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100 thoughts on “Graham: Trump will bring Iranian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues”

  1. Somebody please explain to me why its ok for China, Russia, Europe, & US to have high range missiles and nukes buy Iran cant ? Who decides who can and cant have W.OM.D ?

  2. lmao Kaepernick in politics..dude stop reading highschool textbooks and leave the politics to people that knows what their talking about lol

  3. I don’t know. I think there’s gonna be more to this story than this. Something tells me this isn’t over.

  4. 05:18 is where we as a country are failing. There's too many of these brainless, & sackless "insignifycunts in high places."

  5. Does anyone remember the invasion of Iraq? Cruise missiles hitting Baghdad at night while civilians slept? Lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction, because none were found! 500,000 dead, but that’s not important, correct? Wrong country, it was Saudi Arabia that attacked New York……explain that please?

  6. Baked into a corner, if he plays his Trump card, ignites the kindling fire in the Mideast into a full on WW III and slinks into his govnt shelter with his chosen few, we are all "Fired." Congress HELP US!

  7. So the man who dodged the draft 4 times with false claims of bones spurs. The guy who has never had a fight in his life, never thrown a punch in his life, couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag, is portraying himself a tough guy leader who is the savior of America. What a joke. What's even more funny yet sadder are the people that follow this cult leader.

  8. Does trump not know the Iran General he ordered killed is expendable, One general killed brings another to take he's place. Just like if trump gets killed another person ( vise President) takes his place. So trump does not make america safer by killing the general he did. What a fool trump is. And gutless coward too.

  9. Great job mr president!!! The fact that they want all our troops out is such great news and I believe is the best solution to ending all conflicts in the Middle East! God bless Mr Trump

  10. I'm personally a leftist so usually I dont agree with trump but I honestly do think Trump being strong would be the best solution, still trump is not the best president for this situation, a better strategist would be the best president.

  11. Those soldiers wouldn't have died due to IEDs if they were not in Iran/Iraq in the first place. What are they doing there btw?

  12. His first statement is saying that Iran is trying to take over Iraq.

    A misleading statement to say the very least.

    2nd thing he does is spam stop, he chants a list of things the United States army is guilty for.

    Then he says every body wants it to change. Thats not true, only Iranian people want their leaders to change.

    1,400 protesters were killed by thier government in Iran. No one knows.

    They've been censoring and limiting internet access to their people.

    Maximum pressure is destroying their country more and more.

    It's also slowly destroying us

  13. Graham is one of the biggest idiots out there! Bring Iran to it's knees? Aaaahaha. How'd that work out with Iraq? Trillions spent. 4,500 Americans killed. And Iran has a much better, larger army than Iraq ever had. What a FOOL!

  14. Who are you Americans??? Trying to tell others of what to do and not to do?? Hah?? Dont try to be a worldpolice motha fucka!!

  15. its USA fault for taking Saddam Hussein out.its USA fault for taking Muammar Ghadafi out!

  16. Billions and children will die from this war and grenades and missiles and armies will fall this is Armageddon

  17. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and whoever Shall Believe in him should not perish but have eternal life

  18. it is not that America is right on all "stances" Lindsey quoted…. on what premise is he or anyone actually claiming that whatever America thinks is right….? America did "think" Trump…. and how wrong they were… America did "think" invasion of Iraq in 2003…. and how wrong they were…! America did also think "Freedom Fries" instead of "French Fries"…. and not only were they wrong… they were incredibly stupid on that premise…. and now this "stance" is repeated and continued.

  19. The rocky people are only mad because they don't have food medical and assistance and they don't have public safety for their children and millions of pora ppl

  20. Millions of people will die and Iraq because of the financial status and the money for their children and families

  21. Please ask America to stand down and fight for the rocky people to save millions of children and women

  22. But we are a nation's capital to save the people for medical and finances to help all people that's what God says to do

  23. Please pay attention to these comments and fight for the American people and also the rocky people to be safe

  24. We are fighting for democracy because when George Washington chop down the cherry tree he said we are a nation's capital to save all people

  25. Donald Trump is a very good man. Iran should STOP being aggressive & strictly cooperate with the Allied Forces & the UN in order to make this world SAFE for all of us.

  26. May be you dont
    Know how iranians is,
    The people who can cut there own bodies
    With knifes and shed their own blood
    Is too easy for them to cut your bodies and shed your blood
    As long as they will do that in the name of Allah.
    Just wait and see

  27. Trump knows that he did nothing
    To convince the americans to elect him for the second time
    So he decided to invade Iran
    Just to see if he can win American people hearts!!
    He lost forever
    Because Iran is not looking for Americans
    But they are looking for him.

  28. If anyone from iran Watches this they need to protest whats happening and get it to stop. Trump does not play. If you pull the trigger you are starting war with a country that can decimate you.

  29. If Iran and Iran turned Regimes into A Flock of Sheep , Sheparding A Pendulum in A Short Sighted Sanitisation . Iran will continue to Insanity or become A mere Shepard's Flock .

  30. when U.S. congress is against its own country, you have to do whats best, we need congress change, and democratic party change.

  31. Now I have to say Mr Trump.Sorry I can never call you a President .The Klan who still exist today are terrorists .They own certain areas in America.Will you bomb them as well?

  32. The Democats are probably the only ones that are upset about Trumps actions the rest of us think he’s a Patriot protecting the United States and trying to help our friends as well.

  33. Well said. This regime has to be changed. President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign is the right direction where parties involved are directly being effected not poor soldiers who gets order to carry on the war and die. Ayatollah Khamenei is not effect if Iranian soldiers are killed by Americans. He will continue to recruit more and more soldiers. Way to go Mr. Trump the thing no president could able to do your one signature is enough to bring Iranians regime into their knees.

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