*Introduction Music* Stardew Valley- Land of Green & Gold March 13, 2019: One Day Old *angry grunt* The second egg hatches one day after the first. 3 Days Old 5 Days Old March 20, 2019: 8 days old. Their eyes open! March 22, 2019: 10 Days Old 13 Days Old March 27, 2019: 14 Days Old March 28, 2019: 16 Days Old Learning how to feed themselves April 1, 2019: 20 Days Old 23 Days Old, Learning how to walk and build nests…. *chickens yelling* and how to take baths! April 4: Growing wing feathers! April 7, 2019: 26 Days Old Exercising for flight! April 13, 2019: 32 Days Old Chick #2 has his first flight! Chick #1 has already got the hang of it April 18, 2019: 37 Days Old. No longer fed by parents April 24, 2019. 43 Days Old two big boys! The End! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more pigeon videos!

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100 thoughts on “Growth of a baby pigeon: from hatching to 6 weeks old”

  1. My uncle used to have 2 white pigeons (a gift from a friend) they are white with a big tail (idk what this specie called in English) they dont fly all tho they adults
    They made 2 eggs and the male pigeon learned how to fly and just ran away…
    After almost a year the female made 16 adult pigeons
    They were fighting each others sometimes (sometimes hurt their mother) after that my cousin just took them from my uncle and sold them……i was coming weekly there to be more familiar to them and he just took them away…. ;-;

  2. Thanks for watching! Click here to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more pigeon videos! : http://bit.ly/mellifexfarm

  3. It's so cool to see that even as chicks, they're already beginning to have this fancy feathers at the back of their heads – just like their mama!:))) Best wishes for you and your birds!☺

  4. Клас видос! тоже снимаю про голубей хорошие дело рад знакомству)

  5. 23 days learning how to walk XD The babies are up on their legs from day 14-16 without problem. Day 23 they start learning to eat and drink on their own, and they can fly bu day 30. Day 35 they are off on their own.

  6. I have one question..the pigeon just hatched two eggs but they are not moving I fear the death..but still the pigeon went out for a while and returned to sat baco on them..any suggestions if so for next try.

  7. Lol i have to stop watchin these conspiracy theories they almost had me thinking that pigeons were spies in disguise but idk

  8. Did you notice the deer in the background when you had them out on the wooden chair? It was just browsing around unfazed by you and the birds. LOL

  9. 7:14 WARNING: Those sneezes will kill you… with adorableness.

    I've heard pigeons sneeze before, it's kinda cute and they look so innocent when they do.

  10. I'm so happy that I got to watch this video!! I have a pet homing pigeon and he is the best thing that's ever happened to me!!! I don't recognize the breed of your pigeons. What are they?

  11. Thank you for posting this it helped me date the age of Phyllis my rescue pigeon(10 days).. he(it's a boy) now almost a year old, flies in and out of the house, a wonderful companion..such amazing birds, so overlooked and unappreciated

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