Welcome to #3 of our Growth Insights series,
where we’ve tested tools for you, we’ve red lots of articles and we’ve kept the
best for last. So brace yourself. Let’s kick off with some Paid Social. Bookmark this free tool it helps you get through
the mental maze of online ad sizes. No more googling it’s all in here. As always you can find all of the links to
the tools that I’m referencing in the description below. Now let’s continue with some social media. Thanks to Abdul for recommending postintelligence.ai. This tool will connect your Facebook and your
Twitter posts. Than it’s gonna analyze your engagement
stats based on those posts and recommend content you should post as well as score the posts
you’re actually about to share. It’s actually pretty nifty, we’re still
testing it for effectiveness over time. Quentin shared this little jam called “grademyads.com”. Basically it rapidly grades your Facebook
ads on consistency, quality, effectiveness and budget. Even if the results are not perfect and superspecific
it does gives you some low hanging fruits, if you don’t have time to dive deep into
your data. Cool…now let’s spy on some competitors. Thanks to Stefan for sharing this insanely
cool tool called crayon.co. It allows you to review landing page changes
of most companies, notably your competitors, and get notified any time they make changes
to their websites. It’s great for inspiration and competitive
analysis. Hey look all of these websites had a redesign
less than 3 days ago And now for some tools that helps you with
our essential readings Here two practical resources to help you find
the best articles to read online. First’s is called Paper Bot. Invite the friendly Paperbot to Slack channels
where you share the most links and he will neatly organise them for you. By the way, if you want to build your own
bot, you actually don’t have to build them from scratch anymore. Motion.ai built this botstore that allows
you to buy bot templates to get you started more rapidly. Now let’s actually do some of that readings. For those that like to read a bucketload of
top notch articles. Zest.is it’s a chrome plugin that has surprisingly
good content, it’s hand picked for digital marketeers Hey, by the way, this is kind of random but did you just fall in love with that beautiful
gradient on Zest’s homepage? UIgradients is a free library of gradients
that you can use for your ads, articles, headers, landing pages or whatever you want. Oh, and if you wanna take things one step
further… Thanks to Ines for recommending Emblem. This cool little tool actually allows you
to build a brand indentity in 20 seconds flat. Now let’s actually do some of that readings. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, his letter
to shareholders… sounds really boring. Right? Well…you’re wrong. It’s one of my best reads this year. If you don’t have time to read it, I’ve
picked up the best parts. The CEO shares that data driven is great,
but for the sake of speed: most decisions can be made with 70% of the information you
wish you had. The secret to failing fast is actually rapid
course changing, being wrong is cheap, being slow is absolutely deadly. This is totally in line with this post we
wrote about why your experiments should last 2 weeks maximum. This is also inline with Martijn Schribeleier’s
slide when he came to our campus. This is my fav slide so far this year, coming
from a company that gets 20million visits a month… I should ask him if I can put this on a T-shirt Thanks to Patrick from Minibrew for taking
the picture for me Also, watch this video on AB testing at booking
com My favorite part was at the end of the talk,
during the Q&A when Stuart Frisby says they don’t actually store AB testing learning
too rigorously, because most of them will end up being wrong when tested again later. Another news: a major German e-commerce company
is using an AI algorithm to predict with 90% accuracy what products will be bought within
30 days, and hasn’t (yet) fired anyone since they started to use the algorithm. It analyses around 3 billions past transactions
and 200 variables (things like past sales, searches on Otto’s site and weather information)
to predict what customers will order one week before they actually order it. Now. Speaking of data analysis… If you want to take on board, Teja’s been
taking a bazillion online machine learning courses. She shared this super useful article which
ranked a bunch of data science courses and tells you which are the best and where to
start. Once you’re done with this courses you’ll
understand our buzzword of the week a little bit better. Have you ever heard of the famous “Move
37” which we read about in this article? It was a somewhat scary moment on the 11th
of March when Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo made a move that no one could predict. “Uhu…” “That’s a very…” “Uhu…” “That’s a very surprising move” “Ahah…I
thought..I thought it was a mistake!” “This move…” “…and taking control
of the game…” “Uhm uhm…That was a gorgeous move..” “Mmm…that actually worked pretty well..” As you can see no humans understood that this
move had infect won the match for AI. Here’s one of my favourite technical article
so far. We spend a lot of time in google sheets…
like a lot Nicole from OneFit sent over this beautifully
curated list of the best google spreadsheet add-ons. I spent like an hour going through all of
them. My two favourites are these ones: Supermetrics is a really practical tool to
import all of your business data into a single Google Sheets. You can import your Google Analytics, Moz
data, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) AylienText Analysis allows you to analyze
and summarise text. You can analyze its sentiment, find concepts
and individual entities inside text. It’s basically really cheap way of doing
natural language processing. Now here’s a little section where we wanna
share some updates on tools that we use regularly. First of all Hotjar has a great new function
that allows visitors to highlight and give feedback on specific parts of the website. Mixpanel also just launched Singal which allows
you to run correlation analysis of events that are correlated to retained users. And also I’m pretty excited about this one:
Buffer now let’s you create different content, depending on which social media platform you’e
posting to. So you are gonna have one post for Linkedin,
one post for Facebook and a different post for Instagram, all scheduled at the same time. Speaking of content for Social Media, movies
or moving images are the new big things… GIFs are the new norm right? Well thanks to Stefan for recommending this
tool from Giphy. We’ve tried a bunch of these animated gif
creators, but this is currently the best GIF maker around. Now this is Paolo making a gif of himself
editing this video right now. Kind of weird, right? The UI is absolutely to die for. There are some cool export options. The only minus point is that it’s only available
on Mac. So, if you are on PC users we recommend licecap,
which you can find in the description below Want to take your gifs to the next level? I really think you should, and this is why. Ok now. We are about to wrap up. Here’s the book recommendation! Four years ago Austen Allred wrote a blog
article on how he had hacked pr. I used his exact technique to get my first
27 press mentions. Now Austen, along with Vin Clancy are out
with a book called “Secret Sauce” which you can buy here, and we really really highly
recommend it. I said I would keep the best for last… If you haven’t seen it yet, “Black Mirror”
has nothing on the stuff that Facebook’s working on at the moment! Watch this video on the future of social interaction
with humans. Your mind will be literally be blown. That’s it for this week, if you like the
content, please hit like. Also you can leave comment if you have any
other tools that we have should talk about, and we will be back really, really soon. Bye!

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16 thoughts on “Growth Marketing Strategies, Growth Hacking Fundamentals & Secrets for 2017 – Growth Insights #3”

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  2. Hey David,

    Great list. I would like you to checkout the newly launched twitter marketing tool – https://tweeplesearch.com

    Tweeple Search helps you find highly relevant audience & powerful influencers for your business on Twitter.

    With Tweeple Search, you can:
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    PS: Tweeple Search got featured on Product Hunt and finished #1 with over 900 upvotes.

  3. I agree! Continue this stuff. For any type of company or product, there is a gem of a tool hidden in this video. Keep it up!

  4. So happy I found this channel. Instagram finally recommended great quality. Thanks you guys for the great content!

  5. Wow. I very rarely comment on Youtube but this is incredible! The content is so dense and high-quality that a 6-minute video actually takes an hour with all the extra research while also sharing the resources with your team haha. Insane!

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