names that don’t necessarily describe anything.
Whereas in this case, you’ve got 2,000 people a month searching for it they
might just be looking for the feature they might not even know there’s an app
that exists it doesn’t matter they’ll find them. The other thing Automation for
Jira have done very well is community marketing so they’re not spamming but
they’re also not shy to be out there on the Atlassian forums when they’re the
answer to a question they’ll be there and also they’ve added a few leading
questions which put themselves out in there in front of the community. Yeah, that works really well. Speaking of the community what’s the future here, after the
acquisition is Automation for Jira gonna become free? How does it work?
Well, from my perspective, it makes sense that Automation for Jira is a great tool that
should come out the box with Jira it’s 2019 and people expect those kind of
automation tools and we’ve seen this before. Similar to how you have with Trello and Butler and all the automation features
that are now available as standard with the tool. Yeah. So it’s a very exciting time,
I’d really like to hear what you think will be the next acqusition by Atlassian,
please let us know in the comments below. We’re going to continue doing a few of
these videos on all the apps we find interesting. If you think of anything, do
let us know. We are prepared to work for free t-shirts. Definitely, yeah. So, How do you want to end this?

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One thought on “Growth & Tech Automation for Jira Acquisition – Episode 1”

  1. I can't imagine Jira without automation. This just feels like a feature Jira should have had from the beginning. Hopefully, the integration will be even better going forward.

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