so much human potential is locked behind
bars or shackled to a criminal record developing the soft skills that help
people get and keep jobs is simply not our prisons top priority people could be
practicing for success instead they’re languishing we have the world’s largest
incarcerated population and approximately one in three American
adults has a criminal record after prison people aren’t ready for today’s
marketplace and a stigma of a record locks people out from economic
opportunities that keeps them in poverty and costs the US economy 87 billion
dollars a year the Prison Fellowship Academy helps people in prison become
good citizens who can thrive in the workplace and achieve economic mobility
I would know I’m a graduate because of the Academy’s focus on soft skill and
character development our graduates earn higher wages and pay more in taxes and
now we are developing a new standard for success in the prison system that
provides a pathway to opportunity for millions
we’re also spearheading a national movement for second chances we’re
engaging hundreds of partners removing unnecessary barriers opportunity and
changing how our culture values people with a criminal record a quarter of
prison fellowship’s field staff are like me
formerly incarcerated so we understand the challenge and we understand the
difference it makes when someone finally gets that second chance

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