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4 thoughts on “Global economic slowdown concerns”

  1. Here's your Wake Up call America. It's far bigger than most people know. Remember candidate Trump said he'd prosecute 911, Remember the shakeup in Saudi after POTUS visited there, The mysterious ruthless fight against Kavanaugh who was in the bush WH, etc… Now search Endgame Indictments Over 911 – Tom Heneghen open & read the legal documents you find there. You'll see why the Dems are so blatantly corrupt in your face in cheat or die elections, the Impeach 45!, Impeach Justice K, etc… They're TOAST when this spills out! It's all about 911 This is what brought the fake FISA and Mueller probe from the very beginning. This is why they want everybody to hate POTUS. The legal docs are genuine and indisputable, the choice is yours to know.. I'm not here to waste my time arguing with hardheads, I'm simply offering some good intel. and i'm only spilling it to the world because Hillary has spewed some nonsense about the Georgia election. They never know when to quit. I hope you'll all read it and BLOW IT WIDE OPEN on the tyrants. No need for your opinion, either read the Grand Jury Order, or don't.

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