hi guys today is little something a little different i’m doing. this is not an art video. i’m gonna do a video on nails which i have none right now and that’s why I’m doing this. I usually have you know pretty ok long nails. not super long or anything but i recently put on acrylics for the first time and now i had took them off and my nails are just horrible they’re dry they’re weak they’re splitting everything and yesterday I was at walmart some never go to walmart but I happened to go and I found this it says here it’s a keratin three-day growth and though um I don’t know if it’s a gimmick oops my pencils her I don’t know what it you know it just it really it really caught my interest at being three days I thought could this really work I don’t know so since my nails are so super short right now I thought I’m going to try this and I thought I’d keep like a daily record of it so then I thought to myself well and I’ll maybe show it on video with a foreign after it says here to mrs. miracle in a bottle my nails were always breaking chipping and peeling at the tips now I have nails to file so the directions imma skip along here says apply one coat over dry clean and bear nails let it dry apply a second coat to wear with nail color apply is a base coat and a top coat I’m not going to do that reapply every three days for longest lasting protection so what I’m going to do is I’m going to put two coats on today and then I’m going to put a coat on every day for the next two days and I’ll take a picture every day well I’ll take you you’ll see you see my nails here today and I’ll take a picture get the camera here we got a weird angle going out I’m sorry I’ll take a picture and then I’ll take a picture tomorrow and then I’ll come back the third day soon I guess it’s polish time I don’t even know if this is just clear what okay um we’ll see if this works yeah it is clear it’s a clear coat hi guys ok I’m back three days are up and this is the result I just came back to tell my hairs all wet from the pool so my hands are all dried out hung water being the water you know it’s not good for them and I had those acrylics I’m but what we’re really looking at is did they grow with this three-day keratin treatment I’m going to put pictures i don’t know if i’ll put them like up here where i’m making this video pretty quick because my son’s gonna be walking out door soon but i’m trying to show you the three days of girls and my very skeptical husband says he thinks they did grow what do you think I think so I can’t lead to my nails I’m alone again those uh acrylics really messed him up and never again so um no what do you think I think that there is some girls I mean it looks like it to me this was the shortest nail and I see there’s acrylic stuck on there still I can’t get off but it looks like it’s growing to me so I’d say this stuff worked I don’t think my nails think are pretty well but I don’t think they would call this notch in three days so I him I just took it off so i’m going to go ahead and do it again and i am going to put it on i read this wrong except put it on once every 30 days I’m sure me putting that every day doesn’t hurt so I’m gonna put it on once and then wait three days take it off I’m just going to try to use up this bottle see you know if it works or not so I would say for the three dollars and fifty cents or whatever it costs it seems like it’s worth it I mean it worked I mean I’ll show you the pictures it seemed like it worked so if you like this video please hit that like button and if you haven’t done so yet I love it if you would subscribe so thanks for watching guys bye

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37 thoughts on “Grow nails in 3 days?! 3 Day Growth treatment – BEFORE & AFTER Review”

  1. I got the same stuff on my second video day all excited husband already said they were looking stronger.thanks for sharing you results

  2. Have been using this product for a few weeks now, love it, I'm a nailtech, and you're right acrylics wreck your natural nails…thank you!

  3. i bought this from my local TKmaxx and thought it would be great. I did a test and cut all my nails short and only put this product on one hand to see the comparison. i followed the instructions for this product very closely, re-apply every 3 days. after 2 weeks the hand with the polish hadn't really grown much. the hand without the polish, it's nails were longer than the polish hand which is weird. It also says on the package the it can be used as a base coat + top coat. tried that but it isn't really good. it is better than cheaper ones but the polish started chipping after 3-4 days which i didn't like and it came off in layers like i had put on a peel-off base coat or something.

  4. The other day I saw this and instead of getting it I got the sally Hansen maximum growth and I haven't really noticed a difference but it has only been a couple days and this vid really helped! thanks!

  5. Hi Artzyfartzy, beautiful nails! We just wanted to announce you that Nail-Aid is now officially on Youtube!!! And we have just uploaded our first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsvQQFKjLAU
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    Thank you for using Nail-Aid!!! 🙂

  6. I recently got the polish, and after I removed it my nails looked really bad. They had excessive peeling, I don't know what to do for them other than file the surface, but that weakens the nail. Do you have any suggestions??

  7. I just got this product. I am pleased with the fact that it doesn't chip easily. I am a nursing assistant & I am constantly washing my hands. I think this will be one of my staples.

  8. I recently got my nails done professionally with nail dipping crap. After I took them off (didn't feel like paying for them to be removed) they ruined my natural nails. They bend crack and peel and are paper thin. Its horrible. And I eat foods with biotin like eggs and nuts but they are still thin.

    I just got this product. I hope it strengthens my natural nails cause I want to grow them long. I would like if they became super hard. They are sooooo weak i can't even open beer cans at work (I serve alcohol at my job) . it sucks.

  9. ive been using this for ten days now and I swear by it! my nails would take at least a month to grow the amount they have, and normally would never make it to this point without splitting! loveee

  10. Been using this for a few months! It WORKS!!! I use it every time for my base coat before painting my nails!!! Love it!❤️❤️👌🏻

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