Enhencer is a cloud-based platform where users
can derive actionable insights from small or big datasets in a matter of seconds. For example, you can integrate the claims
history data into the platform and reach valuable stories to prevent fraud with the help of
Enhencer. With Enhencer, you can instantly answer a
lot of questions in your business. What is the rate of fraud? Who is most likely to commit fraud? Which customer segments have the lowest or
the highest rate of fraudulent activity? and so on. The fraud rate for this customer population
is 4.7%. You can spot the complex relationships which
leads to fraud cases and discover when the fraudulent activity rate increases or decreases
with the artificial intelligence algorithms Enhencer runs. So, you can target the right people and build
the fraud prevention strategies that work! For instance, according to the segment 4,
if the Claim Reason is Collision, Employment Status is Disabled or Retired, the type of
the insurance coverage is Premium, and the education status is the Master Degree, then
the likelihood of a fraud case is 87.5%. Enhencer displays the main characteristics
and the most influential attributions of the claims segments respective to the fraud rates. Moreover, we can observe the features of the
customers with the lowest possibility of fraudulent activity in the bottom segment. You can view and export the list of these
customers using the listing feature. Enhencer’s interactive prediction panel enables
you to make predictions for the target variable with the chosen parameters. For example, the fraud rate for customers
who claimed Scratch or Dent as a reason, whose employment status is Unemployed, who lives
in İstanbul or İzmir and pays less than 140 for the cost of the car insurance, is
estimated as 31%. Likewise, for the new customers added to the
database later, you can upload the data with the scoring feature and predict the likelihood
to commit a fraud. For all the variables in the left panel, you
can similarly examine the complex relationships, perform segmentation and make predictions. Furthermore, you can present the results in
your business meetings with the elegant and interactive analytics presentation tool of
Enhencer. For more information, please visit our website. www.enhencer.com

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