The idea of alertgasoil ™ comes from a double observation. A recurrent fuel theft issue in transport world transport but also a complete lack of a real measure of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions are the global challenge of the 21st century The customers of our technology have a common issue: fuel consumption weights 30% in their expenses. There really are 2 worlds: consumption before alertgasoil ™ and consumption after alertgasoil ™. Real time consumption measurement based on stock Driving consumption decrease Consumption at a standstill suppression: fraud and waste Our technology is inspired by aeronautics and produces a stock measure. A stock measure can only be found in the tank, in the receptacle. The fleet of vehicles that we monitor are monitored 24/7, every second. We are specialists. Specialists because, contrary to the generalists, we don’t take our data from a manufacturer but we make our own raw data. Thanks to our R&D for example that we are working right now with the European Commission to become the European standard for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions measure. Fuel consumption 1% invested, 10% saved : Immediate ROI

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