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100 thoughts on “General Keane on US-Iran tensions amid airstrike fallout”

  1. There is no doubt whatsoever that America can outmuscle Iran. Alas, there is even less doubt that Iranians can outsmart America. At least it has been the case for the past 40 years. Time will tell if they can do it again. Americans are leaving Iraq. Is this not what Soliemani wanted to achieve all along?

  2. By the media's logic, America should not have attacked Japan after Pearl Harbour for fear of reprisals…….Idiocy.

  3. The Generals etc. Know a lot more than we do about Iran. We had President's that could have done something back in the 70's. I have told my children all about Iran and the shame that now endangers our lives. Thanks Mr. Carter, Bush Sr Bush jr. And who can forget Regan and Clinton. Noow, as usual they are bigger and harder. Iranian people we are with you and praying for you. We want to free you from this. Help us to help you get your freedom from Tyrany.

  4. there were already dead americans which pre-empted this strike….or did you just ommit that fact? fmr cia director?

  5. if they do anything nuke them turn them to glass and end this once and for all 19 years hell this started under carter there like a made dog time to put them down if they even look our way

  6. The Iranians said revenge not war.. hmmm that means an eye for an eye.
    Someone of equal value. A liar, A Sneak and is a legend in his own mind.

  7. Embassies are the same as a place in the USA. The hosting nation knows that and protects the land of the embassy so it's the same response as if NY were attacked. Hillary called them outposts and that is incorrect thinking. Trump's response was perfect. Guess we get the WWIII scenario. Plan now 🙂 What will you do and where will you be? Ahead of our time:)

  8. Trump is even making jobs over seas. Look he just opened a job up for a General. Only Trump can do this! 😂😂

  9. Iran wants to raise the price of Oil and for people to notice them because that country has nothing (but oil) that the world wants. Military actions only make them feel like someone cares about them.


  11. They have already killed Americans you fuck8ng idiots Trump sweep them off the face of the Earth. Trump 2020 baby Wooooo

  12. Trump now have blood on his hand………Not that I object the strike but it should have been done the right & legal way……He just put his life & his family in danger even when he is already out of office…..He should have taken a stamp of approval first with Congress….He just made it personal……Sooo dumb…..

  13. And if that strategy dosent work .? Americans will pay the price in lives ..the price of what iran thinks he was worth…

  14. This guy is like the Democrat who said the only way for Iraq to win is start sending our soldiers home in bodybags.

  15. Wherever the Americans have been invading more powerful than Grenada, they got bogged down and won nothing for the past 20 years. And no one intelligent can negotiate in good faith with you, you deny all your commitments after the fact. You have a problem seeing reality as it is.

  16. GOOD RIDDANCE!… Who cares what MEDIA PROPAGANDISTS , The LEFTISTS, RINOS , Bush trash, Obama TRASH or NEO Liberal Socialist Democrat trash says!… IRAN NEEDS TO GET THE MECCA CULTISTS OUT!….Nothing of Mecca is to be trusted.. Trash people, Force their girls to wear trash bags….sick…

  17. 0:29 not even 2 days later Iran says American civilians will not be harmed. Is he insinuating they are heartless and would attack someone for attacking them.?!!!! Who could/would ever do such a thing?

    Fact is we tried Bribing them under the Obama administration with Billions of dollars. Now they want to try it the hard way.

  18. America’s international standing and influence has nose dived because of Trump
    America will never enjoy such respect and support
    The world is saying loud and clear “you’re on your own with this idiot president”

  19. The dems have shown theirs card over and over, they side with foreign countries that do not have Americas best interest in mind, with that said the enemy is within our walls and has plans for us. Act now or become Iran.

  20. bush clintons and barry obo were all weak sisters thank god for trump who knows how to use Thor's hammer ! we have by buying there oil given them the funds to do what they have been doing no more its time to eradicate these sandy rags were is vlad the impaler when we need him

  21. ASSBOMA"S STRATAGY,was let the Iranians ,do whatever they wanted, after all, he is A MUSLUM TOOO, and giving them, 158 BILLION DOLLARS, didn"t come close to CURVING THERE BEHAVEUR, it enboldened it????

  22. Give Iran another strike as a further reminder we do not put up with their harassment and blackmail of the entire world.

  23. Some have already been killed in Kenya…..why are they leaving that out of the narrative? We have a military base there.

  24. For all you armchair soldiers out there, send your children to Iran to stand up for the Embassy and Donald Trumps superior leadership.

  25. You people know that Trump had this planned from the very beginning before he was president. He was projecting all this on Obama and now he is doing it. When are you Trumpists going to wake up? Do Americans have to die in a war that is senseless. Remember, Trump started attacking the Iranians as soon as he took office with sanctions and pulling out of the nuclear deal. He will do anything to remain as President! I guarantee you his boys will not fight in Iran. Stop thinking that the Hannitys of the world are always right, their alternate facts are weakening our democracy. The rich always make money off wars!

  26. It will cause president Trump Virctory in 2020. I did voted for president Trump 2016 and I am Polish American and tell President Trump to stop #447.

  27. God Bless America. Land that I love. Stand Beside her and guide her through the night from the light from above. From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam. God Bless America. My Home Sweet Home. God Bless America. My Home Sweet Home.

  28. This all could have been avoided if Trump had any brains. He did not want just a 15 year nuclear deal so when Iran said no he escalates this by putting sanctions on Iran and it's people.
    He escalates this again buy killing Iran's general in Iraq. Trump was the only nation that left the deal because Iran did not do what he wanted. Iran was doing great under the deal and had stopped it's nuclear weapons program. Now Iraq is pissed off and Iran is threatening Americans. Also they are going to resume their nuclear program. All of this because Trump could not handle Iran defying his terms. Now lets see if another endless war is about to happen. Lets see if American soldiers start coming home in body bags again. I guess this is The Art of the Deal.

  29. John Kerry the Vietnam coward can take Soleimani's job since he hauled billions of dollars there during Obama's appeasement deal with Ayatollah.

  30. Does Fox News tell it's viewers that Keane is biased and paid to push for war? Do the viewers know that Keane is paid by SCP Partners – a firm that invests in defense contractors?

  31. Fox and it’s wacky guests are the single most challenging threat to national security and thoughtful government.

  32. Remember how republicans looked lost on election night when Obama won? They hated the black man president. They still do.

  33. The Fox news lie machine cannot defend this now, they will have to admit they've been lying, that they spread communist disinformation, employ CIA brainwashing techniques on the stupid, and is supported by Putin himself.

  34. who gave this Intel to Trump? You can bet they knew Trump would pick the most extreme option. Republicans are attempting to start WWIII. Democrats didn't know anything or they would have stopped this. If Lyndsey Graham, Pompeo exCIA brainwasher, and God knows how many Republicans knew and allowed this to happen. Good men do nothing. The only way out of this is to imprison those responsible. Too late to resign, everyone's going to prison.

  35. Trump is willing to negotiate
    He said as much
    They have plans that are not compatible with ours and Trump wont bend over for them like previous administrations did
    Bush and obama did not have sound strategies. Trump does. He nows how to play hardball in the real world. He truly loves America and he knows every advantage is on the American side
    Not a little mind you we are light years ahead of them in every way and they know this
    Trump is acting accordingly
    It is time for the democrats and the media to get behind him and America’s interests

  36. The armchair generals are always advocating war. Trump who got out of the Vietnam War is now the one sending people to fight in a conflict he is pouring gasoline on. It is amazing that if the Trumpists do a little research and cross checking they will see that this president is playing them. Everything can’t be fake news!! If you notice everything that he is accusing Obama of doing he is actually doing it. Being conservative or liberal is not the point but being honest and truthful is. There is no such thing as alternative facts and you can’t blame Obama for Trump’s decisions now.

  37. The stable genius is ready to throw his ‘Hail Mary’ to save his presidency and garner popularity through patriotism. Our loved ones will pay the price while Trump’s kids, relatives and rich friends enjoy their money and talk among themselves about how stupid the common man is.

  38. Here an idea send Donald trump's family any anti Republican party's family to go fight the war in Iran

  39. Iran’s and America’s governments poising contests is hurting both of their people and their leaders don’t care about them at all

  40. I support President Trump and the United States forever-regardless. We will respond in our way. The Islamic mindset is significantly different than the plurality found in the West. All religions can poison the mind however one particular "faith" is incredibly backward/tribal/patriarchal/warping.

  41. Trump is about peace through diplomacy, The Iranians are no willing to talk, and are in fact attacking us. Enough is enough, when diplomacy fails it's time for plan B

  42. Keane has worked for military companies, including General Dynamics and Blackwater, and currently serves as a partner at SCP Partners, a venture capital firm that invests in defense contractors. War is good for his pocket book…

  43. Since President Trump knew ahead of time and about the planned attack against the USA. I find that he President Trump was extraordinary in his decision to move US troops out of the way of harm and not strike back like he could have easily done. He used restraint and showed them if they can see it. President Trump is very aware of his options and chose not to escalate to a full stage war. Thank you Mr President. At a boy to you!

  44. According to the Koran, Allah is the greatest of deceivers. The Iranian regime is getting bad advice from Allah. Obama got very bad advice when he decided that appeasement was the way to contain Iran. He will be rememberd as weak and ineffectual.


  46. It's worthy to note, and conveniently omitted by Fox, that Keane has deep ties w/ the defense industry. So clearly, he'd be a cheerleader for US aggression.

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